Wood Replacement Windows Provide Many Benefits to your Home

White Wood Replacement Windows

Homeowners have reasons to replace their windows with wood replacement windows. Crystal Clear Windows & Doors can install new wooden windows that won’t be drafty, won’t require much maintenance, allow a great view, and be easy to clean. Also, these modern wood replacement windows will lower your energy usage because they’re more efficient than your old windows.

While many variant materials and models exist today, wood is still the #1 window frame material. Various materials have outshined wood throughout the past 20 years. However, wood frames are a work of art, and their timeless appearance can make them stand tall and ward off pretenders.

Truthfully, no other material can fit the wants and desires of some classic or picky homeowners who don’t consider vinyl and aluminum as materials. Although aluminum and vinyl can match homes well, they don’t make your home look classic.

Wood replacement windows have likewise delighted in many headways lately. Today, new window construction and modern models can compete with other durable materials.

Wood replacement windows are Aesthetic Pleasing

Pros of Installing Wood Replacement Windows on your Home

Composites, vinyl, and other materials mimic nature to a lower degree; however, nothing beats the original wood replacement windows. Wood windows mix classic with practically any style.

From modern contemporary to even Victorian or Colonial homes, there’s something to be said about real wooden windows.

Wooden Windows Bring Sustainability

Wood is the top decision for sustainable materials. You can recyclable wood window frames and remake them into different items once they arrive at the end of their lifespan. You can also use wood for various styles of windows, from double-hung to even a basement egress window, giving you a lot of flexibility.

For a homeowner who loves Mother Nature, genuine wood window frames are perfect for their eco-friendly definition. Although people regrettably may cut trees, wood can be a sustainable resource. Typically, wood window frames will never end up in a landfill. Still, if they do, they naturally break down into compounds that may help the soil in other plants or trees’ birth.

If you properly maintain wood, you have a product that will last forever. You can’t say the same about other window frames. And compared to metal frames, wooden frames cannot rust – an advantage in many regions prone to corrosion.

Wood Replacement Windows have Excellent Insulation Properties

As far as insulation, wood is better than steel and vinyl. Studies have indicated that wood is more excellent at insulating heat than steel and better than vinyl. Use a wood window frame with a double pane glass with Low-E coatings will positively improve your energy efficiency.

Natural wood frames help protect a home better than other window materials. The extra insulation that wood gives can help keep a house warm in the low winter temperatures and cool in the hot summer temperatures. And simultaneously save the homeowner money on the energy service bill. Wood-frame windows also give an adequate barrier to outside sounds or street pollution.

A Wood Windows Project Increases Home Value

Beige wood windows

According to Weather Master, the wood windows project add $14,530 to homeowners’ home value. Pick the wrong windows, and you may lose home value, which means less money. Unique wood windows are a significant aesthetic feature like fine furnishings and wood cabinets.

Replace wood windows with cheaper ones, and downscale the house. Try to match the original windows’ appearance—using wood rather than vinyl to replace existing wood. You may even try to match the divided light patterns from the original.

Crystal Clear Windows & Doors

Wood replacement frames are simple to install for an installer that has the right tools and carpentry skills. A homeowner can ensure that wood windows will work correctly by hiring an expert from Crystal Clear Windows & Doors.

These talented professionals can install wood-frame windows or storm ready impact window replacements and give an installation guarantee.

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