Why Winter is the Best Time to Buy Replacement Windows?

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Residents should buy replacement windows since they know that because of the unpredictable weather, their homes might only be as durable as their windows. Therefore, homes on Florida’s coast need to be safe from extreme weather and have impact windows.

Installing impact windows near me is advantageous for Tampa, Florida residents and surrounding cities because they shield your property from flying debris and strong winds during tornadoes and other severe storms. So why should you buy and install replacement windows in your home in winter?


The Best Time of Year to Replace the Windows is in Winter

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Tampa residents only experience two seasons, the hot wet season and the milder, drier season. The dry season or winter is the ideal time to invest in impact window replacement. You have more good days to install your replacement windows during the winter, which typically lasts from November to April. But the weather in Florida can be unpredictable; on any given day, it might be the hottest day ever, and after comes the pouring rain.

Since you want to avoid scheduling your window installation for a day when it will rain, keeping an eye on weather forecasts is crucial. Rain can add more moisture to a previously humid region, causing windows to warp. If the surface is dry, fillers, caulking, and silicone adhesives might not fully set, giving you a weak seal. Additionally, once the windows are removed, your house is left with spaces where rain can quickly enter and cause a mess.


Impact Window Installation will Stop any further Damage from Occurring


For many Florida properties, impact windows are both an investment and an absolute need. Warning signals like air and water leaks, outside noise pollution, excessive condensation, and complicated operation are frequently present in older windows. 

All of these warning signs have the potential to seriously harm your home’s inside, especially if a storm hits. Therefore, installing strong, impact-resistant windows is a wise long-term investment to prevent further damage costs.


Impact Windows Offer Additional Advantages

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Hurricane windows in Florida will boost your home’s value in several ways, in addition to defending it from strong winds and storms. Modern impact windows will drastically lessen noise pollution in your home, resulting in a serene and quiet interior environment. 


Because replacement impact windows are so energy-efficient and keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer, you’ll also see a drop in energy costs after installing them.


Shorter Wait Times When you Buy Impact Windows in Winter


Wait times for windows should be significantly reduced during the winter since you won’t have to adapt to the contractors’ busy schedules.


Compared to the low-demand season during winter, delivery and installation wait times throughout the spring and summer are frequently weeks longer. In addition, demand increases if a storm has already been predicted, lengthening wait times.


You’ll have a shorter wait time, and your windows will be secure before the next hurricane strikes if you replace your windows before the following hurricane season.


Buying Replacement Windows in the Off-Season offers Lower Prices


There’s a likelihood that the price of your new windows will increase as hurricane season approaches. Before the start of hurricane season, demand for window installation and replacement peaks in spring and summer. This can have an impact on supply, demand, and pricing.


Discounts and financing are more available in winter since it is the off-season for most impact window experts in Clearwater. Usually, materials are cheaper since supply is more abundant. 


Therefore, you’ll probably get a better deal during the winter than waiting until hurricane season.


Where to Buy Replacement Windows near Tampa?


You can buy replacement windows from Crystal Clear Windows and Doors. We sell and install the best hurricane-impact windows and triple-pane energy-efficient windows for home or business applications.


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