Why Should You Buy Pgt Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors?

buy PGT Impact windows and doors for your house

If you buy PGT impact-resistant windows and doors, it will save lives by withstanding flying debris and heavy rain during severe storms. In the event of an impact, the glass may fracture, but the items stay secure, preventing interior damage.

There’s no need to run to put up heavy shutters or plywood anymore. You only need to shut and lock your windows and doors. Pgt windows don’t require any preparation, whether you want to wait out the storm or have already left.

Being in the eye of a storm is stressful. In addition, if the electricity goes out, there would be little to see in a house covered in plywood, exacerbated by the storm’s roar. The best hurricane-impact window brands make your home a safe sanctuary from the storm by reducing sound while letting in light.


The Actual Risks Posed by Wind and The Benefits of PGT Impact Windows & Doors

Installing Hurricane Impact Windows will prevent winds from destroying your home

You may be aware that hurricane winds can result in significant property loss, but you may not be aware that a considerable portion of the harm is caused by wind-borne debris, such as branches from trees,  street signs, roof shingles, etc. Wind enters a home through windows and doors damaged by debris. 

It dramatically increases the pressure inside the house beyond what the building’s construction can take, frequently raising the roof or pushing out the walls. Even if the roof and walls are still standing, the house’s interior may be destroyed by rain and water damage from a broken window, rendering it unusable.


Pgt Impact Windows and Doors are a Solid Investment


Specific home improvements like window installations offer a strong return on investment. One of the improvements that add money back to your bank account is the installation of hurricane-impact windows and doors. For example, the cost-saving benefits that impact doors provide.


  • Efficient use of energy. Better energy efficiency results in less money being paid to utility companies or less cost to you monthly.
  • Insurance deductibles. Reduced homeowner insurance prices because renovations that offer better protection for the house are sometimes eligible for discounts from insurance companies.
  • Value at resale. PGT Multiple impact windows and doors installed in your home make it more enticing to purchasers, increasing the value of your home.
  • PGT Impact Windows maintain well the house furnishing. You can reduce the cost of replacing carpeting, drapes, flooring, and other items damaged by UV radiation.


If you reside in a place that experiences frequent hurricanes or other severe weather, impact doors & windows are a wise investment. However, ensure a reliable window installation company like Crystal Clear Windows & Doors takes care of everything for the best result and warranty.


Buy PGT Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors-Pros

PGT WinGuard impact window installation Florida

In hurricane season, PGT Windows are beneficial for protecting your residence from hurricanes, tropical storms, and flying debris. With the glass still in the frame, they can resist blows from flying debris and storm winds. But they also provide many other advantages:


  • Reduced noise.
  • UV protection helps stop furniture and other items from fading.
  • Lower energy prices.
  • Impact windows and doors offer protection from burglars and runaway baseballs.


PGT Impact Windows Need to Pass Strict Testing


Impact-proof windows from PGT are constructed from laminated insulating glass. The glass’ interlayer is built to withstand repeated hits from a 9-pound, 35-mph 2×4 beam. And it’s made to keep broken glass fragments securely in the frame.


PGT impact windows undergo three strict tests to guarantee maximum protection:


An impact test that satisfies or surpasses the most rigorous code specifications for flying objects and hurricane winds.


An impact-resistant window must pass a rigorous test replicating storm conditions to pass Florida’s strict building codes.


The static water test saturates the window with more water than the product would ever encounter during the strongest storm using many nozzles.

PGT window manufacturers offer one of the best warranties available in the business.

PGT Impact Windows produce True Home Defense


The Florida Building Code has recently enhanced its requirements for protecting homes to prevent the harm hurricanes inflict on locals. Building regulations for coastal areas mandate protection from wind-borne debris in hurricane-prone regions. 


While everyone should know the code requirements, ensure the materials you intend to utilize comply with the code. Verify the goods’ acceptability with your local building authorities and request to examine the certification documentation for the window and door replacements you buy.


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