Why are Modern Home Windows Amazing?

modern home windows

Changing your old windows for modern home windows has many pros and a few cons. When you look at your home, you realize that windows are a significant part of its curb appeal. You can transform the small bathroom into a bigger one or add another room to boost the value if you want to sell it for more cash. 

However, installing new window replacements can increase the appeal and value of your home. We can discuss all the different window designs and explain how each can transform your home, or you can watch some before-and-after images for a better understanding. 

I won’t lie; modern windows for a home can be a significant investment but will always pay back monetarily or by looking at it aesthetically.


Modern Home Replacement Windows Improve Curb Appeal

modern window replacements for house

Curb appeal is just a fancy way of saying how attractive a home looks, which can lead to a better sale. So, any home improvement that adds curb appeal is suitable for a property. Most homeowners will consider painting the house or replacing the front door to increase their home’s curb appeal. 


Those ideas are okay, but if you want to transform your home’s front facade, consider replacing your house windows. Most homes have multiple windows on their front facade, so this project can change the look for good.


Replacement Windows Lower Energy Bills


Usually, when salespeople try to sell something, they’ll tell you half the truth. I realize you will find out in time, so the truth is that energy-efficient windows help lower your utility bill. However, it’s the wrong idea if you expect to return all of your investment from energy saving. 


Installing replacement windows near Clearwater will reduce energy waste, but you won’t get back all your investment. Many experts will try to sell the energy-conscious homeowner this idea, but no. So, instead, think about the window’s energy efficiency as one of the many benefits instead of the sales pitch.  


High-end Impact Windows can Prevent Hurricane Damage

hurricane impact windows for home

Hurricane or impact-resistant windows can save you more than energy, your life, or your family’s life. Yes, hurricane-impact windows can prevent hurricane damage. Most storms cause the most damage on roofs, but if they enter through your obsolete windows or even good but not impact windows, the result will be the same: destruction. 


The windows will break, and rain and wind will enter your home, which might create strong upward pressure on the roof, blowing it off and causing massive structural damage. Usually, I recommend homeowners who live in hurricane regions to buy PGT’s Win Guard impact-resistant window instead of good regular windows. You might as well pay a little extra for better safety.


Modern Replacement Windows Bring Warranty


As usual, you expect good things to last, and modern replacement windows bring a manufacturer and labor installation warranty. Often, you need a little incentive, and a warranty can help reduce stress. Most window manufacturers like Andersen provide limited warranty


Now, a genuine lifetime warranty covers all window parts. If the failure occurs in the first year or ten years, the warranty still covers 100% of the cost to the original homeowner. 


If you want to learn more, contact one of our window replacement and installation experts.

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