What is Argon Windows?

what is argon windows

An option for homeowners considering new windows is whether or not to have argon windows.

Argon-filled windows can reduce your property’s electric bills since they are more energy-efficient than air-filled ones.

You must understand what argon is, why it is frequently used in windows and its benefits.

Continue reading to understand why home window contractors in Clearwater recommend using argon-filled windows for properties:

What is Argon Gas?

argon filled windows and glass doors

The atmosphere of the Earth contains argon gas. There are many industrial uses for argon because it is affordable, non-toxic, odorless, and disperse quickly in well-ventilated spaces.

Lightbulbs, the tires of high-end automobiles, and arc welding all use argon gas.


How is Argon Gas Used When Building Windows?


The spaces between double- and triple-pane windows are filled with argon, meaning gas-fill windows.

The experts inject argon gas into the panes through a tiny hole within the spacer, and air can exit through a second small hole.

Hence, homeowners can know if their windows have argon gas by looking for these holes.


Why Use Argon Gas in Windows?


Argon gas is a superb insulator since it does not conduct heat or air. Gas-filled windows also stop frost from forming at the bottom of the glass during wintertime.

Another gas is krypton. However, windows filled with krypton gas are more expensive.


How Safe is Argon Gas in Windows?


In nature, argon is a naturally occurring, non-toxic, and non-reactive gas. There is no harm to the environment or the house’s residents if the window seal fails and argon leaks. In an open, aired atmosphere, the gas will go away quickly.


Can Homeowner Replace Argon Gas Windows?


Professionals who work with windows might use a particular meter to check for gas in the windows. The special meter will measure how much gas is left in the windows. 


Through the spacer’s opening, the expert pumps the gas with specialized tools that replace the argon. With a damaged seal, the window might need replacement to prevent the recurrence of the issue.


To know the amount of argon in your windows and whether they require replacement, consult a window contractor in Saint Petersburg, FL.


What is the Lifespan of Gas-Filled Windows?


When the window quality is good, argon should last a long time. Over the years, it’s common for some argon to seep out of the windows. But with argon still within, decent argon-filled windows can last 20-plus years. Since argon is still a powerful insulator, they should function even if there isn’t much of it remaining.


To know whether argon is still inside the window, homeowners can have them tested by a specialist. Seeing fog or ice between the panes may be possible when the gas has run out.


Benefits of Windows with Low-E and Argon Gas


Low-e coatings and argon gas windows are typically combined to ensure optimal efficiency. Purchasing these high-end windows together has various advantages. For instance:


  • Insulation. Windows with low-e and argon gas have higher R-values than windows without since they are good insulators.
  • Function for summer and winter. Argon gas/low-e windows provide insulation in cold climates and high temperatures.
  • Safe. Argon is both environmentally and humanly safe.
  • Reduce UV rays. Low-e coatings can prevent harm to the home’s flooring and furniture by reflecting UV light to nature.
  • Soundproofing. For people who live in noisy places, argon can aid with noise insulation.
  • Inexpensive. Argon is a reasonable alternative for households and business owners because it is less expensive than other gas fills.
  • Lower utility bills. Argon-filled window replacements can enhance a home’s HVAC system’s efficiency, lowering electricity costs.
  • Functions with almost any window design. Any window size or shape will function with argon and low-e coatings.
  • Less wintertime frost. Frost formation on the windows can be avoided because of argon’s insulating properties.
  • It increased property value. The value of your home can increase, particularly for their energy efficiency.
  • Live Comfortable. Low-e and argon windows make your home more comfortable. Moreover, your family will experience a more comfortable temperature during the year.

In Conclusion

Don’t bother drawing the shades in the summer to keep the heat out or putting weatherstripping in the winter to keep the heat in. With argon gas, your home will be sealed against climate fluctuations for a more comfortable climate.


The lifespan of argon-filled windows is related to good installation, so contact a Tampa Bay house window installation expert for the best results.

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