What Homeowners Need to Know about Impact Windows?

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Homeowners should know how essential are impact windows and doors for their houses. They safeguard your household’s valuables as well as you and your loved ones. 

Homeowners in coastal areas must assess the security and protection their windows offer before hurricane season starts. Your house may be vulnerable to damage if your windows are old, worn out, or even cracked. 

Home windows and door companies can install new impact windows to offer better defense against storm and hurricane-related wind, rain, and debris. Impact windows also shield your house from destruction, enhance insulation, reduce noise pollution, and even aid in lowering energy costs.

Given the variety of businesses that sell and install these devices, you must know what impact Windows provides before choosing.

What are Impact-resistant Windows and Doors?

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Impact windows and doors are commonly called impact-resistant windows and doors or hurricane windows and doors. They use heavy-duty frames, impact-resistant laminated glass, and a unique silicone glazing method to prevent window frame damage. Double panes of glass are joined by a unique interlayer of transparent polyvinyl butyral to form impact-resistant glass.

The interlayer maintains the window and frame structure intact, preventing damaging winds or intruders from entering your house. The wind-borne debris or an attempted break-in may cause the glass to shatter on impact, but nothing will enter. Impact-resistant windows can assist your home’s envelope to be protected while still providing maximum energy efficiency.

What’s the Difference Between Impact Windows and Hurricane Windows?

Although impact and hurricane windows are similar, they differ in a few ways. Hurricane windows exceed the standards in protecting your property from flying objects and the wind than impact windows. In addition, hurricane windows comply with specific building codes and local requirements. 

The most strict requirements of the Florida Building Code are met or exceeded by hurricane windows and doors. In addition, impact windows offer extra home security, noise insulation, UV protection, and storm protection.

How does Hurricane Windows Work?

The laminated glass pane in hurricane windows is manufactured similarly to vehicle glass. The interior of your home will be shielded from the wind and rain for the storm by a polymer layer in the glass. Even if the window glass shatters from flying debris, nothing will enter. Additionally, it stops the glass from breaking into more extensive and dangerous pieces that could hurt anyone in the house.

Small missile tests involve launching a 2×4 into the impact window glass at a speed of 50 feet per second. Thousands of positive and negative cycle pressures are tested on the window design.

Another important element for strong impact resistance is a sturdy frame. Buy impact windows with pre-drilled installation holes to help ensure a precise installation, exceptional performance, and serenity. Hiring the proper impact window installer in St. Petersburg is necessary for the best efficiency and performance. Impact-resistant windows don’t need further storm protection; just shut and secure your windows before the storm arrives.

Impact Windows Curb Appeal Features 

Everyone wants their impact windows and doors to match the home’s architecture for the best curb appeal.  Consider various customizable design options, like color, decorative glass, hinges, and jambs, while purchasing impact windows in Tampa. The best product will provide you with the security you want without reducing your home’s exterior appeal.

Do Homeowners need Impact Windows and to Install Shutters, too?

Once impact-resistant windows and doors have been installed in your home or office, homeowners don’t need any more hurricane shutters or screens. Hurricane windows that pass compliance testing can resist attempted break-ins or wind-borne debris. Impact windows with a DP rating of 30 can survive a Category 3 hurricane, but if it’s a projected Hurricane 5, consider installing shutters for extra protection.

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