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Impact windows installation in Tampa, FL-St. Petersburg, FL area.

What makes a top window installation company? What should you look for in a window installer near you? Let’s be honest here; we are Crystal Clear Windows & Doors Inc. Now that we put that out of the way, let’s use the best formula to judge a company and service.

Let’s look at three things we brainstorm to come up with the answer. Why five? Well, we don’t want to bore you. And we think it’s just enough to make your choice for your window replacements in Tampa.

So let’s begin by not mentioning impact window competitors or ourselves. Just signs most contractor blog articles might not say. This list is in no particular other, so consider that. Now before I get into that, there are some good home kitchen remodeling companies in Tampa like Premiere Builders and so on. The difference when it comes to being an expert at one thing, I think it separates you.

Windows & Doors Installation Company Advertising

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Not what you expected, right? But if we look at it from an outside-the-box view, money investments are a good sign. Suppose a company has been advertising the past three years steadily. In that case, it means revenue is coming in.

Understand that a windows and doors company in our area can easily spend $10,000 a month on Google Ads alone. Search engine optimization can go for a minimum of $2,000, done right. That’s not counting other advertising methods.

This detail shows success or bankruptcy, and success means referrals and happy clients. Lousy service, cheap window brands, and unskilled installers represent advertising money lost after an appointment. So when you see the companies in Google, Facebook, and other advertising platforms is a good sign.

Website And Online Presence


A good company knows that interacting with their potential clients and clients is essential to build trust. If their Facebook, Instagram, and Google Maps are active, they care about their reputation. The other thing is their website, how well does it look?

Consider a website for a window contractor a way to measure quality. If their site is terrible, how good are they at paying attention to details and quality? I told you we were going outside the box; no simple tips here.

From the website or any platform you reach them, they should be experts in hurricane windows and doors. If you know more about replacing windows, run! See how their customer service treats you on the phone; a rude service rep is a sign of bad management.

Reviews, you heard it before, but not like this.

Most blogs or videos will tell you to see the amount and ratings. I tell you besides that, check for bad ones and read them. Once you read them, see how the company replies to them. Not every review will be great unless you are Crystal Clear Windows & Doors Inc. Sorry, I just had to pitch about us a bit.

You can have 4.5 stars and above scores throughout the internet, but how do you treat an unhappy client? A good company should acknowledge them and see if they can patch things up or at least try. Of course, not always is the client right or contractor for that matter, but trying to work things out shows caring.

Quality is in the details; a company willing to keep improving and generating new reviews shows just that quality. Blogging further information like right now, yes, I am doing it. It’s also a sign they provide you with important information before choosing.

In Conclusion

If you are ready to replace old windows in Pinellas County and Hillsborough County, FL, you can check us out. We have quality galleries to show, three store openings since 2017, and quality brands to install. Contact us for a free in-home appointment!


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