Top Sliding Patio Doors Myths Debunked

Some sliding patio doors myths need a little debunking so that you can have the best outside view possible.
Patio doors are a valuable and welcome addition to any home; whenever your window installation in Largo, FL, experts make the proper setup. Nonetheless, many widespread misunderstandings may dissuade homeowners from installing a patio door and purchasing their beautiful door.

At Crystal Clear Windows & Doors, we consider these types of doorways a valuable improvement for your house. Thus we would like to help dispel a few of the legends. Luckily, today’s sliding doors are more complex; there is much sleeker and more straightforward.

Often homeowners haven’t had the pleasure of installing their sliding glass door, but often the hearsay negates the owner’s perfect opportunity to mount these good design doorways. By telling you the truth, you will see what’s right and what’s not.

Myth 1: Sliding doors aren’t energy efficient

The energy efficiency of a patio door is based on the grade of the setup and the material of the door glass. While conventional single-panel glass may ease heat between your indoor and outdoor spaces leading to heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, the dual-panel glass will not, which explains why the myth started.

However, now you can replace those doors, and replacement windows comprise dual-panel High-Performance Low-E4 glass. Coupled with insulated panel options and precise installation procedures, you can rely that it will assist you in saving on heating bills and cooling.

Myth 2: Sliding doors leak water if it rains

Most sliding doors, windows, and any opening in your house can allow rain to enter your home, given enough wind. Now,  manufacturers test the best sliding doors to withstand specific levels of protection and go through a certification process.

Issues can happen when wind and precipitation speeds exceed the glass specifications. So it’s crucial to talk with an expert to ascertain which sliding doors will be most appropriate depending on your local climate. Sliding doors with tracks mounted flush with the floor are resistant to leakage.

These systems utilize a lift-slide door when closed, which seals flat against the door. Therefore, all parts must match with one another to make the seal. Moreover, the setup is as important as the hardware, so contact a firm in your region that will provide both parts and supply a smooth installation.

Myth 3: Big panels are challenging to slide

myth 3 big panels are difficult to slide

It was accurate in the past years, but improvements in engineering and hardware have created exceptional solutions. The older type sliding doors usually only slide the bottom gasket of the doorway through the track, which may be severe as the weight and size gain increases of old doors.

Newer type designs of lift-doors are top hung, which lifts the panes of the floor. They use high-performance hardware to create a smooth and straightforward function. From the realm of doors and windows, these systems have been considered high-performance sliding doors.

Moreover, another factor to understand is that performance requires maintenance to stay in form. For example, keeping and cleaning the sliding door tracks will help ensure your door opens and closes without any problems.

Myth 4: Sliding doors will allow some air in and out of a home

The good news is they’re not alone. It’s almost impossible to make a door airtight. Sliding glass door replacements are getting better at energy-efficient as technology improves. Should you reside in a climate with harsh temperatures, it will be essential to opt for a door that comes with a thermally broken or even thermally isolated framework and is double or triple-glazed.

The process is critical to restrict air movement from outdoors to indoors, particularly in high-wind areas. Since ice and snow can impede functioning multitrack, sliders aren’t suggested for cold climates.

Myth 5: Safety and Security Problems

myth 5 safety and security problems

The last sliding patio doors myths being unsafe is inaccurate. Specifically, individuals are concerned that sliding patio doors glass could shatter and pose a threat to residents.

Again, it comes down to the grade of the doorway as some are storm-resistant, and some come with a protected film making it shatter-proof. Almost impossible for burglars and storms to break through as the window could break but does not shatter.

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