Top Reasons to Buy Hurricane Windows and Doors This Hurricane Season

Buy Hurricane Windows and Doors

Experts recommend that homeowners buy hurricane windows and doors when hurricane season comes around to protect their expensive homes from destruction. People living by the beach enjoy their day: walking on the coast, enjoying the wonderful sunlight and calm winds. However, the primary breach of the building during a storm is the windows. Non-impact windows won’t face the winds, debris, weather changes, and projectiles like impact windows & doors.

Additionally, poorly built windows won’t protect your family and valuables from a storm or criminal. Trust us; when winds get inside a home during a storm, the roof won’t survive. Everything inside will get blown out as if a grenade exploded. If a burglar breaks your window, you may lose all your valuables plus a sense of “no security” that may last a lifetime. A hurricane impact windows installation in Clearwater will let you appreciate nature. Also, allow the sunlight into your home and even provide a beautiful view without worrying about a runaway baseball ruining your day.

Look at some things that impact windows offer below:

  • Provide security from burglars
  • Lower energy bill
  • Lower insurance cost
  • UV Ray Reduction
  • High resale value
  • Sound reduction
  • Provide security from intense hurricanes and tornadoes

 Hurricane windows offer better security from burglars

impact windows Clearwater

The laminate glass used in impact-resistant windows includes another layer of protection. It means intruders won’t come inside your home by just breaking your window with the rock technique.

If you buy hurricane impact windows and doors, you will discourage burglars from breaking into your home and ensure your family and home.

Buy Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors to Lower Energy Bills

Top-quality impact windows bring many glass alternatives. Energy efficiency can win depending on the glass option and help homeowners spend less on energy bills. Tinted laminated glass is the most affordable impact window option.

Yet, insulated laminated glass with a Low-E coating would bring considerably higher energy savings. While insulated laminated glass costs more, they offer the best energy efficiency. In addition, these quality impact windows work best for warm climates, for example, Florida.

Buying Hurricane windows and Doors will lower Insurance Costs

Installing hurricane windows and doors will reduce property insurance costs helping people with their premiums.

 Impact Windows offer UV ray Reduction

Impact windows with laminated glass eliminate almost all UV rays damage to the inside furniture and decorations.

Hurricane impact windows and doors help save cash because these things won’t need replacement.

 Hurricane windows & Doors provide Better Resale Value and Noise Reduction

buy huricane windows from installation company Clearwater FL

According to Weather Master, better windows mean better resale value. In addition, laminated impact glass decreases outside noise transmission into the home’s inside.

It means people can enjoy the home without the horrible outside noise ruining the people’s night’s sleep or while enjoying a good movie.

 Hurricane windows frame material options

Looking for the correct hurricane windows and doors from the right company may be overwhelming. However, there are three main choices for impact windows frame materials: Aluminum, vinyl, and wood. In any case, how do these impact windows compare with one another?

Check our quick guide below for a better understanding.

  • Aluminum impact windows material is strong, weather-resistant, lightweight, looks fantastic, requires low maintenance, and is recyclable. However, people will need to paint them.
  • The vinyl impact window material is an excellent insulator, high energy performance, low maintenance, and affordable. But vinyl may look cheap.
  • The wood impact window material is an excellent insulator. It provides high energy performance, and you can recyclable wood. Yet, wood tends to rot and warps and may require maintenance.

 Hurricane impact windows and doors help with safety!

When a hurricane strikes homes, you will need to ensure many things. To begin with, your family needs protection from flying debris that could enter your home from strong winds. If a hurricane breaks your windows, the roof might get blown off. But, don’t worry; impact windows can help give you significant serenity regarding your family’s safety.

However, impact-resistant windows likewise protect your valuables from water and wind damage. In addition, since impact windows need a lot of force to break, they help protect your home. As a result, the worry of water damage and debris getting inside your home is no longer valid. Now, you can concentrate on your family when a storm hits.

 Are hurricane impact windows burglar-proof?

impact windows prevents burglary

Many homeowners invest in costly alarm systems and expensive smart locks to keep their homes secure. Nonetheless, do you know that impact windows can help fight off burglars? Hurricane windows and doors can help increase your home security. Most home burglaries require a type of forceful entry.

Because of the built impact windows, they can help stop burglar attempts from overpowering the windows. Of course, the intruder can damage the glass, but thanks to a strong interlayer, the window frame will not entirely fall apart. It also keeps the burglar out of the house, and hopefully, a neighbor can call the cops with the loud commotion.

 How much do hurricane windows cost?

Quality hurricane-resistant windows cost around $40 to $55 per square foot. An average hurricane impact door-sized 60×80 inches can cost about $1,900.

An average single-hung window costs between $500 and $600, with materials only no labor included. It can depend on where you live and the installation expert labor cost.

Are impact windows worth the cash?

patio sliding door installation

Impact-resistant windows can be a choice that turns into a good decision. A few homes require impact windows regardless because of state and county regulations. The cost to buy hurricane windows and doors is relatively high, but the benefits outweigh the price tag. For all the reasons above and much more, you should purchase hurricane windows, and doors are the right choice for storm-prone regions.

But these impact windows also help decrease your energy bill, enhance security, reduce outside noise from entering the home, and stop burglars from ransacking your home valuables and ruining your peace of mind. If you want to remodel your home or build one from the ground up, windows are crucial for each home or business.

When the building is situated in a hurricane-prone region like Tampa and Clearwater, expert-installed impact windows can ensure your safety and protection. Need an expert, then contact Crystal Clear Windows and Doors for a free quote.

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