Top Impact Windows Guide to Prevent Hurricane Damage

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Our top impact windows can prevent hurricane damage. Yes, Florida, particularly its coastlines, experiences Mother Nature’s wrath. And, if you’ve experienced a hurricane, you’ll know that having a plan against a storm is the most brilliant move you can make. 

Indeed, you can board your home before every storm. Yet, that means investing time and energy in each hurricane season to retrofit your home to withstand a storm. Last-minute plywood installation can be risky when a hurricane approaches your home. You can fall off a ladder or risk a hammer destroying your hand, plus a fall. Besides, cutting wood has its dangers.

Therefore, allow professionals to install impact-resistant windows. These items can be the solution to fight off dangerous climates by equipping your home with durable, long-lasting armor. Also, Clearwater Beach hurricane windows and doors can match the appearance of your home, so you’ll still have a lovely home.

Why Install the Best Impact Windows?

After Hurricane Andrew in 1992 destroyed Homestead, many building codes changed to increase homes’ abilities to withstand hurricane winds and their thrown debris. Soon after, another statute necessitated that buildings in storm-prone regions need to withstand hurricane 5 150 mph winds. And that’s where impact doors and windows come in. Residents in Florida need to follow specific guidelines while building a new home. 

In 2007, things changed once more; requirements were changed to include construction elements like shatterproof windows, sturdier roofs, and stabilized concrete pillars. Since new Florida building codes apply to new buildings constructed near the coastline, many structures built before 1992 are still vulnerable to flooding and strong hurricane winds. 

Regrettably, property owners who can’t bear to move or build another home that meets the current building code standards need some help to protect their home. Fortunately, straightforward and affordable solutions offer excellent safety and security. 

Homeowners have a few alternatives accessible regarding securing their home, business, or family from extreme weather. Some other options can leave you broke, some ineffective and laborious, and some disappointing to use. 

Which is Better, Hurricane Shutters or Hurricane Impact Windows?

PGT WinGuard impact window installation Florida

While hurricane shutters and impact windows can forestall significant storm damages, impact windows look extraordinary all year long. Plus, impact windows don’t need any additional maintenance or work once the storm approaches. No more looking for parking and running around looking for items at the hardware store, and yes, no more waiting in a long line. 

Likewise, homeowners need to consider the safety risks of shutters, for example, climbing ladders, shutting them in high winds, or doing last-minute installation or fixes before or during a hazardous storm. When preparing for nasty weather, you need a solution that will not make your life more difficult! 

Are Impact Windows Safe? 

Impact windows are the perfect solution for serious storm areas like Florida because of their construction; these things were tested and built to last! Manufacturers make impact windows with a shatter-proof film to help protect your home.

This film is applied on one of the sides of the window panes, sealing the glass inside. If something like debris, wind, or extreme rain hits the window, the glass will remain contained and set up.

Although the glass may break, it will not blow into the room or create any more damage or harm to the occupants. 

Hurricane Windows Construction Technology at its Finest 

DP rating impact windows

Besides impact window-resistant film, some hurricane impact windows bring an inner membrane technology that fills the space between the window panes. The membrane called PVB; holds the glass together, keeping it from blowing outward. 

When joined with window film, the windows are almost impenetrable to puncture or shatter, even winds from a Category 5 hurricane. 

The construction of the frame of impact windows makes them much sturdier to bypass. Most manufacturers build impact window frames using aluminum, vinyl, or steel. These sturdy frames resist warping or prevent the accumulation of rust, not weakening like standard window frames. Steel and aluminum frames are the sturdiest but cost more cash than vinyl. 

Top impact windows also have the testing to back up their bark or, better word, strength. Impact windows use a DP — design pressure — rating gauge how much wind they can withstand before a breakdown or bending. What’s unique about DP ratings is that they aren’t simply based on metrics like glass thickness or window size. Instead, the experts only give a DP rating to a particular model through a barrage of lab testing. 

Best hurricane windows brands go through a design pressure test to ensure the windows handle anything a hurricane brings or throws.

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