Tips On Making Your Sliding Door More Secure

Crystal Clear Windows & Doors experts don’t talk about sliding door security since it’s not a subject homeowners like to speak. While it’s essential to hire the right windows installation in Clearwater experts for a project, you can’t forget that sliding glass door security is as vital to your well-being and your family.

Keeping your house secure means making sure every entrance point is protected. For example, from front doors to back and windows need the appropriate securing devices and deterrents to discourage burglary. Even though deadbolts are fantastic for front doors and a lock works well-guarding windows, sliding doors could be more challenging to secure.

Here are some suggestions to improve the security and safety of a sliding glass doorway:

Why sliding glass doors are vulnerable?

The most significant issue that sliding glass doors have is that it uses latches, not locks. Even inexperienced thieves could easily conquer many factory-installed fasteners. Frequently they will lift the door off its tracks to get inside, and usually, they don’t need tools. However, the best weapon a burglar uses is a brick as one powerful throw, and they are standing inside your property.

First, test the sliding door latch

first test sliding glass door hatch

Many sliding doors will have a lock on one side, usually in the handlebar; the small latch lock clamps the doorway to the framework. Before tackling any security door difficulties, make sure the lock operates correctly by shutting your door. Locking it and then pull it away. If the door moves or feels unstable, the latch is not grabbing the door right or will come loose in the framework.

Fix or replace as required or think about selecting a professional sliding doorway installer to guarantee that the frame is level and protected. Also, your local locksmith can upgrade your latches to better locks so don’t be afraid and venture to better door security.

Mount a slide-locking bar

The slide-locking bar seems complex, but it’s only a thick wood or metal bar, trimmed to fit in the base track of your doorway. When locking your house for the evening or when on the move, all you have to do is adjust the metal bar to the path. It will prevent the door from being tampered with, even when the latch has been removed or damaged. Remember not every burglar wants to make noise by breaking the glass as it may alert neighbors to call the police.

Employ shatterproof film

employ shatterproof film

Keep your excellent outside views while enhancing security by employing a shatterproof film for your sliding glass doors. The shatterproof film prevents thieves from making a rapid entry by breaking up your glass door. Security film might be transparent or tinted and could also repel flying debris to help safeguard your house during storms.

Keep door rollers and tracks

Usually, sliding doors run on vinyl or plastic rollers. However, the rollers get damaged they will not move easily, and then a burglar could easily lift it out of its paths. If a doorway is not gently sloping correctly, then start with lifting it from the track and cleaning the debris and dirt. Since both elements could make the track and roller deteriorate.

Usually, after cleaning the door, it should move correctly but if not then you could adjust the size of these rollers. Some doorways have adjustment holes across the base and top edges which can fit a Phillips screwdriver and permit you to expand or compress the rollers. Clean tracks and comfortably fitting rollers can stop a burglar from just lifting the door off its path and bypassing any lock you’ve got set up.

Install a commercial locking device

install a commercial looking device

Consider a commercial lock accessible in a local hardware shop or online seller. These locks comprise single or two-bolt locking systems that attach to the closure point on your door. They also, bring steel bolts that fall into position.

Most are installed at any height on your door and are adjustable, meaning they can either be replaced or supplement an existing latch lock. Lock and passkey choices are also accessible and products with battery-powered audible alarms.

Connect the sliding door with the home alarm system

Do you have a home alarm system? Then make sure it’s wired to contact your sliding door. If your sliding door gets tampered with or opened once you have set up the alarm, then a warning will sound off. You might even set up a glass-break sensor on your door, so if a burglar attempts to break the glass instead of opening the doorway, you’ll be alerted.

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