Things to Know About Hurricane Proof Windows

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Few would disagree that hurricane-proof windows and doors are the best storm protection. Homeowners in hurricane-prone regions have learned this lesson firsthand. It’s not just hurricane season; hurricane-resistant products offer more than storm protection all year round. Impact-resistant windows and doors protect from intruders and UV rays and effectively reduce noise!

Most people who have witnessed hurricane winds will tell you it is scary to see debris fall or be thrown close to your house. Likewise, it can be terrifying to see that the hurricane winds have blown trees into your home or yard, and it is even scarier if you know there are children inside. The best hurricane windows and door replacements protect your house from thrown debris, dangerous branches, or other objects caught in hurricane-force winds.

Don’t be terrified; consider contacting an impact window company today, and rest easy.

7 Things to Know About Hurricane-Proof Windows

hurricane proof windows protect your home from storms


  1. Hurricane windows and doors are typically more energy efficient.
  1. Hurricane windows and doors can reduce noise pollution from outside.
  1. Many hurricane window styles include double-paned vinyl, aluminum-clad wood, or fiberglass.
  1. Storms happen all year round – not just during the summer months!
  1. Investing in storm protection for your home is wise because it will increase its value over time.
  1. The cost of new impact windows and doors in Florida varies based on what type you’re looking for and the size of your home’s existing openings (you may need an installer).
  1. If you’re considering new construction, it’s best to install hurricane windows or doors during building so that there is no need for additional costs later on down the line!

Hurricane Impact Windows also protect against Burglars

hurricane windows prevent burglary

Thanks to the laminated glass used in impact-resistant windows, it is almost impossible for a burglar to break in through impact glass. It means hurricane windows offer more than just hurricane protection; they also provide added security.

Yes, the burglar can shatter the laminated glass, but it won’t completely fail or get punctured like a regular window. Many videos show burglars trying to break through an impact window without success.

Other Significant Benefits of Installing Hurricane-Resistant Products

If you’re looking for additional noise reduction, hurricane impact-resistant windows & doors are the way to go! The impact windows will help you get a good night’s sleep, whatever the weather or the outside noise.

Items like furniture, photos, and even curtains near windows and doors can suffer from fading due to UV rays. However, many impact windows feature impact-resistant glass. It helps to block UV rays that help reduce heat transfer and fading.

Installing hurricane windows or doors will save money on energy bills because they are more efficient than regular ones. The best hurricane windows are triple-paned, meaning they have three layers of glass. It can reduce heat transfer by up to 75%! Hurricane-resistant doors feature extra insulation and UV protection features too.

Conclusion to Hurricane Proof Windows & Doors

If you want to save money on your energy bills while adding extra security to your home, hurricane-proof impact windows and doors may be the answer. Impact windows are more durable than traditional glass windows because of their ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, including high winds, heavy rainstorms, hail storms, hurricanes, and snow blizzards, without breaking or shattering like standard window panes can do.

When appropriately installed by our impact window team at Crystal Clear Windows & Doors, these powerful yet cost-effective storm protection features will keep your house safe from burglars. But also help protect it against noise pollution from urban areas. These new products are so effective even hurricane-force winds cannot break them!

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