The Best Impact Window Installations The Perfect Hurricane Deterrent

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Before you know it, the hurricane season will be here, and youll want the best impact window installation for your home’s protection. So, are you prepared to hunker down and endure days of complete darkness, or would you prefer to weather the storm while enjoying a beautiful view? Before installing the top hurricane windows in your home, we have all the information you require.

Whether replacing vinyl, wood, or aluminum windows, you’ll need knowledge and skill to complete your project. Maintenance-free, energy-efficient impact windows that will last the lifetime of your home depend on accurate measurements, a good window installation team, and the right impact window type and fit.

Window installation typically requires skill and the right team. Although it is possible to install DIY windows, it would be advisable to contact the experts from Crystal Clear Windows and Doors in this situation. You want to avoid facing a powerful hurricane with a lousy impact window installation gig.

The Best Impact Window Installation offers the Highest Return on Investment

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There are some crucial factors to consider to get the best return on your impact window and investment. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2020 Cost vs. Value Report, vinyl windows recover 72.3% of the initial investment when you sell your house.

When selling your home, having vinyl window installations can be a huge selling feature, especially if the impact window manufacturer offers labor and manufacturer warranty. 


Hire a Trustworthy Impact Window Company


Plan a few in-home estimates from a few reliable replacement window manufacturers to ensure you know what you are getting and to get a starter course on hurricane-impact windows. These businesses will provide you with window sample displays, a written quote, and a thorough explanation of the warranty terms.

Asking around is also a good idea because you probably have friends and relatives who have gone through a similar experience. Work wiser rather than harder.

Think about Purchasing Impact Windows that are Energy Star Certified


ENERGY STAR aims to help you save money while preserving the environment. All ENERGY STAR-qualified windows are independently tested and certified by the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council), a non-profit third party, so that you can compare the energy and performance aspects. 

All ENERGY STAR-qualified windows, doors, and items bear the NFRC label, which offers performance rankings in five categories:

  • The U-Factor-measures the heat transfer rate and informs you of the window’s insulation level.
  • The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)-calculates the percentage of solar energy transmitted and provides information on how well a product protects heat from the sun.
  • Visible Transmittance (VT) -measures how much light passes through the window.
  • Air Leakage (AL) -measures how quickly air leaks out of window joints.
  • Condensation Resistance-measures how well the window resists the water build-up.

Quick Tips for Buying Impact Windows

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It’s time to create a comparison checklist to identify which items and businesses can offer the highest level of impact protection at the lowest cost after gathering information on the top 5 reliable impact window replacement companies and energy- efficiency. But first, ensure you’re getting what you want because this is a significant decision.

Does the cost of the window installation cover permits, any homeowners-association compliance issues, and handling required accessories? Choose robustly built steel frames, strengthened sashes to avoid warping, and sloped sills to drain rainwater for long-lasting durability. Are the windows made specifically for your house, and are the goods produced in America? Investigate the quality of the materials the business uses.

Once more, consider the features your home needs the most and choose. But, again, take your time because you want to avoid getting hit with unexpected charges.

Before Purchasing Hurricane Windows, Read the Fine Print


  1. How long does the warranty cover air leaks and damaged seals? Do labor and broken glass go under warranty? 
  2. What options do you have if the manufacturer or impact window company ceases operations? 
  3. Do they have worker’s compensation, liability insurance, and a valid state work permit? 
  4. Does the warranty extend to the following homeowner? 


Before hiring a hurricane-impact window company, these are crucial details. Unfortunately, many people seek to make a fast buck; do your best to avoid becoming one of them.


What is an Impact Windows Solar Gain Coefficient Essential to your Home?


The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient measurement might be important if you live in a warm climate. Think of heat-reflective Low E glass and insulating Argon Gas to block the sun’s rays so it doesn’t increase your home’s temperature!


Visit the Best Impact Windows Installation Showroom 


Visit a window showroom for inspiration, ask a qualified consultant to deliver sample materials to your house, or research various design and color possibilities on websites. Then, consider installing a bay window, double-hung window, or geometric window in your restroom.


Replace your windows if you want to make significant home improvements for a good ROI. One that raises the value of your home and adds comfort, security, and beauty while conserving energy.

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