Call A Pro For New Impact Windows!

You made a good decision to install impact windows & doors in your home. What’s next call a pro for new impact windows & doors or DIY? Read this before DIY! Hiring an Impact Window Contractor
Not only did you make a wise investment for your home, but you’re also protecting your loved ones.

These are all excellent questions, but whatever you do, you need to follow codes, and you need a building permit for impact windows. Let’s see if being a good handyman compare to hiring impact windows and doors contractor pays off?

Call a Pro for Impact Windows or Deal With Florida Building Codes

In the Florida building codes, it states that any owner of a building structure or any area being used for occupancy requires a permit. You would need to first apply for a license permit by the Florida Building Code State in Section 104.1.1:

When you do get that permit for your new windows & doors, what’s next? The next step is making sure that you are installing high impact resistant windows that have been tested and approved. Do you know what quality materials or brands to choose?

Call a pro for impact windows

Impact Windows And Doors Brands


If you read or other blog posts you would know that choosing the right type of material for your home improvement project can be overwhelming. Picking vinyl sliding doors or aluminum frames and not to mention the brands.


We got plenty of brands to choose from for sliding glass doors and impact windows. Now comparing prices from a manufacturer like PGT window installations or Simonton requires knowledge on what is it you want.

Construction site injuries when replacing impact windows, here are some.

  • Slipping or Falling of ladders
  • Electrical burns if not done right
  • Heavy objects falling on a person
  • Heat strokes

All these problems not to mention wrong installations of hurricane doors and windows can give you more than you bargain for. Call an impact window specialist and eliminate the guessing and stress!