Summer Home Improvement Suggestions

Since people like to catch on home improvement jobs during the summer, Crystal Clear Windows & Doors enjoys summertime and would like to join in too. For example, glass window installation could add value and based upon your design it will provide a fashion and décor.

Now, here is a listing of a few summer home improvement projects which can increase the house value, and possibly give you some handy-man time!

Window cleaning and maintenance

window cleaning and maintenance

Summer is lovely, but it brings dry winds, sand, and, much dirt. Nobody would like to look out their window and watch streaks, dirt, residue or torn displays. It’s simple for us to dismiss things like window frames or window maintenance. But summertime is the time to lift those windows and open the drapes and allow the breeze.

Outside views can be blocked by windows and displays that are dirty and allow inside mosquitos and bugs. Comprehensive cleaning of all your windows indoors and outside is the ideal approach. To do the job correctly, you’re going to need two tools: a squeegee and water. You do not require cleaners to wash dirt. Some elbow grease will guarantee that your windows get clean.

Make sure there are no holes or rips on your screens, as you’re cleaning your windows. If there are, a repair kit can be picked up by at the hardware shop, or you could have displays replaced and installed by a window installation expert. Make sure you inspect first and if you can’t fix the cracks, seal breeches or leaking areas, it might be time to replace it.

Include a sunroom

include a sunroom

Should you reside in a place with cold winters and will want to get some sun, then sunroom is for you. Not to mention an investment that will increase your home’s value dramatically. Also, it’s one way to enjoy the outdoors much more, throughout the summer, with friends, your loved ones, and, you can spend some time together.

Sunrooms allow you to enjoy the outside while being shielded from any bugs or even harsh weather. Three things to ask the installation expert is design, the direction of the sun, and, the cost and your all set.


A fire pit is a superb method to gather your family together to grill throughout the afternoon or roast marshmallows during the night. To make your fire pit more enjoyable add chairs. If you don’t want to fix built-in seats, then place folding chairs. Make sure to have enough chairs for everyone!

Have fun on the deck!

have fun on the deck

Considering adding a sunroom or you already have one then there’s another fantastic house renovation idea and is a deck. Constructing a sunroom onto your floor or perhaps building a deck from your sunroom is an excellent means to get some shelter to stay fresh from sunny days and a great ROI candidate.

Making a BBQ, and entertaining family members or friends outside your sunroom on your deck sounds good, right? You might easily slide in and out to prepare your dishes and then place a dining table in the sunroom. No more stressing with hard-to-use and small outdoor umbrellas to keep your guests shielded in the summer sunshine!



One other summertime home improvement idea that adds a great deal of value remains to landscape the lawn. Whether you are looking to add flowers and add a greener lawn or perform a full overhaul of the exterior of your home, landscaping can be a significant investment.

Once you’re sure to make improvements, then call an expert or do the job yourself. The solution depends upon the kind of work that you require. You might have to perform maintenance, if you have landscaping already establish then care such as pruning trees, weeding and planting are matters that homeowners can complete.

However, seeding a lawn, planting trees and significant landscape layout tasks, ought to be left to the specialists. After all, the wrong improvement will undoubtedly devalue your home.

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