Storm Windows Replacement Basics

Storm Windows Replacement in Clearwater Basics for Florida Residents

Storm windows replacement are standard in Florida coastal regions where they help protect against extreme climate conditions. Homeowners in different areas can also enjoy their added layer of weather insulation that keeps the interior living space warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, lowering energy costs.

You can install replacement storm windows in Clearwater outside or inside your standard primary windows, permanently or temporarily mounted. Many storm windows exist, but they’re typically made of glass or sturdy plastic.

You’ll see outside storm window replacements that get placed on top of your current windows. However, interior storm windows also exist.

Top Benefits of Storm Windows Replacement in Clearwater

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There are many advantages to having storm windows on your home, including:

Increase energy efficiency- If you install storm windows, you’ll have less outdoor air leaking its way into your house. Thus, this means your heating and cooling (HVAC) system will consume fewer kilowatts trying to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Insulation- Storm windows replacement help keep warm air inside during cold temperatures and cool air inside during heat waves. It is because of the extra cushion of air between your normal windows and the storm windows so it makes it difficult for air to go through.

Lower street noise- Neighborhoods can be loud with barking dogs, construction, busy streets, beeping cars, and loud neighbors. With the installation of storm windows, you can eliminate noise.

Fast installation- Usually, it takes about two hours for each storm window installation, so you don’t need to stress over long construction hours occurring in your home.

Protection for the primary windows-Storm windows helps protect your primary windows from physical damages because of wind, dust, and hail.

Cost-efficient- Typically, replacement storm windows are less expensive than changing your standard windows.

If you’ve decided that storm windows are an important home improvement for your property, the next thing to do is to hire an expert contractor.

Tips for Buying Storm Windows

Remember, these tips as you look for either brand new windows or replacement storm windows:

Make sense of your window type: The first tip when purchasing your new storm windows, consider what type of windows you have at home. Are the windows single-hung, double-hung, or slider windows?

Double-hung windows have two sashes in the frame that move up and down, while single-hung windows have a fixed top sash. Slider windows move from side to side and people use them in window frames that are wider than taller. Knowing the window units will assist you in deciding the best storm windows for your home.

Check for quality- Another significant shopping thought is the quality of the storm windows. Check the corner joints overlap for strength since these kinds of joints are sturdier than mitered corners which can allow wind to blow through.

Search for adjustable ventilation and removable parts- Good storm windows should have adjustable ventilation stops within the track. Vent stops limit the upward movement of your bottom window sash so you can secure your home better against break-ins. For cleaning, glass and screens should both be removable.

Include an added buffer with weather stripping- Weather-stripping is vital because it provides you with an almost impenetrable seal to stop wind damage. It fills in any open gaps or cracks where the wind could get inside and wreak havoc. Ensure the storm windows you pick has this excellent feature.

Energy-efficient and theft protection all in one combination

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Limit UV rays with low E glass- If you’re stressed over energy efficiency, get storm windows with low-emissive (low E) glass. This treated glass features a thin, unique coating that protects against infrared and UV rays. The coating improves energy efficiency by maintaining your home’s inside temperature. Rather than allowing the cool air or heat to escape, the coating focuses those temperatures back into your home. These windows also allow natural light to flow inside.

Secure your home with multi-point locks- some models of storm windows come equipped with multi-point locks for theft protection. Multi-point locks offer the homeowner a better lock system because of a mix of different locking mechanisms that may help lower the danger of a burglary. This locking system comes stronger and holds up against wear and tear than single-point locks.

Tips for Maintaining Storm Window Replacements


How long your storm windows last will rely upon a few factors: the quality of the storm windows, constant extreme weather, and how well you maintain them. Even though storm windows are cheaper than normal windows, you can also save cash over the lifespan if you invest energy in maintenance from the beginning.

Regular cleaning and maintenance are fundamental. Take unique care of the channels and tracks that can get clogged up with dirt and dust, or succumb to corrosion and rust. When maintained correctly, your storm windows can last many years without issues.


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