Six Factors to Consider Before Buying a Front Door With Sidelights

buying a front door with sidelights

Buying a front door with sidelights is a terrific way to increase curb appeal, let more light into your home, and provide a stylish greeting.

It makes sense to contact a St. Petersburg door replacement expert and feel confident with your pick because entryways are a significant feature of our homes. So, how do you choose the style of your home’s entrance door?

Consider these factors before you buy a front door replacement, whether replacing an old door or choosing one for a new house. These tips will still be helpful to you even if you don’t want sidelights for a front door that complements your home.


The Front Door’s Style

replacement door with sidelights


Let’s define a front door with sidelights first. Sidelights are small, frequently glass-covered pieces attached to a door’s side or sides. You can change their shape, size, and glass choices for a unique entrance. Both options are a solid door with glass for more excellent light.

How do you want guests to see your home? Thanks to custom-made front doors with sidelights, you can let your property tell its tale.


On front-door design websites, you can find inspiration and ideas for your home by looking at examples of various styles. Every door you see can be made with one or two sidelights for your house. We can collaborate with you and your builder to create a custom entry door with sidelights that add style to your home.


You want your doorway to scream elegance but balance. Your front entrance shouldn’t overpower or underwhelm your house but should enhance it. Therefore, it must be the same size as your home. Your home builder can advise on how big to make your entrance to match your home needs.


The same is true of your sidelights. Your front door should not be in direct competition with your sidelights. Frequently, sidelights are only half as wide as your front door (or less).


If you are changing an entry, consider the unit size you are replacing and additional charges if your opening size needs to be altered.


Which Material Should I Use Before Buying a Front Door with Sidelights?

door replacement with sidelight installation

Dealers sell prefabricated front doors with sidelights covered in stamped metal, plastic, or fiberglass. Because the wood in these entry doors won’t be exposed to the weather, they are constructed using lower-quality wood cores.


Painting is necessary to keep metal doors from rusting, and dents can be challenging to repair. (The core is made of fiberglass or particle board in some doors rather than wood.) Although stained and finished wood doors are typically more expensive, they provide a home with a more exquisite appearance than prefabricated options.


Front Door Security and Privacy Features


As a homeowner, you may be concerned about the security of an entry door with sidelights. However, knowing that front doors with sidelights can be just as secure as front doors without sidelights should give you peace of mind.


A front door with sidelights can be made more secure in several ways, such as by adding hurricane-impact glass, which can withstand strong winds and debris. You can also include quality door hardware, locks, motion sensors, and doorbell cameras. It is also true that most burglaries occur through the front, so security is a need when considering the front entry.


Consider Buying Sidelight-Equipped Energy-efficient Front Doors


Doors and windows frequently cause energy leaks in a home. Homeowners concerned about energy efficiency know that poor seals on doors and windows allow air, heat, and cold to pass through. Compared to metal or fiberglass, wood is a better insulator.


Quality weather stripping, thresholds, and even hardware are included, with some front doors with sidelights. This makes it simple and efficient to install your front door with sidelights.


Consider glass with insulated coatings like Low-E or glass filled with a gas like argon when choosing the glass for your entry door. All our leaded glass products can be triple insulated, making them stunning and energy-efficient.


Costs to Consider When Buying Sidelights for Entry Front Doors


What is the price of a front door with sidelights? It depends; bear in mind that many factors affect the cost:


The size of the front door with sidelights. Custom single, double, and entry doors are available in various sizes, with sidelights and transoms. To make the best decision for your house and your budget, ensure you understand how to measure a front door with sidelights.


The materials used- Different types of wood, some rare and expensive, others more common and affordable, can be used to create custom wood entry doors. Additionally, supplies for stains are more expensive than those for painting. Prefabricated entry doors with veneers of metal or plastic will be less costly than custom wood doors.


Glass usage- Your cost will likely be lower if you decide against using glass for your front door’s outside. The kind and amount of glass used will also impact the cost.


Custom versus prefabricated. Prefabricated front doors are less expensive than custom entry doors.


How Much Does a Front Door with Sidelights Cost?


According to Home Guide, an entry with sidelights costs $1,200 to $3,500 on average or $500 and $2,500 for a cheaper exterior door. If buying a front door with sidelights, consider Crystal Clear Windows and Doors for purchase and safe installation. 

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