Selecting the Best Sunroom Hurricane Windows

best sunroom hurricane windows for storm prone regions

Selecting the best sunroom hurricane windows is a must for homeowners who live in a hurricane-prone region. It requires homeowners to take extra precautions to protect their properties. 

One of the most vulnerable areas of a home during a hurricane is the sunroom, with expansive windows that offer beautiful views but pose a risk during violent storms. 

While hiring a top impact window installer in St. Petersburg is essential, the right hurricane windows for a sunroom are crucial to ensure safety and minimize damage.


What is Hurricane Windows for a Sunroom in Storm Prone Regions?

sunroom replacement windows for hurricane prone regions

Sunroom hurricane windows can withstand the extreme pressures of a hurricane, preventing the glass from breaking and potential structural damage to your home. 


These windows are typically made from impact-resistant glass, consisting of two layers of tempered glass bonded with a plastic film. 


This construction protects against flying debris and provides additional insulation, reducing heat transfer and potentially lowering energy costs.


Can Sunroom Windows be Replaced?


Yes, sunroom windows can indeed be replaced. The process involves selecting the right type of windows that suit the specific needs of a sunroom, which is typically a space designed to allow ample natural light and provide outdoor views while insulating from the elements. 


Options for sunroom window replacement include energy-efficient glass that minimizes heat transfer while maximizing light entry and materials like fiberglass that offer durability and narrow frames for more glass area. 


Casement, picture, and sliding windows are popular window styles for sunrooms. These styles balance visibility, light, and ventilation. Work with a contractor to install the windows correctly for the best performance and to maintain the room’s energy efficiency.


6 Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Hurricane Windows for a Sunroom

sunroom replacement windows cost factors to consider

When selecting the best sunroom hurricane windows, consider the following factors:


  1. Impact Resistance: Look for windows that have been tested and certified to meet the standards for impact resistance in your area. You can find this information on the product label or the manufacturer’s website.


  1. Energy Efficiency: Opt for windows with Low-E coatings, which reflect heat while allowing light to pass through. This can help keep your sunroom comfortable year-round and reduce energy bills.


  1. Installation: Proper installation is key to the effectiveness of hurricane windows. Ensure you hire a qualified contractor experienced in installing hurricane-proof windows in your region.


  1. UV Protection: Sunlight can fade furniture and flooring in sunrooms. To preserve the interior of your sunroom, look for hurricane windows with UV protection features.


  1. Insulation: Triple-paned hurricane windows offer superior insulation, which is beneficial for noise reduction and energy efficiency.


  1. Building Codes: Ensure your sunroom window options comply with the local building codes for hurricane-prone areas. These codes ensure that buildings can withstand the region’s specific weather conditions.


What are the Best Types of Windows for High-wind Areas?


For high-wind areas, selecting the right windows ensures safety and durability. 


We suggest looking for windows that excel at low-temperature wind resistance, such as the Andersen 400 Series double-hung window. This window is top-rated among wood-framed windows and is noted for its excellent low-temperature wind resistance. 


Casement windows perform better during high winds. Consider the frame material; wood frames clad in vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass offer good protection and require less maintenance. 


For those living near coastal areas or in hurricane-prone zones, windows that meet the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) testing for impact resistance are essential, or the installation of approved storm shutters can provide the necessary defense against high winds.


How Much Do Sunroom Window Costs?


The cost of sunroom windows can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the type of windows, the size of the sunroom, and the materials used. 


  • Sunroom window prices range from $2,000 to $11,000 for ten replacement windows and professional installation.




  • Specialty windows like casement or awning may cost between $200 and $1,500. 


  • Larger bay or bow windows can cost between $1,500 and $5,000. 


  • Fixed or picture windows are generally less expensive, ranging from $180 to $1,000. 


It’s important to consider that the complexity of the installation can influence these costs, the quality of materials, and any additional features such as UV protection or custom designs. For a more accurate estimate, consult a professional impact window company that can provide a quote based on the specific requirements of your sunroom project.


Conclusion to Selecting the Best Sunroom Hurricane Windows


Considering these factors and consulting with professionals, you can find the best hurricane windows for your sunroom that will offer protection, efficiency, and peace of mind during hurricane season. 


Remember, investing in quality hurricane-proof windows for a sunroom is not only a safety measure but also an investment in the longevity and value of your home. 


We do not build sunrooms from scratch but offer the best sunroom replacement windows, so call for a free consultation.

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