Pros of Window Replacement Services and Not DIY

pros of window replacement services

So, you are considering the pros and cons of hiring professional window replacement services or DIY gigs to save money.

Yes, saving money on a home improvement sounds excellent! However, DIY gigs void the window manufacturer’s warranty if done incorrectly. So when you finish the project, it’s all on you if the windows break.

I also know installing and buying window replacements are costly, but it’s a project you probably will do once or twice, depending on how many years you will own the house, so do it right.

Let’s look at the pros of hiring a replacement window service instead of the DIY route.


Window Replacement Services can Help with the Selection and Measurement of the Windows

sliding glass door experts taking measurements


What size do you require, and are the windows standard or unique? You can measure yourself for replacements, but be aware that if your figures need to be corrected, you might have too big windows for their openings. Therefore, you must return them all, pay a substantial restocking fee, and wait a long time for the right size. Often, you must use shims to support too-small windows or exchange them for a larger size.

Even worse, windows that aren’t the right size are less energy-efficient and more likely to have air leaks around the frame. It means the money you spend upgrading to energy-efficient windows will yield a lousy return.

Experts have the smarts and experience to decide quickly what size and style of house window are best. Ensuring that the windows they order will fit properly is one of the advantages of working with a window replacement service.

Also, homeowners can negotiate a better deal with a Clearwater, FL, professional window company than visiting a home improvement store. Window manufacturers can save money by purchasing bulk and passing those savings to you.


Fast Professional Window Installation Service

sliding glass door replacements

What is your time worth, and how much time will you need to install a window, honestly? If you need help installing just one window for a whole day, you lose a lot of time and money, and that is only one window installation.

Professionals need 30 minutes to complete the installation process for each window. However, a team of installers can typically finish a modest home in a day or two unless they have to build new openings.

Unless you are a handyman or have experience installing windows in your spare time, it will take you much longer than it takes for the pros. Moreover, you’ll need more preparation to address any issues that may come up.

Tools are frequently disregarded when deciding whether to DIY or hire a window installer. Do you have the tools required to install windows yourself? So, are you planning to buy or rent them?

Both alternatives come with buy or rental costs, and if you decide to buy the tools, you’ll need somewhere to keep them or the time to sell them after the project is over.

When the job is over, experts take all the tools away. None of these tools are a concern for you.


DIY Void Warranty while Window Replacement Services offer Long Warranties


The manufacturer’s guarantee stipulates that damage caused by DIY improper window installation is not covered. But you won’t violate your manufacturer’s warranty if you have the knowledge and tools to install your windows appropriately and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


However, suppose any part of your DIY installation doesn’t match those requirements, and you later submit a warranty claim. In that case, an inspector may reject your claim and attribute the device’s failure to an improper installation.


Employing window replacement service experts can help avoid the possible long-term costs of a voided warranty. One advantage of a replacement home window service is that the staff is skilled in installing the right window. Typically, window installers will offer an installation warranty to ensure the quality of their work.


For optimum protection, combine the pros of window replacement services with the windows’ original manufacturer’s warranty, and you have 20-plus years of quality service. 

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