Pros of Buying Bay Windows Plus Some Cons to Consider

pros and cons of buying bay windows replacements

There are a lot of pros of buying bay windows, which is a terrific solution if a homeowner wants to improve the home’s curb appeal and visual appeal. They increase the interior’s sense of space, let in more light, and enable a broader view.

You admired a bay window if you’ve ever passed a house with a window that appears to project from the house’s exterior. 

So, we’ve listed some of the most significant pros and cons of installing bay replacement windows in your house so you can decide whether it’s a wise investment.


Pros of Buying Bay Windows

apartment-bay-energy-efficient windows

Buying bay windows is an excellent choice for many people building a new home, purchasing to resale, or renovating an existing home. The following benefits apply if you’re trying to decide whether to buy bay windows.


Natural Light


Interior areas with bay windows receive a lot of natural light. They enhance ambiance by allowing light to transverse the space. 


Natural light can improve your mood and lower your reliance on artificial light, reducing energy use. Bay windows might be ideal to add a reading nook or much sunlight to your bedroom. 


Bay Windows Add More Options for Interior Design 


A bay window gives additional space and more opportunities to display your interior design decor because it extends past the house’s external wall. A bedroom bay window might accommodate a comfortable reclining sofa. 


Combine a cozy decorative chair and some bookcase, and a bay window provides the perfect reading area. Depending on your home’s interior style, you have countless possibilities.


Optimal Ventilation


Fixed or operable windows can open and close with bay windows. A bay window’s side window opening can enhance airflow. Additionally, bay windows can let in a cool breeze on a hot summer day or the fragrant aroma of fresh flowers from the outdoors.


Bay Window Installation Increased Home Resale Value


You’ve appreciated a bay window on another home, so you would enjoy one in your room. Bay windows can increase the value of your property because they are both aesthetically pleasing and add some extra square footage. Installing a bay window might also be a wise investment when you want to sell your home.


Cons of Bay Windows


Although bay windows are an excellent option for many homes, you might not want them in yours due to some cons.


Solar Heat Gain


More glass on windows can boost solar gain. Solar gain happens when sunlight produces heat as it strikes or passes through various materials like glass. Room cooling is more challenging in spaces with windows that gain more solar. However, if you still love the bay windows, reduce sunlight gain by buying bay windows with better insulation levels. But will raise your total window expenses.


Potential Structural Problems 


Incorrect window installation can lead to structural problems like leaks, mold, and early decay. Due to their load-bearing nature, bay windows have the potential to damage adjacent walls if they are not structurally solid. There could be cracks if the bay window is brick-finished. 


It’s possible for the siding on bay windows to become loose or buckled, which would be a sign of a significant foundation issue. Some improperly placed bay windows may eventually sag away from the underlying structure. 


But you can ensure a bay window is installed correctly by hiring a reputable local window installer near Tampa


Cost to Install a Bay Window 

bay window installation cost

You will pay more if you buy a bay window in new construction or replace a flat window. Bob Villa says the average cost to replace a bay window is about $1,800 per window, with labor costing between $100 and $300.


According to HomeAdvisor experts, bay window installation costs range from $910 to $7,100, with many homeowners paying around $1,955, depending on some factors.


This expense, however, can be worthwhile because bay windows increase curb appeal.


Bay Window Construction Considerations


Homeowners would require a building permit to install a bay window in an existing house. There can be a need for buttress-type supports in second-floor installations without windows similar to those below. 


To prevent a chilly and drafty home during the winter, it is crucial to insulate the window frames adequately. A qualified window installer in Clearwater, FL, may manage all administrative tasks, planning requirements, and construction details.


Read more about bay windows here: Difference Between Bay And Bow Window Replacements.

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