Pros of Casement Windows Plus Some Cons to Consider

pros of casement windows

Are you considering replacing windows in your house and are curious about the pros of casement windows?


That is perfect because this window design may give your house a fresh look with ample ventilation; that may be what you need to liven it up. 


But casement windows have pros and cons, like other window styles, right?


Let’s examine what casement replacement windows near Dunedin are, their pros, their cons, and if they are the best choice for your house.


What is a Casement Window?


Casement windows open outward to the left or right and have hinges around the edge. Because the operator uses a crank to open and shut them, people call them crank windows. Casement windows, in some cases, use a fold-down handle for easy operation. Additionally, the casement windows have a 90-degree opening.


As a result, washing the window is straightforward for the inside and outside of the home. While other window designs have screens on the outside, replacement casement windows also have screens inside. Various casement window screens are made of vinyl that may be painted to match the interior color of the window, giving the screen the appearance of being a part of the window.


Pros of Casement Window 

casement window open

Since people can open casement windows fully, they provide a lot of ventilation, perfect for humid environments like bathrooms and kitchens. Casement windows open outward, making cleaning them from the inside simple because no ledges are in sight. These windows are an excellent alternative since they don’t need much upkeep and provide exceptional natural ventilation.


Casement replacement windows also have the benefit of being particularly energy-efficient. They provide a tight seal when closed, which helps keep your house well-insulated and draft-free. You may reduce your energy costs because you won’t need to use your heating and cooling system as frequently.


Casement windows are an excellent middle ground for rooms in your house when you want to see out onto the patio but don’t want a picture window that won’t open.   Consider hiring a window installer near Saint Petersburg to install them close to your breakfast nook to allow fresh air in the morning. The casement windows open a cool breeze that allows the enjoyment of your yard and the feel of the day thanks to it.


Lastly, various materials, including wood, aluminum, and vinyl, may be used to create casement windows. Regardless of your property type, you can choose the ideal casement window to complement its beauty.


Cons of Casement Windows


Casement windows provide a lot of advantages, but there might be better options for some. A key drawback is that casement windows may be pricey since they are frequently customized and challenging to install.


Casement windows may not be as secure as other window styles since they often have a single locking point that may be pushed open. However, the user can only open the casement windows from the inside. Nevertheless, casement windows are hinged, making rusted or broken hardware an ideal target for thieves. 


Therefore, buy casement windows with sturdy hardware that stay secured so, they are tough to break into. Those with rusted or damaged hinges are simple to open from the outside, so ensure proper maintenance.


In Conclusion


Casement windows are the best option for clear views and fantastic ventilation. Many homeowners prefer casement windows because of their numerous pros. Before buying a replacement casement window, consider everything discussed above. Finally, talk to a professional who can advise you on the option for your property as the best approach to picking the appropriate home windows.


Professionals at Crystal Clear Windows and Doors may install modern casement window styles that match your home. You can locate the ideal home window and door item from us without worrying about lousy installation.


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