New Construction Windows vs. Replacement Windows

New Construction Windows Installation versus Replacement Windows Installation

Regarding a new construction windows installation and a replacement windows installation, the two styles have their uses. People frequently use construction windows in new homes and replacement windows in redesigns, even though there are special cases.

Quality varies with both windows and has the most significant performance and home comfort changes. Allow our replacement window installation in Clearwater experts to show you some usages and differences in both windows:

Understanding Construction Windows and Replacement Windows

People use construction windows when constructing a new home or an addition to a house. Because the house studs are exposed, the window can be installed properly onto the frame using a nail fin frame, which means they nail it into the home’s framing.

You can use new construction windows on a home remodeling project. However, it requires your window expert to remove the exterior materials around the window to expose the home’s studs to mount the window. The new window project is possible, but it is a more complicated procedure for your window expert to ensure the exact match of exterior materials.

New construction windows are a decent choice if you believe the studs and frame need replacement because of damage. Or if you want to replace the outside of your home with new siding or stucco.

Replacement windows are a fantastic alternative for a quick home improvement project when you have budget or time constraints. Manufacturers make replacement windows, so an expert window installer doesn’t need to remove the home’s exterior materials to install the window.

These replacement windows come measured to fit a current window opening and replace the actual window itself. It saves time and work costs with all the advantages of new windows.

Why Use Construction Windows when Building a New House


Building a new house is ideal for a new construction window. There will be no need to use replacement windows since you’re replacing no windows. Practically all new homes use new construction windows.

Use Construction Windows when Building a Home Addition!

A home addition is a short version of a house. Usually, you will often use a new construction window with an addition unless it’s an unusual circumstance. Sometimes you might not want to use a construction window when you include a portion of a current wall in your addition.

Use Construction Windows when Replacing a Lousy Window

When you have a lousy window, the framing and outer area are also in awful shape. The window frame, exterior siding, inside drywall, wall studs, floor covering, and subflooring may have termites, rot, or pests like carpenter ants.

Since you will perform broad carpentry work, installing a new construction window will be straightforward, simple, and economical. A construction window is more significant and will give better insulation from the components than a replacement window.

Because of the attached nailing fins, it’s more weather-tight than replacement windows.

Use a Replacement when you Replace a Current Window

Use construction windows for a new home

Mounting a new construction window in a wall can cause more damage and labor for you than installing a replacement window. Window, wall, trim, and siding parts are all connected; when you change one part, you change the other.

The incredible value of using replacement windows is they can slide horizontally while changing a few parts. Typically, replacement windows require temporary work changes, such as removing the inside trim.

However, if you carefully remove the trim, you will only replace it with another trim part. You probably need to paint the trim after installation.

Should you use Replacement Windows when using Construction Windows with Detachable Fins?

If your new construction windows have molded fins and replacement windows don’t, does it make sense to remove the connected fins on the former and turn them into the latter? While this isn’t normal, it is possible in several cases.

A few new construction window brands have fins you can snap or cut off. However, cutting off molded fins from construction windows that don’t have purposely attached fins isn’t prudent. You may debilitate the window’s structure or break the glass in the sash while cutting. Also, it’s difficult to smooth down the external edges of the window for the window to slide into place and stay weather-tight.

Cost of New Construction Windows for Existing Homes

Window Type Per Window Installed

Fixed Windows $130 – $385
Operational Windows $160 – $420
Bay, Bow, and Garden Windows $670 – $1,475

Expert installers customize the openings in new construction homes to fit the new windows. It means quick installation with less work. However, when experts install construction windows in an existing home, the windows have to be designed for the opening and become more complicated to install.

Always Talk with a Professional Window Installer


You should always counsel a well-recommended window installer when leaning toward a home windows improvement project. Your reliable window installer can advise you on new construction windows and replacement window costs versus benefits. Therefore, you can choose the right type of window for your requirements.

New construction window costs vary by size, shape, and materials picked. The immediate Saint Petersburg window installation permits you to mount windows of any size or shape. Many people like the ability to customize their windows, but there are also ways to order custom replacement windows. Window size or shape can affect your choice of window type.

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