Best Windows Materials for New Construction Windows Installation

New Construction Windows Installation

Regarding new construction windows installation and replacement windows Clearwater installation, both styles have their benefits for home improvement and usage. Builders and homeowners usually install new construction windows in new homes and replacement windows in redesigns, but there are exceptional cases. With new construction window installation near me, methods, quality, performance, and comfort may vary but works great for new homes.

So, if you are a homeowner or home builder, consider the construction windows to install in your new home or business building.

Consider these factors below while picking the best windows for new construction.

Design Differences in New Construction Windows

Manufacturers typically make new construction windows for new homes or other new buildings, for example, a home addition. For instance, these windows have a part called a nail-in frame, which permits the windows to be nailed directly onto the home’s framing.

However, it doesn’t mean you can only use them on recently built homes. There are certain special cases where new construction windows installation functions best for replacing existing windows.

When to Use New Construction Windows

new home construction

When your home’s window frames are in lousy shape, replacement windows won’t be the ideal option. The Window Company or contractor must remove the current window frames and replace them. It requires a lot of labor and carpentry instead of new construction windows installation.

If you want, you can still use replacement windows; however, new construction windows are more substantial and won’t lessen your view. Remember, replacement windows fit inside the current window frame, so you end up with less glass, hence a smaller view.

Best New Windows Installation Materials for New Construction

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the best window materials suitable for new construction window projects:

  • Vinyl windows are reasonably priced, energy-efficient, and don’t need much maintenance. These window frames come typically in white, limiting the so interior and exterior styling. However, you can paint vinyl in many custom colors.
  • Fiberglass windows are sturdy, robust, and appealing. Plus with practically no expansion and contraction, which leads to less air filtration. They cost more, but the advantages could merit the cost.
  • Aluminum windows are affordable and low maintenance, perfect for huge window openings. Yet, without the proper inside components, aluminum windows affect your energy usage.
  • Aluminum-clad windows offer the stylish of wood inside the home and sturdiness and weather resistance of metal on the outside. These windows cost more than regular aluminum.
  • Composite Wood windows look like wood in recently built homes with none of the disadvantages. You get the naturally beautiful look of wood, the low maintenance of vinyl, and the metal’s durability. The investment in composite wood windows can be the highest of all materials.

Best Styles for New Window Construction


The style for new buildings and homes may vary from room to room. Here are some applications for popular window styles for new construction windows:

  1. The most used or popular styles of windows in residential construction projects are Single-hung and double-hung windows. These styles operate perfectly for any room in a home.
  2. Sliding windows offer a more broad view making them ideal for living and dining rooms.
  3. Casement windows can pivot outward like an entryway because they’re hinged. Their straightforward operation makes them perfect for behind kitchen counters and living room sofas.
  4. Awning windows are hinged at the top and pivot outward, allowing for installations on high walls that provide ventilation without sacrificing security in restrooms and closets.
  5. You cannot open the picture and geometric windows because these windows are fixed. They come in many sizes and shapes, permitting you to add natural light and views of the outside where you don’t require ventilation, for example, stairs and high on vaulted ceilings.
  6. Bay and bow windows make dimension by projecting out from the foundation, creating a dazzling stylish, improved appearance and more generous space inside the home.
  7. Garden windows look like small box bay windows. You can install garden windows behind the kitchen sink. Plus, the deep sill and glass shelf make this the perfect spot to grow spices, herbs, and little houseplants.

Choose the right Energy-efficient Glass Option for your New Construction Window Replacements

A significant part of the new construction window is the glass package. Many glass alternatives, for example, gas fill, multiple glass panes, and Low-E, would affect your window’s energy efficiency. 

Gas fill- The manufacturers can add Argon or Krypton gas in between the glass panes of your windows to give more protection than only air. 

Low-E- The manufacturers place Low-E film inside your window panes. It reflects infrared light to help keep heat inside in the winter and outside during the summer. It can likewise protect your furnishing from fading caused by sun exposure. 

Double-pane or triple-pane glass-Triple-pane windows are more energy-efficient and more resistant to condensation. It makes triple-pane windows perfect for winter temperatures where homes will more likely hold more significant moisture levels. However, these windows cost more than double-pane windows, so their advantages won’t offset their expense in summer. 

ENERGY STAR Certified Windows

If you want to install the best energy-efficient windows for your region, consider Energy Star certified windows. ENERGY STAR is a government program that utilizes specific criteria to define a quality energy-efficient window.

The guidelines determine by measuring four parts of the window: the glass, the gas, the spacer, and the reinforcement. The mix of these factors makes up the ENERGY STAR performance level. 

Consider Custom Style Choices for New Construction Window Replacements

Consider custom window replacements to match your home design. For instance, if you need a bold color outside your home, browse various colors, like tan, pine, and chocolate. Or, consider a perimeter grid pattern for grid styles. 

Send your Custom Construction Window Replacements to your Window Company 

Since now you know what you want for your new construction windows, what’s next? Now, begin designing your windows with Crystal Clear Windows and Doors. After you’re finished picking the windows you need, we can easily find you the right replacement window manufacturer, so they can start making your windows. Then, begin the window replacement and installation process with us.

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