How can Low-E Windows Installation protect your Homes Interior from UV rays?

Low-E Windows Installation protect your Homes Interior from UV rays

Modern Low-E windows installation will ensure that you can enjoy the daylight while protecting your important interior things from sun damage. Our home window installation in Largo, FL, experts know there’s nothing better than the bright summer day.

Blue skies, warm temperatures, and splendid sunlight to help the skin– what’s not to like? What you probably don’t know while getting some rays of the warm sun is the effect the sunlight might have on your home interior.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun go through your single-pane windows, affecting your home’s energy efficiency and damaging your home furniture. When you have old, obsolete single-pane windows, you may think about buying blinds or adding window tints for a temporary fix.

But, for a better solution, our Clearwater home windows installation pros recommend updating to modern Low-e windows installation.

What’s the big deal with damaging UV rays?

  UV rays originate from the sun and are a type of radiation. Every day we’re exposed to UV rays because we go to the park or run errands. However, these rays also enter our homes through windows. Without protection, these UV rays can be dangerous to your home and your health. Often, you may notice the color of the paint on your walls or your furniture fading because of lengthy periods of sun exposure. Regrettably, prolonged UV exposure could prompt burns and skin cancer in people.

Most UV rays will enter your home through obsolete single-pane windows. These windows are regular builder-grade with cheap glass. Unfortunately, single-pane windows allow about 90% of UV rays into your home, giving no protection against damaging radiation. Sometimes you will see exorbitant energy bills— the heat from the sun will easily go through your windows, making your AC system work more to cool down your home.

How can Low-E windows installation protect your home?

If you notice any signs of sun damage on your furnishings, we recommend replacing your windows with modern Low-E window replacements. Modern, high-quality windows bring Low-E glass coating, which is an excellent coating that reflects sun rays and the heat of your windows.

Some quality Low-E glass comes with silver oxide, a cost-effective alternative that offers unrivaled reflection capabilities. This unique coating works with Argon gas sandwiched between the window-panes to make your windows more energy efficient.

Double-pane or Triple-pane windows installation

Replacement windows arrive in many glass alternatives so you can pick the best windows for your home. If your windows situate in a well-shaded location, you may consider double-pane windows that feature two panes of Low-E coating glass. These windows offer the best value for homeowners searching for affordable energy-efficient options.

But, if you’re searching for the best energy-efficiency and protection money can buy, then triple-pane windows are the best options. These windows offer all the advantages of double-pane windows but with an extra pane of glass, blocking 90% of UV rays from entering your home. If you’re looking to prevent furniture or interior wall paint from fading, then we recommend these windows.

You can also upgrade your triple-pane windows to Ultimate Triple Pane, including all the advantages of standard triple-pane windows with extra coats of Low-E glass on both sides of the window. These triple-pane windows block 97% of UV rays from penetrating your home.

 LOW-E window installation

Low-E Window glass replacements

Low-E windows, which come covered in microscopic layers of reflective material to block UV damaging rays. You cannot see the coating as it’s invisible to the naked eye. However, it reduces the number of UV rays that penetrate your home.

Besides the film protecting you from UV rays, it also keeps the home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Specialists have estimated that 70 percent of energy lost in a home escapes through doors and windows. Low-E windows installation will help keep the heat in during those extreme winter months.

Low-E glass is accessible in a variety of window styles. For example, enormous bay windows, casements, or sliding windows. Adding this replacement home improvement to your home will guarantee that your floors, furnishings, and walls don’t get damaged with sunlight.

 Make the right decision

Low-E windows installation is a splendid choice for all homeowners who want their investment to pay off. Wood replacement triple-pane windows projects return up to 78.8 percent of ROI. Most people love daylight getting through the windows, but nobody wants to get skin cancer or have fading walls.

 Including awnings, overhangs, or trees to shade your windows will seriously restrict the measure of sunlight coming through. If you like sunlight like most people and don’t want your windows covered, Low-E windows installation can work well for you.

Crystal Clear Windows and Doors

home windows installation experts

If you see fading on furniture, walls, flooring, call us today. Your investment in replacement Low-E windows will save cash in the long-term, as your decor and floor will last longer. Low-E windows are low-maintenance, and you can clean them the same way as regular windows.

When you want to begin your window replacement home project, schedule an appointment with our Clearwater window experts.

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