Is it Time To Replace Your Old Windows or Upgrade Your Existing Windows?

is it time to replace your old windows or upgrade your existing windows

Energy-efficient windows installation in Clearwater, FL is a significant improvement for homeowners who want to replace old windows. Heating gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 20%–30 percent of home cooling and heating energy usage.

Are you planning a home windows installation near Pinellas for new construction or replacing your current windows? It is essential to decide on the most effective windows — furthermore, a window that you can afford and that functions the best in your climate.

Now, if your existing windows remain in good shape, taking measures to decrease the energy loss through windows could make your house more comfortable and help you save money on utility bills.

You’ve got two choices if you will like to decrease the quantity of energy lost through your windows and also to enhance the overall comfort of your home. Either update your existing windows to increase efficacy or replace your windows.

Upgrade Present Windows to Enhance Efficiency

update present windows to enhance efficiency

If your home windows are in decent shape, taking measures to boost their efficacy might be the most cost-effective choice to increase the comfort of your house and save money on energy expenses. There are many things you can do to improve the efficacy of your current windows:

  • Assess windows for air leaks.
  • Caulk with weather-strip.
  • Add coverings and window treatments. Find out more about your window treatment choices with your local window installation company.
  • Add storm windows and panels
  • Insert solar control film
  • Add outside shadings, like awnings, outside blinds, or overhangs.
  • With efficiency enhancements upgrades, consider steps to guarantee proper setup and look for air leaks after enhancing.

Replace your Old Windows with Modern Replacement Windows

When you change windows; you’ll need to make several choices about the kind of windows you buy along with the sort of replacement you will make.

You could replace your old windows in their current framework; discuss the option with your home window installer and retailer to discover whether it will function correctly.

You’ll also have to choose the features you need for your windows. You will have to decide on the following things:

  • Frame types
  • Glazing type
  • Gas spacers and fills
  • Operation types

Selection Procedure

selection procedure

Along with deciding on the window kind, you also ought to think about design, energy usage, and labeling, warrant, and, proper setup.

Initially look for the Energy Star label when buying fresh windows. Then review the ratings of the energy efficiency label from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) to locate the most effective windows for your requirements. There are many reliable brands, for example, Pro Via, Custom Window Treatment, and, Simonton.

NFRC ratings are present on all Energy Star licensed windows and supply a trusted approach to ascertain a window’s energy properties. The efficient windows collaborative provides a selection procedure for both replacing windows and windows for new construction.

Window Choice Tips

window choice tips
  • Search for the Energy Star along with NFRC labels.
  • In cold climates, think about choosing gas-filled windows that use Low-E coatings to decrease heat loss. In warm climates, pick windows with coatings to reduce heat gain.
  • Opt for a minimal U-factor for greater thermal resistance in cold climates; the U-factor is that the rate at which a window conducts non-solar warmth flow.
  • Start looking for a low solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). SHGC is a measure of solar radiation that is permitted through a window. Low SHGCs reduce heat gain in warmer weathers.
  • Pick windows with both low U-factors and reduced SHGCs to optimize energy savings in temperate climates with cold and hot seasons.
  • Start looking for whole-unit U-factors and SHGCs, instead of center glass U-factors and SHGCs. Whole-unit numbers measure more accurately the energy performance of the entire item.



The energy-efficient window that you set up at home has to be correctly installed to guarantee energy efficiency and comfort. Have your windows installed by Crystal Clear Windows & Doors trained professionals in agreement with manufacturer’s directions.

Window setup fluctuates based on the window, the construction of the home (wood, masonry, etc.), the outside (wood siding, concrete, brick) along with the weather-restrictive barrier.

Don’t worry our professionals are ready with the knowledge to replace your old windows with new energy- efficient ones on any home!

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