6 Reasons to Upgrade to Impact Windows

impact window upgrades

Thinking if you should upgrade to impact windows? You’ve researched but need more valid reasons for new impact windows for the final decision. Read this on impact windows replacement! We understand and know that it is a small project and that you need the right information before you start writing checks.

Well, folks, you’re in luck because we will give you six solid reasons to choose high-impact windows in this article. Well, folks, you’re in luck because this article will give you more solid reasons why you should choose hurricane windows in Clearwater, FL.

Save Over $1,100 on 4 energy-efficient impact windows!


If you live in a hot region, you know the unbearable heat of the summer. We understand that impact windows are incredibly resistant to heatwaves and noise. This saves you money and allows you to enjoy peace and live comfortably in your home.

As a homeowner, you know all about bills getting out of control and sometimes not even knowing why they are so high. High bills, especially in cities that typically experience sweltering summers. If you opt-in changing your current traditional windows with high impact windows, you’ll certainly increase the energy efficiency.

As a matter of fact, it has been shown that inefficient windows consume over 40% of your home’s annual energy budget, wow! Another important feature that these windows have is that they have a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) reduction. The advanced technology used in these windows offers increased levels of visible light transmission into your home, giving you the important benefit of energy savings.

Boost Security With Impact Doors & Windows


We understand that it’s a significant window project! You need to have the right information before you start writing checks. The advantages of high impact doors and windows are that they protect your home from impacts and robbers.

Burglars have met their match, there is no chance for prying open windows or breaking them to get it. Now you can have peace knowing your glass doors and windows protected by having these systems in place.

Let’s look at corrosion & window resistant.


We assure you that these windows can withstand 80–100 mph winds. But there are some people who live in damp or semi-arid zones who also face another challenge: salty, humid air.

This is bad for your air conditioning systems and corrodes your doors and windows. One advantage of impact windows is that they are made with a special corrosion-resistant treatment. This allows for protection from wearing away at the windows.

Insurance Window Replacement Discounts:

High-impact windows are made especially to withstand hurricanes and are considered windstorm protection systems. Some home insurance companies approve these window replacements for deductions.

Because of this, insurance companies may offer a deduction on insurance premiums. Another thing to look into is to see if you qualify for a wind mitigation insurance rebate

Impact Windows UV Protection:

Protection from UV light is necessary; this light not only affects your skin but also ruins your furniture and other valuables in your home. When you install a high-impact window, you are eliminating the chances of any skin disease caused by UV light. High-impact windows have Low E Glass Coating, window tinting, and double glazing, which will increase energy efficiency.

In conclusion,

Your home should be well protected, so upgrade to impact windows and consider all the other beneficial features. I hope these tips have helped you decide. Good luck with your project.

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