Impact Window and Doors-Beyond Hurricane Season Protection

Impact-Resistant Patio Doors

When people hear the terms impact window and doors, they usually think about hurricane protection, which is valid. In Florida, we are always mindful of hurricanes and tropical storms. Accordingly, we accept that hurricane windows and doors near me are perfect for preventing storm wind damage from destroying our homes.

While they offer unimaginable insurance from all storms, these items have other applications. We look at why these devices can offer protection not only from hurricanes.

Home Security beyond Natural Threats

Nature can destroy everything, but hurricane windows and doors can shield your home from human-made disasters. According to the FBI, there were an estimated 6,925,677 property crimes in 2019, and burglaries account for many. Burglars will always choose easy targets, and it takes them only seconds to break a window. However, impact windows are not simple to break. Burglars often use a bat, tool, or rock to break a window and enter a home.

Truthfully, impact windows aren’t indestructible. Somebody could break an impact window if a criminal uses a sledgehammer and much time. However, when they penetrate the window, a neighbor or bystander would see the intruder struggling to break a window and call the police. It may appear an unlikely situation, yet it occurs. The reality, home impact windows and doors will hinder burglar attempts from accessing your home. It will give you or a neighbor valuable time to call the police and guarantee your well-being.

How long it takes to Commit Burglary?

impact doors and windows prevent burglary

Most home burglaries take between eight to ten minutes, and some can take as little as 90 seconds. Considering this fact, impact windows and doors become valuable to your home security, just like doors and locks. If you slow down would-be thieves, you remove their probability of success.

When thieves understand there is no simple entry, they leave and proceed to another house. They won’t waste the extra energy required to break an impact window and door and risk getting caught.

Impact Windows and Doors Improve Home Security

Besides windows preventing easy entry into your home, consider installing impact doors as another countermeasure to home security. Many impact door brands offer lock choices, including commercial-grade and multipoint locks that add more protection. Door installation near me shouldn’t be defenseless against home invasion attempts because of inferior quality.

Energy and Insurance Savings

Besides providing homeowner’s added property security, modern windows, and doors lower your home insurance cost and increase your property’s value.

Windows and doors can add up to 20% of your home’s cool air loss. That loss can amount to some high energy costs. There are many ways to make your home more energy-efficient, and one of them is installing impact windows. Manufacturers make impact windows with sturdy material that reduces the cool air loss in your home, adds UV protection, and decreases outside noise pollution.

Furthermore, impact windows offer insurance savings. By installing your windows during winter, you can lower your home’s insurance liability risk and hold your home’s ambient temperature with less energy loss. It helps homeowners lower bills and gives them more cash to spend on gifts!

Are High-Impact Windows and Doors Worth the Cost?

PGT impact windows

Knowing the hurricane protection, burglar prevention, efficiency, and comfort all year round from UV rays and noise pollution, are impact windows worth the cost? Installing quality hurricane windows can range from $4,000 to $10,000, depending on the number of windows your home needs.

Homeowners and contractors can use financing to update impact windows and doors! Yes, impact-resistant doors and windows are worth every penny!

Hire a Professional Window Installer


Why risk burglary or being unprepared for a storm when you can secure your home by installing impact windows and doors? Contact Crystal Clear Windows and Doors for a free estimate on your home window project.

So, protection from burglars and hurricanes, plus other benefits, is a phone call away. Our window installers near me have your back all year round!

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