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Here in Florida, everyone understands the significance of impact window and door items that will resist extreme hurricane winds. Today, newly built homes in prone hurricane regions need to have hurricane windows and doors

However, most homeowners nowadays don’t know much or are familiar with the benefits of these products. Therefore, when you want to install new impact windows in Tampa, FL, what should you have to know as a customer? 

Our experts will help you familiarize yourself with impact window and door items to comprehend their pros and cons. Here are some details to kick you off: 

How do Manufacturers make Hurricane Windows?

After Hurricane Andrew destroyed homes in Florida in 1992, the state improved its building code requirements to address the many window failures during that storm. So, they needed some help, and the car industry for glass solutions that were also impact-resistant was their Godsend.

Manufacturers responded quickly by making hurricane-resistant windows. The manufacturers made these windows with reinforced frames and tempered laminated glass. What type of glass is that?

Types of Impact Window Glass

Tempered glass is more than five times stronger than regular glass. The manufacturers make it by heating and cooling the glass afterward to room temperature. An incredible advantage of tempered glass is when breakage happens; it breaks into many small harmless pebbles that fall all over.

Thus, it is likewise named safety glass. Laminated glass is made by joining two pieces of glass and a layer of vinyl, which bonds the two pieces together. As a result, when the glass breaks, the glass won’t shatter and fall to the ground in many parts. Instead, the vinyl interlayer will hold the broken glass together in its original shape.

Tempered covered glass is a hybrid of the two glass types, tempered and laminated. It combines the strength and safety of tempered glass with the impact resistance of laminated glass.

Pros of Hurricane Windows

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You may imagine that the essential advantage of impact windows is they prevent water and debris from entering and unleashing destruction on a home. Although that is true, the best benefit of hurricane windows is structural. Most destroyed houses in a storm happen because of the unexpected pressure changes when the home’s windows and doors fail, and a blowout occurs. The quick increase in air pressure can collapse the house, blowing the rooftop off and collapsing the walls. Different pros of impact windows include:

  • There is no visual sign that you have installed a hurricane-rated window.
  • They are energy-efficient.
  • Impact windows lower sound pollution like cars and people.
  • You can probably lower your insurance rates by hiring an expert impact window company to install impact windows.

Cons of Hurricane Windows

The pros of impact windows appear endless when you live in a hurricane-prone region. However, that doesn’t mean the cons don’t exist. They do, and they matter. As you assess whether it’s the right time to upgrade your home’s storm security, think about the following points.

  • Some low-quality hurricane windows will begin to yellow, making visibility difficult through the window.
  • Even though impact windows can prevent hurricane winds from entering a home, no window or glass is destruction-proof.

Impact Window Installation

A reliable window company should install your impact window and door items to perform under the extreme conditions they will encounter. Unfortunately, few contractors can install the many different impact windows and doors available.

They probably won’t have a particular knowledge needed to install a specific maker’s hurricane-rated window system, or they may come up short on the training or skill.

Ensure your installer can do the window installation properly so you keep away from any future warranty voidance issues. So the cost of hurricane impact windows in Florida is worth twofold when a hurricane hits your neighborhood.

Our Impact Window Company Offers No-Cost Consultation

Homeowners that decide to install the best impact windows in Florida will rest much better knowing their house is ready for anything Mother Nature throws and even a criminal too.

The pros of purchasing and installing hurricane windows are worth every penny. But, not sure; call us or stop by our showroom in the Clearwater area.

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