Hurricane Window Installation-2 Misconceptions and 2 Myths

Hurricane window installation after storm

When you live in an area prone to storms and hurricanes, perhaps the best thing you can do to ensure your property is a hurricane window installation. Compared to standard windows, hurricane impact windows can withstand the forces of hurricane winds. So, a window company Clearwater FL can install impact windows to secure your property, things, and family when a hurricane is close.

However, I’m not saying that your windows and your home or building won’t endure damage due to hurricane winds and debris. It means that the windows are hurricane-proof, give homeowners and businesses the best security against hurricanes.

Most people know for sure that impact windows will protect the home better than tape or shudders. Nevertheless, many homeowners have heard numerous misconceptions and myths about them. 

I will debunk two misconceptions and two myths for the individuals who don’t know much about hurricane window replacements Clearwater.

#1 Misconception-Impact Windows Are Expensive

impact-resistant windows installed new home

Truthfully, impact windows and doors can cost less than other kinds of storm protections. Regular windows with electronic roll down shudders can cost twice as much as high-quality impact windows.

 Besides the total expense of the item and hurricane window installation, there are other things to consider while assessing the value of hurricane windows. Different pros include pre-storm readiness, higher security, UV blocking, and reducing noise traffic from neighbors and cars.

#2 Misconception-Impact Windows only Look Good!

Without a doubt, the style of impact windows is a fantastic feature; however, their main job is to protect your home from potential hurricanes. Understanding that your home has permanent protection against hurricanes, tornadoes, and other storms at all times give homeowners significant serenity.

 A hurricane window installation can withstand winds of up to 200 miles per hour, depending on the rating. If flying debris hits a window, the extra protection will shield the glass from breaking into huge sharp pieces. Instead, if it breaks, it will make a spider-like cracking design. Thus, it can work effectively against burglars who think these windows will break like normal ones.

Myth 1: Just the doors and windows facing the ocean need protection

Numerous homeowners imagine that you need to secure only doors and windows facing the ocean; however, this is a myth. Although one would figure those doors and windows would have more odds of dealing with flooding and water damage, it isn’t the situation.

Storms can change courses, so the available rain and winds during a hurricane can emerge out of any direction and enter any openings they find. Therefore, the storm could or not first impact the windows and doors facing the ocean. Regardless if they do, installing impact windows and doors on all your entry points will lower the odds of a disaster.

Myth 2: Taping windows will keep them from breaking

If you tape your windows and glass doors, it won’t secure them or keep the glass intact when your home encounters a storm. The storm will damage and break the glass, and the tape will do nothing to stop it. Don’t listen to any crazy nut in a YouTube video and tape your glass windows and doors.

The truth, when you tape window glass, it makes it simpler for the glass to break into more significant pieces. Remember, the bigger shards represent a considerable safety danger if people are present.

Rather than taping your windows, install impact-resistant windows since they can withstand high winds and the tremendous pressure that makes them less inclined to break. If they do break, there’s a lesser possibility for it to cause any injuries since the glass won’t shatter into many pieces.

Crystal Clear Windows & Doors Installing Hurricane Windows to Guarantee All-Year Protection

Crystal Clear Windows and Doors workers

Let’s get straight to the point: impact hurricane window installation offers protection from hurricanes and even burglars. These durable windows can withstand strong winds, rocks, and projectiles thrown by storms, which some say makes them a far superior home security choice.

Materials like plywood can take much time to fit the window and set up and easily break during a storm. Impact windows hold up better in a hurricane than shudders, and the best part, once installed, there is nothing else to do.

Are you considering impact window replacements in Clearwater or as far as Tampa for your coastline Florida home? Call us with any questions.

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