How can Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors Prevent Home Crimes!

Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors Prevent Crime

Did you know that hurricane-impact windows and doors offer protection against home-related crimes and storms? Yes, storm windows installation can help prevent burglars’ most common method of home entry, breaking windows or doors.

Burglars regularly break the glass in a window or kick a door, permitting them to enter your home. Forced entry techniques are simple and fast, permitting burglars to enter your home seconds before anyone can notice the crime.

An impact windows installation in Clearwater can withstand wind, debris, and even break-in attempts. Instead of shattering like regular glass, hurricane-impact windows, and doors will splinter but not break.

Breaking through impact windows can prove more difficult and tedious than most criminals will endure. Intruders usually depend on speed and covertness to reduce their odds of being caught, yet you will lower their ability to enter quickly and quietly with impact windows.

Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors Provide Security Against Burglars


Do you feel safe at home? Since the possibility of someone entering your home is always notable, a few homeowners want safe ways to protect their family and property.

One approach to protecting your house is using impact-resistant windows and doors. Besides shielding you from hurricane-force winds, they also battle crime. Impact windows keep out burglars when you’re away and prevent a home invasion when you are home. Besides, they offer many advantages, from energy efficiency to blocking damaging UV rays.

A window breaking can allow the easiest entry for an intruder. Burglars don’t want to spend much time breaking into your home — usually less than a minute.

Many burglars kick a door down or smash a window to enter your home while you do errands or work. These intruders will ransack your master bedroom for cash, collectibles, safes, jewelry, and expensive electronics within ten minutes. However, with impact windows and doors, the only thing these criminals will go with is a broken leg or hand.

Protect your Home from Vandalism and a Neighbor Dispute with Impact Windows


Regrettably, vandalism is a true crime. Impact windows and doors secure the entry points of your property from rock-throwing vandals to anyone trying to hurt your family. During a neighbor dispute, it can often lead to violence, but you can hide in your home when an altercation erupts.

Then, safely call the police from your home, and even if the crazy neighbor tries to get inside your home, the impact windows and doors won’t allow entry. This additional layer of protection gives owners a genuine feeling of serenity.

Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors Protect from Other Accidents!

Aside from crimes and disputes, accidents do occur, and when they do, your home needs to have security. Imagine a scenario in which the children down the road are playing baseball, and one of them sends a ball through your window.

However, since you installed hurricane-impact windows, the baseball will only bounce off the window and into the grass. Then again, if you have a normal window, the baseball will break the window, sending glass all over and potentially damaging furniture or the TV or, worse, cutting someone.

Impact-Resistant Windows have Shatter Prevention


While normal windows break easily during storms, impact windows are sturdier. It’s not about the glass but the manufacture of the materials. Impact windows use laminated glass. The laminated glass of impact windows contains two separate pieces of glass, and in between the glass, you can find a special resin.

A durable aluminum frame helps secure the unit. Even though you can’t see the strength of an impact window with your eyes, the quality of these windows is beyond any normal window. The laminated glass makes the window almost unbreakable but won’t shatter easily if it breaks.

Save Cash

Impact windows and doors protect your home against hurricanes, vandals, and burglars, but they also pay for themselves. By providing energy efficiency, they bring down your energy bills.

Also, most insurance agencies will grant you a reduction in rates since your house is better protected and increasingly secure.

Don’t Take Chances Buy Hurricane Windows & Doors


Since we live in Florida, we know what hurricanes can do to homes and their windows. Therefore, impact windows and doors provide our Florida residents plenty of benefits against hurricane winds and debris. But now protect against burglary, vandalism, and accidents too.

If you want all the benefits, don’t settle on a non-expert or a DIY gig; consider hiring an expert like Crystal Clear Windows and Doors. The installation process is also as important as the items because you need to know they will provide quality when an emergency erupts.

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