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hurricane season tips

Hurricane season has become busier and more destructive in recent years and can quickly destroy your house. From broken windows and falling trees to storm floods, these monsters can annihilate practically any building, no matter how enormous or small.

Preparing before the storm can save you from damage if you live in a space prone to hurricanes. Likewise, some studies have shown that climate change makes hurricanes more potent and dangerous than previously.

Use our impact window company in Clearwater, Florida, expert five hints to prepare for the hurricane season. Kindly offer these tips to loved ones so they can likewise prepare for an incoming storm.

Make an Emergency Plan

Big companies should have a hurricane season emergency plan that prevents panic and enforces the best safety practices. However, even families should set aside the time to write a plan for family members to stay coordinated when a disaster looms.

Select a place in case of separation, and have a checklist of reminders, for example,

  • Kill the power or electricity, and turn off propane tanks and appliances.
  • Check emergency supply kit and restock when needed.
  • Make sure the vehicle’s gas tanks are full.
  • Secure the outside things the wind can take, like a bike, carpentry tools, wood, and chairs.
  • Buy a battery radio and tune in for communication updates on the storm.

Make an Emergency Kit for Hurricane Season

hurricane first aid kit

Built an emergency kit and combined it with an emergency first aid kit to start, water, tools, canned foods, and a flashlight.

Remember that you may have to survive for a few days before help shows up. Consider how much food and water you would require for each family member to survive three days to a week.

So, what can you place in a hurricane emergency kit? Well, it can include these things below:

  • Water
  • Non-perishable food (canned products and dry pasta)
  • Flashlights and candles
  • Check your radio and see which type of batteries it uses. Have more than the needed amount, if the radio uses four batteries, then have eight or more.
  • First aid kit
  • Covers
  • Spare clothes
  • Personal hygiene items like toilet paper and toothpaste
  • Mobile radio
  • Have a toolbox that can help turn on or off the power.
  • Gas for your generator
  • Can opener for opening canned products
  • Food and water for pets
  • Can opener (for opening canned goods)
  • Extra food and water for pets

Go over your Hurricane Insurance Policies

Ensure you comprehend your insurance coverage when experts forecast a hurricane for your region. Most insurances cover structural damages from storms and winds but may exclude flooding in the coverage. Since flooding is a normal part of hurricanes, you may require an additional insurance policy, mainly if you live in a space prone to floods.

Take a close look at the amount your insurance company will cover for hurricane damage and ensure it’s sufficient to reconstruct your home. Be aware of outside dangers, for example, giant trees or utility poles that could damage your rooftop or walls. You will have to pay much out-of-pocket cash for structural damages if you’re not covered.

Install Impact Windows and Doors before Busy Hurricane Season

PGT WinGuard impact window installation Florida

One of the weakest parts of your home is the windows and doors. During a hurricane, it’s normal to see large businesses nailing wood to their windows. Nonetheless, while nailing wood is cheap, it brings a few disadvantages:

  • The wood will get wet and rot over time, making the wood usable only for one storm.
  •  You’ll need to install and remove the plywood yourself. It takes time and requires a ladder, which is dangerous when your property exterior is full of debris.
  •  Plywood also darkens the interior rooms making it impossible to see and causing accidents like fire or injury.

Instead, we recommend having a professional company install impact-resistant windows and doors. These items can resist the strongest winds a hurricane five can bring, and some impact windows can even top a stray bullet.

There almost soundproof; you can see inside, and there’s no need to install and remove them again and again. Once the professional install the windows and doors, you can relax year after year, unlike your neighbors who need to run to Home Depot every hurricane season to buy plywood.

Secure the Exterior of your Property

Check the outside of your property for flying hazards. Secure tools, for example, fences and bikes. Also, ensure your shed, lawnmower, grill, construction material, and other outside things are safely stored and anchored.

Remember that 130 mph winds can carry and throw these things around and may hit the window, door, and roof with such force that it may cause significant damages and, even worse, injuries to someone in the house.

You’ll likewise need to cut trees and branches, particularly those near your property. Clear out your gutters and check your home’s foundation for any signs of failure. Fixing these issues early could decrease a larger destruction bill later.

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