How To Make Your House Windows Sparkle Clean?

We enjoy a house window installation in Clearwater FL project, usually, like any other professional business but we love seeing the house windows sparkle clean look. I mean how we present the shiny and clean windows to the happy customer or the homeowner. Nonetheless, they didn’t magically get cleaned we polished it ourselves and it something you have to do regularly to maximize the home look.

However, no matter how many times you wash the window-panes they will collect debris and dirt. As a result, you have to clean them frequently to maintain them shiny clean.

Despite spraying and wiping the glass for some time, you could leave streaks on window-panes which will mess up all your efforts.

I know it is not our business line of work, but we know a local professional in the window cleaning who utilize ideal cleaning tools and formulas to remove dirt efficiently out of window-panes with no streaks.

It might appear hard to wash glass on a frequent basis, but the results are genuine. Follow these specialist Crystal Clear Windows & Doors tips so you can effectively clean window-panes:

Cleaning Solution

cleaning solution

You could either buy a window cleaning formula out of a shop or prepare one yourself.

Now, vinegar is a top cleaning agent for the glass. So mix 1/4 cup of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar with two cups of water and add half of a teaspoon dishwashing detergent. Then transfer the mixture to a spray bottle.

Before you spray the formula on the glass, it is ideal to wipe it clean with a cloth or a paper towel. Put a bath towel onto the windowsill to safeguard it from the falling liquid.

Next, spray the vinegar formula onto window-panes. Scrub the surface with a piece of microfiber fabric and wash the window quickly to avoid streaking. For big windows, it is ideal to work with a squeegee for efficient cleaning.

If the glass is muddy and you have not washed it in a while, you ought to use concentrated vinegar. Just fill a spray bottle with a cup of warm vinegar and then spray it on the windows. Leave the solution for one or two minutes and then wash it using a paper towel.

Try not to clean windows on sunny days

Avoid cleaning windows on a bright sunny day. When you add the cleaning solution to the outside, it will evaporate quickly as a result of scorching heat, leaving behind streaks. Instead, select a dry and cloudy day to do the cleaning but make sure it’s not raining.

First, clean the window frame

first clean the window frame

Before you begin cleaning window-panes, remove dust from windowsills and the framework. If you wash them together, then the liquid tends to drip over the frame and generate more of a mess. It could ruin your cleaning attempts. Thus, vacuum the framework and then start cleaning the glass.

Despite methodically cleaning, some residue can collect in the corners of the window-panes. Since you cannot wash these places with a cloth or even a squeegee, you should use cotton swabs to eliminate those deposits.

Utilize Distilled Water

When diluting vinegar cleaning mix, use distilled water. Many owners use tap water, which explains the reason why they complain of streaks on the glass surface. Despite using quality equipment and formulas, tap water contains impurities, which explains the stripes.

Get a Squeegee

get a squeegee

Do not use an old rag or t-shirt to wash the glass since you won’t get the sparkle every homeowner desires. So instead use a microfiber fabric or even a squeegee to clean window-panes.

Often you could also use newspaper sheets to wash window-panes. The good news is that glass does not absorb ink out of paper, so you don’t need to worry about stains.

Strategy to wipe

When cleaning window-panes you might choose to wash out the base of the glass first, but you will wind up leaving stripes on the glass. Thus, it’s ideal to begin from the top and proceed to the bottom.

The liquid will trickle during the cleanup procedure. But if you have already cleaned the base of the glass, then you will have to rewash it to remove the top drips too. However, when you begin from the top, the liquid will fall into the regions you haven’t cleaned yet not causing any strains.

Not only can the method save time but also you get entirely clean the window-panes.

Work efficiently

work efficiently

If you are cleaning significant windows, do not spray the cleaning process over the whole glass surface at the same time. The liquid would dry before getting the opportunity to wash it.

Spray the liquid onto smaller areas and wash it immediately using a squeegee. Furthermore, if you are cleaning numerous windows on your property, also clean them one by you. Like so, it is possible to wash window-panes without any stripes or streaks.

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