How Strong are Hurricane Impact Windows?

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Hurricane impact windows help lessen the damage that a hurricane’s strong winds and torrential rain can leave behind. Although many Floridians know the pros of impact windows, many need to familiarize themselves with how they work. Impact windows offer more benefits than storm protection; for example, they deter burglars and reduce energy costs.

Professional impact window installation benefits are many and go beyond regular windows. You can have peace of mind knowing you don’t have to climb a ladder to install shutters or nail wood every time a storm approaches your region. 

So, what are the strengths of hurricane impact windows? Well, let’s find out below:

Buy Impact Windows That Resist Breakage in Hurricanes

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Regular windows cannot compare to hurricane windows in strength. The top impact window manufacturers make hurricane glass to resist storm-strong winds and shield your property from flying objects. They are made of two laminated glass pieces joined in the middle by a super-tough resin. The impact window installer near Clearwater, FL, inserts each window into an aluminum frame that can support and secure it.


How does Hurricane Windows Work?


The laminated pane of glass in hurricane windows is manufactured from two pieces of glass reinforced with a strong polyvinyl butyral (PVB). The interior of your home will be shielded from the wind and rain for the storm’s duration by this barrier, even if the window glass is broken by flying debris.


Additionally, it stops the glass from shattering into sizable, deadly pieces that could injure anyone still inside the house.


The Hurricane Window Frame is Equally Essential


Although impact glass merits the honors, the windows’ robustness is mainly due to the frame. Flimsy construction window frames might collapse during a storm, so you would have a broken window. Hurricane window frames are sturdy and unlikely to break.


Unlike metal, they can bend but won’t break. Quality windows have weather stripping, and water cannot enter your house thanks to them. It acts as an additional layer of weatherproofing; without it, water would seep into your home through the storm. Additionally, it serves as protection from harsh Florida weather too.

A house with regular window frames may shrink or crack over time, and water might always get inside. Weatherstripping fills in the cracks in normal or severe storms and stops water damage. Weatherstripping also makes it simpler to open and close your windows.


How Strong Are Impact Windows for Hurricanes?

strong hurricane resistant windows

Top hurricane impact windows are made to endure storm elements, including flying debris. You can hit the window with a hammer; it might shatter but won’t break. In addition, hurricane-impact windows are designed to survive extreme conditions, including the cold of winter and the sweltering summer heat.


Are Hurricane Windows and Impact Windows the Same?


Impact and hurricane windows are similar but differ in several ways. Hurricane windows protect more of your property from flying objects and the wind than impact windows. Hurricane windows are frequently made to follow particular building rules and regional requirements. 

PGT impact-resistant windows meet or exceed the Florida Building Code’s strictest requirements for residences in the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone and insurance requirements. In addition, impact windows offer additional home security, noise reduction, UV protection, and energy efficiency.


Who needs Hurricane Impact Windows?


Your Florida state and local building codes may mandate the installation of hurricane-proof windows and doors during new construction or by a specific year if you reside in a coastal region affected by hurricanes. 

However, even if you don’t live in hurricane regions that don’t require the installation of hurricane-impact windows, consider them for the other benefits they provide. 

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