How Much Do Hurricane Windows Cost?

hurricane windows cost factors to consider

When carrying out a home improvement project, the total hurricane windows cost is always essential for homeowners. However, living in Florida or regions prone to storms can be distressing enough, so during hurricane season, do yourself a favor and give impact windows installation near me a chance, no matter the cost. Most homeowners build new car pavements, construct another room, or improve the garage but forget about improving the old windows.


Therefore, considering the additional impact windows cost is an unquestionable need if you’re thinking about building or buying quality hurricane impact windows for a home in a region where storms are constant threats. Impact windows might be more expensive than regular windows, yet they’re an extraordinary asset for safeguarding your property.


So, if you own a home or bought one without impact windows, now is the ideal time to consider upgrading your windows. However, first, let’s talk about the cost of hurricane windows.


What Are Hurricane Windows?


Hurricane windows can protect your windows during storms with winds up to 200 miles per hour. So when you hear of a Category 5 hurricane, you are protected from the storm’s high wind. Manufacturers make these windows with impact-resistant glass treated with a protective layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetic acetate (EVA), similar to a car front windscreen.


These features offer security from flying debris and water penetration. However, it doesn’t mean your windows won’t break if a storm throws wood debris or a big rock. Yet, the benefit lies in that when windows break because of flying debris or winds, the window glass will stay together with the frame, making it significantly less of a risk for the people and your furnishing.


Why Are Hurricane Windows Important?


You may be at risk if you still have old or obsolete single pane windows in your home. High wind hurricanes bring pressure changes that can cause cracks in your home’s foundation and roofs blown off by high winds.

These events make your home the perfect candidate for total home destruction. So, many replacement window companies and I recommend installing your hurricane windows right away to prevent home loss or, worse, injuries or death.


How Much Does Hurricane Window Costs Near Clearwater and Tampa?

hurricane impact window installation

According to HomeAdvisor window cost data, the average cost of installing hurricane impact windows near Clearwater and Tampa on a home typically ranges from $7,886 – $17,428 and Low End – High End $4,000 – $28,000 and $12,440 on average.

However, according to the Window Price Window Guide, the average installed cost of hurricane windows is about $1,285 per window, but the price will vary on the size. Hurricane window costs about $425 for small fixed windows and $2,400 or more for large windows that you can open.


Hurricane Impact Window Labor Cost


Depending on the work, Hurricane window labor costs can add $80 to $400 per window. Depending on the company or installer, they may charge an hourly rate. Every replacement window will take about two hours to install if the window doesn’t need a new opening.


New Impact Window Opening Cost


Building another opening to mount a window costs $1,000 to $5,000 per window. The expense might be high because the experts have to create an opening in an existing wall.

In addition, the expense will probably need a plumber and electrician to install pipes and reroute wires. The cost includes window frames, new drywall, and siding.

Impact Window Cost Factors to Consider

hurricane impact resistant window price

  • Style of the Window: For example, fixed windows like the picture and shape windows cost less to make than windows with moving parts. 
  • Size of the Window: with whatever window style, the bigger it is, the more it will cost labor, and manufacturer costs can rise dramatically because of the glass square feet.
  • Frame Material: Vinyl impact windows cost about 25% more than aluminum hurricane window costs. If you install a wood window with quality impact-resistant glass, the expense can rise by 25% to more.
  • Window Construction: Most hurricane windows include two glass panes with a material layer that further strengthens and makes them resistant to shattering. Three materials are utilized:


  1. Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is the cheapest material but still superior to single-pane windows.
  2. Hurricane windows with a layer of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) between the glass cost more than PVB impact windows.
  3. Those with a layer of PVB and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) between windowpanes are sturdier and cost the most.
  • Window Brand or Series: Some window series from the same best impact window brand cost more than others. For instance, PGT 400 windows cost less than PGT WinGuard, a top window.
  • Glass Choice and Treatments: The standard tempered/impact glass is the cheapest window option. Low-E (low emissivity) glass is an energy-efficient upgrade; homeowners can tint them to reduce glare and enhance privacy.
  • Accessories: Homeowners can have style and cost choices from window brands for equipment, color, trim, grilles, glass blinds on high-end windows, and security sensors.
  • Permit Cost: Permit cost changes by city and county. However, the differences are low compared to other things.

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