How Installing Florida Impact Windows Prevent Burglaries?

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Yes, installing Florida impact windows can prevent a burglary attempt from opportunistic fellows and even a criminal with experience. Usually, windows are the weakest link in all homes—leaving you vulnerable to break-ins. Best impact window manufacturers design and built their windows to prevent hurricane wind damage. However, thanks to that fabrication, they can be a deterrent against intruders too. 

A typical burglar will try to use a pry bar or rock to break into a home, but it won’t work against an impact window. And even it does occur; it would take a long time. Remember, burglars don’t want to do waste time and instead go somewhere else or easier target. 

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Burglars Enter a Property Through a Door or Window 81% of the Time!

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Most burglaries happen during the daytime, between 10 AM and 3 PM, and not at night like TV news tells us. This timeframe presents a chance for burglars since children are at school and individuals work 9 to 5. The average home intruder wants to break-in when nobody is home. It’s likewise simpler to stay away from onlookers during daytime hours when neighbors are also busy and at their jobs. 

Furthermore, not all burglars are masterminds like the characters from the action movie Ocean Eight. Most burglars don’t plan their crimes and usually steal to sell their stolen loot to get a drug fix. 

The truth, most home break-ins are of opportunity. Most intruders want to get in and out as fast as possible and prefer not to go to crazy lengths to get into your home. Instead, they target simple entries like doors and windows. 

 You can slow an intruder down with high-quality door lock installation besides upgrading the window latches to locks from an expert locksmith near me.

Common Ways Burglars Enter a Home

Let’s see how burglars enter a property:

  • Now, burglars enter first-floor windows 23% of the time, and only 2% will attempt a second-story window.

Protecting these points in your home will essentially decrease your odds of a home break-in.

Florida Impact Windows Fabrication 

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Top impact windows can withstand category five hurricane winds, heavy rain, debris, and wind damage. Robust and manufactured rated impact windows are constructed out of layers of glass and a plastic membrane that shields the glass from breaking. If something hits the glass, the plastic would hold the pieces together and keep the fracture from spreading through the window. 

A regular glass window would break with pressure and debilitate the window until it gives out. Thus, a window that entirely breaks allows burglars to enter a home while the impact window would stay intact. 

Impact Glass Resistance and Strength 

The best hurricane windows bring impact glass that can resist a continuous wind speed of 200 mph. That means they are almost impenetrable given how sturdy they are and the material they use. When a burglar tries to break in, they require a chainsaw or pneumatic drill to destroy the windows. 

Yes, impact windows can break, but it requires significantly more time and effort than any criminal will want to use. The risks of getting caught increase exponentially with noise and with time, making it not worth the risk for some criminals. 

Use a Burglars Sticker to Prevent a Broken Window

You might be considering how a potential burglar would know if you installed impact windows. To quickly identify an impact-resistant window, you can ask the expert about putting a sticker or a permanent mark ingrained inside the window. This mark or sticker contains info on the glass and any safety measure it has passed. 

If an intruder targets a house with an impact-resistant window, they would quickly know. Impact windows arent new, so almost all burglars understand what a mission it is to bypass an impact window. 

Therefore, burglars would be reluctant to attempt a break-in as it’s improbable to enter your home. So, having impact windows in Florida is preventive enough and can bring down the odds of a burglary. 

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