How can Hurricane-Resistant Windows Prevent Storm Damage?

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Hurricane-resistant windows and doors have many benefits that standard windows will never provide people who live in Hurricane prone regions and coastlines. Impact-resistant windows in Florida can mean total property annihilation and significant damage. When a window breaks, rain, and wind can enter the home, causing much property damage. Furthermore, destruction happens when the sudden wind pressure changes have nowhere to go inside the house but up towards your ceiling, blowing the roof off.

Yes, it’s scary, but genuine hurricane-resistant windows and doors can prevent property damage. They can also lower outside noise, lower energy bills, and prevent an intruder from breaking the window to steal your valuables. Not only that but when the lights go off, you can still see, unlike shutters that will darken your home even during the day.

Let’s understand the fundamentals of hurricane-resistant windows below:

How Hurricane Windows Technology Got Started?

Hurricane-resistant windows started prominence after Hurricane Andrew struck Florida in 1992, causing billions in damage. So, in response to the damages and deaths, hurricane-prone regions have adopted new guidelines for windows in new construction.

In 2002, new homes in Florida and some other hurricane-prone areas needed to be built with shutters or hurricane-resistant windows to make the properties less defenseless to destruction.

To be Called Hurricane-resistant windows, it Requires Tough Testing

To be called hurricane-resistant, windows should meet specific requirements for enduring impacts from large and small missile tests.

  • The large missile test includes throwing a 2 by 4 piece of wood between 6 and 8 feet long, weighing 9 pounds at 50 feet per second.10 The window frame and glazing should stay intact after the impact.
  • The little rocket test includes throwing pieces of grave or steel metal balls at 80 feet per second; the window should endure being called a hurricane-resistant window.

Hurricane-resistant windows protect a house even if a storm brings 200-mile-per-hour winds. When purchasing impact windows, search for approved window models for the standards required by the building code and wind load in your region.


Hurricane Impact Window Materials

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Like most windows, frame construction on impact windows can use aluminum or steel, vinyl, or wood. Aluminum or steel frames are considered the sturdiest but cost more and require some maintenance. Vinyl-frame windows offer excellent value at an affordable cost; however, recycling the materials can be troublesome toward the end of their lifespan.

Wood frames offer beauty and great insulating value, but they need frequent painting. Thus, the expense of wood frame maintenance is the highest among all the materials. Also, after some time, wood windows can warp.

Cost of Hurricane Windows

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The home improvement project cost of impact-resistant windows can increase your construction cost. However, they offer incredible security and convenience during hurricane season. Thus, the home improvement project might well pay for itself by preventing catastrophic storm damage to your property. Moreover, impact windows allow you to qualify for discounted homeowner’s insurance rates.

So, considering buying impact window replacements in Clearwater, FL, for your home, the following pros and cons can assist you with making your choice.

Pros and Cons of Impact Windows

Pros of Impact Windows

Impact windows can break but not collapse and endure strong storm winds.

  • It reduces noise pollution and protects the interior furnishing by stopping UV rays.
  • Impact windows can lower homeowners’ insurance rates.
  • Provides another barrier to your burglar security measurement.
  • Come in many styles and designs to match the home architecture.

Cons of Impact Windows

  • This can add a few thousand dollars to the construction costs.
  • Not recommended for regions without severe storms.
  • Some types are yellow over time and have visibility issues.

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