How Do Hurricane Proof Windows Keep Your Home Safe?

hurricane proof windows and doors

Hurricane proof home windows are made to resist the harsh conditions of a strong storm and keep your house safe. 

Hurricane window installations are designed to give homeowners sturdier windows that endure more severe weather than regular ones. 

Laminated glass is used in hurricane windows instead of regular glass. They are, therefore, more resilient to high wind speeds and provide better protection against wind-related debris.


So, how do hurricane windows protect your home from even the most powerful hurricanes?


How does Hurricane Proof Windows Work?

hurricane proof windows protect your home from storms


Most hurricane windows are made almost the same way as vehicle glass. More specifically, the laminated pane is made from two pieces of glass that are strengthened with a layer of polymer in between to increase durability and provide better overall flexibility.

This polymer layer remains intact in hurricane windows even if flying debris breaks the glass in the case of a strong storm, shielding the inside of your home from debris, wind, and rain. Also, it prevents the glass from shattering into large, dangerously sharp fragments that may endanger anyone inside the house during a hurricane. 

Impact windows undergo rigorous testing to ensure their safety, including launching wooden 2x4s missiles at high speeds at the windows at three spots and putting the designs through thousands of cycles of positive and negative pressure. 


How Does Hurricane High Atmosph Pressure Affect Your Home?


Hurricanes’ high air pressure is one of their most deadly characteristics. A cracked glass will be enough to show how much damage the pressure differential has caused. A rock or any other debris might damage your glass if it impacts it.

Next, it causes regular windows to break. According to physics principles, the enormous airflow could seriously damage your house when high-pressure air from the outside enters your home.


Hurricane proof Windows provide Homes with Shatter Prevention


Hurricane proof windows are more resilient to shattering than regular windows, which readily break during storms. It has less to do with the window glass and more with how the materials are made. For example, laminated glass is used in impact windows. But this is the point where design is essential. Impact windows’ laminated glass is made up of two pieces of glass. 


You can find a unique resin sandwiched between that glass. To safeguard the item, a strong metal frame is used. There is more to an impact window than just the glass.


Combined with the laminated glass and sturdy frame, the window is indestructible. When it does break, it won’t be readily shattered. In addition, the window can withstand a bombardment of debris during a tropical storm.


Hurricane Impact Windows Bring a Strong Frame


Although the glass merits some praise, hurricane windows’ resilience is also primarily due to the frame. A flimsy construction window could collapse during a storm, and the issue would then resemble a broken window. Your house would sustain significant harm if outside air got inside. However, the protection comes from hurricane windows since the frames are sturdy and unlikely to shatter.


They can bend, though, so excellent windows have weather stripping because of this. Water cannot enter your house when your windows are weather-stripped because the frame bends. Therefore, it acts as an additional layer of weatherproofing. Without this protection, water would seep into your house during the storm. 


Moreover, it serves as protection from Florida’s severe weather. For example, your window frame may shrink or crack over time. Water could, therefore, get inside your house. In thunderstorms of various intensities, weatherstripping fills in the gaps and stops water damage. Weatherstripping also makes it simpler to open and close your windows.


For this to work, you will need a reliable window installer near me.


Are Hurricane Proof Home Windows Worth It?

Hurricane window installation after storm

You worry a lot during a hurricane. Hurricane-force winds are one of the characteristics of tropical storms and hurricanes. The winds frequently blow at tremendous speeds. However, the debris—rather than the winds—is the real issue. The strong winds cause the roof, branches, and other items to go free. The debris is sent soaring by the increasing wind. Occasionally, a piece of junk may strike your window.


The debris may break your regular window. The windows could fail, but it might also cause several other issues. It permits water to enter your house since hurricanes and tropical storms typically deliver a lot of rain. When a window is damaged, water can enter your home and cause damage that is difficult to fix. The rainfall might harm the walls and floor of your property. It could also encourage the growth and thriving of mold. Mold removal can cost you a lot of cash.


So, the investment and hurricane impact window costs are worth it since they stop the long list of damage that comes with a storm. Your home may be shielded against a powerful storm by installing hurricane-proof windows. It provides you peace of mind besides protecting your house. 


Contact a nearby window company to install impact windows to secure your house from storm winds and debris.


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