How to Detect Window Issues after a Storm?

Replacement Window Issues

Since your windows protect you from storms, they are significant home features, but how do you detect window issues after the storm passes? Remember, when your home survives a storm, the windows can break. So, consider calling a window company to replace them right away. The expert window company will restore your security and privacy and give you back the peace of mind you recently lost after the storm passed.

However, it’s not straightforward to see window damage. And if it goes undetected, it can cause greater issues—like energy losses and structural issues that allow water to penetrate.

Often, you may see your neighbors replacing windows when a storm passes. You may also see an insurance agent talking to the homeowners and taking down notes. Usually, the insurance agency wants to help, but you have to call and be persistent for the service to reach you promptly.

So, it’s significant for homeowners to identify home damages, particularly windows and doors, after a lousy event. Regardless of the storm (hurricane, tornado, or hail) you have come across; you have to figure out how to spot signs of damage.

Sometimes, the house looks good outside but isn’t in good condition. Thus, you lost the insurance protection because time passed when you noticed the issues, making your claim irrelevant.

If approved, consider switching to hurricane-impact window replacements for higher security and storm protection.

How to assess storm home damages?

Before assessing the outside of your home for damage, ensure the storm has passed and it is safe to go outside. If you see dangers like downed power lines, electrical perils, or flooding, stay away from the region and quickly call authorities.

Often, everything looks good outside but be on the lookout for potential dangers—particularly on rooftops. Roof issues after a storm can cause structural issues and dangers out of your vision line. Therefore, check for fallen trees or branches, free or broken shingles.

Signs of stormwind window damage

High winds can knock down trees or break branches, damage rooftops, and — in extreme cases—even break home windows. After a hurricane, tornado, and other Mother Nature-related tempest has passed, check for these signs on the outside of your home:

  • Shattered or broken window glass panes
  • Cracks, holes, or dents in glass
  • Damaged or dented frames
  • Chipped or cracked paint, siding, or wood

Signs of Water window damage

You can easily identify broken glass and dents from wind damage. Yet, the effects of water damage can be more difficult to see. Untreated water damage and leaks can allow mold. Mold can influence your home’s foundation and structure and even can cause death.

Check these significant places for flooding and leakage.

  • Windows: Look for fog between glass panes
  • Ceiling: Look for water spots, and yellow, or brown staining
  • Walls: Check for signs of splitting, peeling, or bubbling in the paint.
  • Attic and basement: Check your attic and basement for leaks, or a moist, wet smell, which occurs after 48 hours after a storm.
  • Flooring: Look for holes or curling flooring, wood that feels soft to touch, or wood and laminated floor expansion, which happens when the material gets waterlogged.

If you Detect Window Issues, Call the Insurance Agency

window installation company Clearwater FL

If you recognize any of the damages above, it is essential to contact your homeowner’s insurance. After approval, contact a replacement windows contractor like Crystal Clear Windows and Doors to help stop future damages and fix your home.

  • Document the problems and damages

Don’t touch anything, take notes and many photographs of all the problems and damages to the areas. The documentation will be significant when you present your insurance claim. The more detailed pictures, the better, especially if you have many windows that need repair.

  • Clean up potential perils

Board up any broken windows and clean shard glass that can hurt someone.

  • Present your claim

Now, you can report the damages to your insurance agency. The sooner, the better. Insurance agencies have a limit of filing claims within one year of the storm damage. Consider contacting your insurance agency by cellphone and email.

Use a folder and document all your conversations, details, and dates. Submit photos and any receipts, for instance, if you’re staying in a hotel when you can’t live at home.

  • Make a meeting with an insurance agent.

The insurance agency will make an appointment for an agent to drive to your home and evaluate the damage. Significantly, you get at least two estimates before you meet with the agent.

It can help you have an expert benchmark for the job cost. Ensure you get the estimate first before meeting your insurance agent.

  • Contact a reliable window replacement company or contractor

Contact a reliable window contractor or company to assess the window replacement cost. They will offer complimentary project quotes that you’ll provide for your insurance agent at your meeting.

Most window experts have experience with storm-damaged homes. So, ask your expert window contractor if they can be available to ensure you get a reasonable assessment.

Crystal Clear Windows and Doors can Detect Window Issues

Buy Hurricane Windows and Doors

Hopefully, with the help of your expert window contractor, your window replacements will be approved. Any changes in the first estimate need to be recorded in writing. After it has passed the city inspection, the task is done, and you’re happy with the finished work on your home replacement windows.

If you live in a high-storm-risk region, consider hurricane-impact windows. The expert will install these hurricane windows over your present windows to add another layer of protection against storms.

Do you have storm damage or want to upgrade from outdated regular windows to impact windows? Don’t worry; we can help. Get a free estimate from us, your dependable window contractor in St. Petersburg. If you need an impact window installation near you, call us today.

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