Winner, Loser, or Tie! French Patio Doors VS. Sliding Patio Doors

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Patio door installations in Clearwater arrive in many styles, but the two most purchased are French patio doors and sliding patio doors. Both door styles offer many benefits, so when comparing French versus sliding patio doors, an ideal approach to picking the correct door for your house is to consider your needs and preferences.

Planning the available space in your home means making decisions that can affect its functionality. Both fit and work well with the proper installation and floor design, so don’t worry!

Quality sliding glass patio doors installations in Clearwater, FL, are inexpensive, sturdy, and stylish, everything you need in your door choice. Both patio doors offer many advantages, so read on to find the winner, loser, or if the decision turns into a tie.

French Patio Doors VS. Sliding Patio Doors-Energy Efficiency

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Energy efficiency is a problem that is more relevant today. Thus, most homeowners are searching for approaches to lower their month-to-month energy bills through improved home warming and cooling measures. A good way to care about the energy efficiency of your patio door is to look at the glazing features that patio doors bring today and add them to your patio door styles.

However, French patio doors can be considered more energy-efficient, as the glass panels can be smaller and fixed into wider frames while sliding doors are only made from glazed panels. Also, remember that they meet in the center and allow air inside! But, there is a method to prevent either style from being better than the other: picking the more energy-efficient glass.

The only option of double-glazing is now gone. Triple glazing and sound-proof glass styles are common today because of the increased energy efficiency of room no end. Know that these features will also add to a higher price tag but when you consider high utility costs, French doors vs sliding doors energy efficient matters to a home.

Sliding Patio Doors give Superior Space Saving

Sliding patio doors save much space, whereas French doors need to swing in or out. This is essential when considering how much your usable porch or deck is affected. A sliding glass door makes the most livable space, as it doesn’t require any space to swing.

When thinking about space, door size issues play a role as well. When you have an especially enormous, little, or weird-sized area for your doors, filling that space with a sliding door is frequently simpler. These doors can effectively arrive in different sizes and are accessible in more sizes than French doors.

Two-panel doors are available in five-, six-, and eight-foot widths and three-panel doors are also available in nine and twelve-foot widths. If you need a much larger patio door, you can go with four-panel doors in 10, 12, or 16-foot widths. Their heights can vary from 6 to 8 feet tall. All can be ordered according to your necessities.

Sliding Patio Doors Allow More Light Inside


A sliding door offers two ways to acquire more natural light. With space available, you can make an opening as large as you want. You can even put a picture window to combine ways to get more light inside.

The second thing to consider is the door frame. A French door requires a winder and a bigger door frame, reducing the amount of light flowing through. Sliding patio doors require less frame width, and the smaller frame implies more glass and light.

Sliding Versus French Doors: Cost

The expense of installing outside patio doors will play a role in choosing a style. But you may be amazed that there is almost no distinction between French and sliding door costs.

Yes, many things or features can affect the final expense, from the equipment to materials used and glazing styles.

Do French doors add value to your home?

french doors vs sliding doors energy efficient matters

French doors can indeed add value to your home. Most people look for them for their aesthetic appeal and the way they allow natural light to flood a room, creating a sense of openness and space.

From a financial perspective, installing French doors is considered a good investment; while the initial cost may vary, they typically add significant resale value to a property. For example, a new pre-hung set of French doors can cost $500, with prices increasing for custom designs and fits.

However, the investment is often recouped because it can significantly enhance a home’s appeal on the market. French doors can also improve a living space’s functionality, providing easy access to outdoor areas and improving ventilation, which can be particularly appealing in regions with favorable climates.

Which is More Energy efficient, French Doors or Sliding Doors?

When comparing the energy efficiency of French doors and sliding doors, consider various factors, such as the design, materials, and type of glass used.

French doors can be more energy efficient due to their ability to accommodate smaller glass panels set into wider frames, which can reduce heat transfer.

Conversely, sliding doors typically feature larger single panes of glass, which may be less effective in insulating.

However, advancements in glass technology, like double-glazing and special coatings, can enhance the energy efficiency of both door types. It’s also worth noting that proper installation and maintenance are crucial for maximizing the energy efficiency of any door. For instance, ensuring sliding doors are free from debris on their tracks can maintain a good seal and insulation.

Ultimately, the choice between French and sliding doors may depend on personal preference, aesthetic considerations, and the specific energy performance ratings of the door models being considered.

So, Who Won Sliding Patio Doors or French Patio Doors?

The right response truly depends on your requirements. A sliding glass patio door is the best alternative if you’re searching for a practical one that doesn’t take up much room. French patio doors could work for you if you need a traditional look and have more space available.

With the features, customization, and energy efficiency choices now accessible with both door styles, you can’t go wrong with either. Although a sliding patio door wins two head-to-head matchups, French patio doors offer many benefits, too. So, for me, it is a tie. If you need more info, read another blog post below.

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