Are Florida impact windows worth the cost?

High- impact windows and doors

I remembered 1992 Hurricane Andrew’s 282 km/h winds, and if my parents had installed quality Florida impact windows and doors, I’d probably have forgotten this horrible experience. Back then and even more today, hurricanes were a significant problem for everyone in the Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and Florida coastlines. Hurricane numbers have increased in numbers, and if your city missed it by a few miles, another one shows up the next week or month.

I believe impact window installation in Clearwater is essential for all residents living by the coastline. There’s no debating this issue anymore. And trust me, as someone who hired a professional impact window company to replace all the regular home windows, it takes a big load off when hurricane season comes along.

I do not look for plywood or have to put up my shudders and take them down a few days later. Its time consuming and a lot of work. It’s not like a DIY home improvement project where you will see the investment pay you back.

Every time a hurricane points your way, boarding windows cannot be good for your heart. Also, with a boarded home, you can see much, mainly when the lights go off. Consider calling a hurricane impact windows contractor to have peace of mind.

Below, I will tell a true story that I remember when hurricane Andrew passed my house 28 years ago. Now, you will understand why many experts and I recommend impact windows and doors.

Hurricane Andrew 1992

Houses were built in the 1990s usually differently, some out of brick and, sadly for Homestead, made of wood. My house was made of brick, but still no match to what Hurricane Andrew did to it. We lived on the second floor and felt like everyone back then that it wasn’t that bad.

The second floor faced the street, so it had two windows and two on both sides if I remember correctly. Many of our windows needed home window replacements because there were old and needed a crank to open. Well, back to the story. As the hurricane approached, we kept hearing the same crap about how we should go to a shelter. My parents dismissed these notices since we lived in Miami, not in the eye of the storm.

It wouldn’t hit us directly, so we boarded windows like everyone else, but we stayed. If we had impact windows and doors, we would have only looked for necessities like life supplies. Instead, my dad was up a ladder dangerously high while the wind was blowing. I was glad he came back down from the ladder since many fell and died falling off ladders.

I stayed outside until the winds and rain got stronger. Then, the day turned dark rather quickly. There was a weird silence for a few minutes, like something was coming. Then, the wind started howling and started picking up speed.

Hurricane Andrew touchdown

At that time, we didn’t understand the heat and darkness that using plywood causes, unlike today’s impact window replacements. Did I forget to mention that my dad didn’t board all the windows? Yeah, he said we should leave one open.

A small one that we can open in case of an emergency to allow some light in. So, I looked outside the window with my brother to see the mayhem that was about to take place. But, of course, my parents cared about us, and every few minutes, they will scream to stay away from the window.

When I realized that hurricane Andrew was passing, I saw debris fly by and hit a parked car. The hurricane wind was picking up speed and gust. Then we heard a loud crash or boom, and the chimney fell from our house to the outside stairs below. Crap, I said this is for real! A few minutes later, we felt the walls moving and heard loud bangs on the walls and thumps on the plywood, and we all got scared.

2nd-floor story unfolds

Since it was a duplex, the old neighbors from downstairs called us to come down. Well, my parents agreed, and we ran downstairs. As I went downstairs, it looked dark but not dark but black. I know it doesn’t make much sense, but the sky wasn’t dark. It was black at 4 PM. And it was cold for the first time; I laughed because if you know Miami, you know how hot it is or can get.

The fact remains that we went downstairs to hide from the hurricane. As we sat there in the dark because high winds knocked off the power, we started playing games on our smartphones. Just kidding, the last part was a joke, but it sucks to be an 11-year-old kid with no entertainment. If anyone from the 90s reading this, you understand how boring it was, correct?

We had a candle, and we all sat quietly for a while, hearing the howls and broken branches falling on top and near the house. At least the old couple gave us candy and boiled coffee with a gas kitchen, the candy was hard, but the coffee was pretty good.

Like an hour had passed when we heard a window break, and my brother looked at each other with a smile. I smiled because my dad went to check and realized it was the small window we used to look outside a few hours ago. So we were happy our faces weren’t there when the glass broke. Later on, a loud bam hit the house, and it was debris like pieces of wood, rocks, and stones that flew off from other neighbor’s houses.

Post-Hurricane Andrew

Hurricane Andrew total destruction

The wood plywood didn’t hold up either. One window survived because it didn’t face the street, but the other two windows were broken when a tree branch fell. My mom told dad he should have cut the tree, but he didn’t listen much.

After a few hours, the storm passed, and we came outside to see some homes without roofs and windows destroyed. Our roof was banged up, and the side’s walls all had holes from flying debris, and some even had holes that we later had to fix.

So we went upstairs to check the damage. Unfortunately, the broken windows allowed some flooding from the constant rain, and all the furniture was thrown everywhere. We threw most of the furniture away since they were beaten up and wet. It was a sad night, but we felt fortunate after seeing the news about Kendall and Homestead’s total devastation.

Today, I realized that I wouldn’t remember this story so vividly if we had installed impact-resistant windows. Then, of course, I probably would be scared, but not like 28 years ago.

Although I hear hurricane, I don’t look for plywood or shudders that I might be biased, but it’s a lot of work.

 Instead, I hired an expert window company to install impact windows and doors on my home and my parent’s 2nd-floor apartment. Yes, it looks like my parents like the second floor.

How can Florida impact windows and doors benefit your home like mine?

Clearwater Florida impact windows and doors

So, now I stick the middle finger at the next hurricane while waiting for it in my house with my smartphone and gas generator. I don’t worry much about storms unless category 5 comes along. But I still feel confident these sturdy windows will hold up.

Also, I don’t care much about burglars and noise like before. When burglary goes up in statistics, people have to close and lock the windows and doors like they’re terrified. And they should be afraid; a burglary can turn into a horrible home invasion situation when people are home, which they won’t easily forget. But today, I don’t worry about break-ins like before.

Because recently, my son hit the impact-resistant window with a baseball, and nothing happens. So I was pretty pleased and didn’t ground him. Imagine a burglar trying to break the window; sorry on the first try. After that, the intruder will know what they’re up against.

No more noise like before either; cars honk, people scream, dogs bark and birds chirping early in the morning, but I don’t hear them anymore. Thanks to my installed impact windows and doors, I no longer worry about the noise. Energy efficiency is down. I didn’t think it was necessary until I paid over $300 on my energy bill.

Now, I pay in the low $200, so I’m Ok with those numbers.

Florida impact windows and door replacements are worth every penny!

Trust me; you will like not running around trying to find or put up your shudders every time a storm is projected to hit your city. There’s no more running around with my Florida impact windows and doors as they’re fixed and don’t need much maintenance.

My PGT windows bring a limited lifetime warranty. So, to answer the question, are hurricane impact windows worth the cost in Florida? I say yes, they’re worth every penny.

How much do Hurricane Windows Cost in Tampa, Florida?

Florida impact windows and doors company

The average cost for window replacement with impact windows depends on a few things, including window size, the number of windows, and the material used. Impact windows cost more than regular windows. However, they may pay themselves by preventing significant hurricane wind damage to your home. 

 Also, impact windows lower your cooling and heating costs and increase efficiency, saving money on energy costs. Therefore, impact windows installation help increase the value of your home and can lower your homeowner’s insurance costs. 

Hurricane Impact Windows Cost Calculator –According to the Home Advisor calculator, hurricane impact windows cost in Tampa, Florida, an average of $10,785. But it typical range $7,327 – $14,446 and from Low End-High End $4,000 – $21,000.

Remember, the costs can change based on the type of impact window glass you decide, the number of windows, and installing custom impact windows.

Different Factors that Affect the Cost of your Impact Windows Installation Project

  • Sort of window (casement, fixed window, single hung) 
  • Area of the window opening 
  • Window sill material 
  • Stucco Painting and patching 

Pros of Florida Impact Windows and Doors

  • Florida’s impact windows can prevent category five hurricane winds from damaging your home’s interior and causing significant damage.
  • Protect against sound and UV light. 
  • It will break but won’t shatter, preventing flying shards of glass from entering your home and cutting or even killing occupants.
  • Many hurricanes impact window styles and sizes. 
  • Quality window material and locks help prevent burglary. 
  • Increase home value and can even lower insurance costs. 

Yes, impact window items are not only for the hurricane season. They can make your life simpler and your home more secure, and the long-term benefits, for example, not running to the hardware store for plywood or putting up shutters every time a hurricane is forecasted. 

Well, Florida impact windows and doors are definitely worth the project cost. Being prepared for hurricanes is a lifestyle in South Florida. So if you’re considering installing hurricane windows and doors, get in touch with us today for a free estimate.

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