Double Pane Windows the Solution to your Condensation Issues

window condensation issues

Double pane windows can remove the condensation issues you have on your single-pane windows. So, do you think the condensation on your windows is annoying or not right? While window condensation happens naturally under the right conditions of humidity and temperature, condensation on windows can likewise show the quality of the windows. 

Typically, you may discover condensation inside closed homes on days when the outside air is cold. Condensation frequently happens in fall and winter when steam is released into the air. Regrettably, the most common spots for condensation to show up are the windows. 

Usually, window panes have the coldest surface inside your home. While you can find condensation on glass panes, you can also find moisture on your window frames and fixtures. While it may sound erroneous, condensation on windows can be a sign of a good thing as it shows your double-pane windows are insulating great. 

However, a single-pane window with condensation issues can be a reason for concern, and you will need a window replacement Dunedin expert.

What is Window Condensation or Seal Failure?

window condensation issues

double pane window-the condensation solution

First, it is essential to know the difference between condensation and window seal failure. Inside the home, condensation is brought about by humidity inside your home. It will ordinarily happen in the cold weather months when the temperature outside is low and inside humidity levels are high. Usually, it is not a failure of the window but a component of lots of moisture in the home. 

The same thing happens when you see dew on your vehicle windshield when you go outside in the early morning. When you see outside condensation on your new double pane windows, don’t worry since it means your windows are working better than before. The Low-e coat that double pane windows feature keeps the inside heat from migrating to the outside surface of the glass. 

But, if you find moisture between the panes, this would show a potential seal failure meaning a replacement is imminent. 

Double Pane Windows and Triple-paned Windows can Insulate your Home

Space between the panes is filled with an insulating gas like argon and afterward is sealed airtight. The benefit of triple and double pane windows is they help keep your home energy efficient and secure. But, if the seal fails and condensation forms within the panes, it is a permanent issue that won’t go back to normal. 

When a window endures a seal failure, it won’t provide any insulation, leaving it vulnerable to high energy bills. When you have condensation between window panes, consider replacing the window as the solution. 

How to Prevent Window Condensation on the Inside Windows?

Modern home double pane windows

You can eliminate the presence of condensation inside house windows with one of the accompanying measures below: 

  • Use moisture eliminators: To lower the amount of moisture that moves through your inside air, place desiccant bags close to your windows and mirrors. Whenever set in your drawers and closets, desiccants can likewise protect your clothes from moisture. 
  • Purchase a dehumidifier: If condensation has been common during cold weather months, consider purchasing a dehumidifier. Most units cost the same as AC; however, they can be similarly vital for the comfort of your living quarters. 
  • Turn off your humidifier on cold days: If you have humidifiers, consider turning them off on cold days when your windows are condensation prone. The fog can fog up your windows on chilly days. 
  • Use your fans: Each time you cook or take hot baths, turn on the fans. The fan in your bathroom can help limit condensation on the mirror and forestall the spread of steam, hence killing condensation on your windows.
  • Circulate the air in rooms: Warm air travels up inside a closed space. Run your ceiling fans clockwise during the colder months to circulate the hotter air downward. Also, keep the bathroom closed while taking a hot shower.
  • Open the doors: If the external temperatures are not cool, open your front or back door to release steamy indoor hot air. 
  • Move your plants: Any plant inside your home is a source of air-bound vapor. Usually, people place plants along window ledges; consider relocating them to different areas inside your living quarters during cooler months. Avoid over-watering your plants since it will intensify the vapor content of the air in your rooms. 

Change your Homes Single-pane windows to Double-paned Window

Most modern homes featuring double pane windows, but it is still rare for old houses to have double pane windows. However, if you have an older home or still have single-pane windows consider hiring Clearwater window and door company and switching to double pane windows.

Usually, when condensation between window panes shows up, you can fix the issue by replacing one of the glass panes.

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