Double-Hung and Casement Windows-Which one is best for Your Home?

Double-Hung and Casement Windows

Two common styles of home windows are double-hung and casement windows. Either new windows installation near me is an excellent way to improve the appearance, comfort, and energy efficiency of your Clearwater, FL, home. But many homeowners don’t know which style of window to pick.

Below our home windows installation in St. Petersburg, experts will investigate the features and advantages of each to assist you with deciding which could work for you, double-hung or casement windows.

Double-Hung Windows Installation

Double-Hung Bedroom Window Replacements

Double-hung windows are a popular style of windows for excellent reasons. They bring two operable sashes, of which we mostly use the bottom one. Nevertheless, if you’d prefer to get some natural air but don’t want a pet or children to access the open window, you can easily pull down the upper sash a little. Also, you can open both the lower and upper sashes simultaneously. This pulls natural air in through the bottom opening and draws warm inside air out through the top opening.

You can also clean double-hung windows easier than some other window styles. Most double-hung windows have tilt-in sashes which permit you to clean both the inside and outside surfaces of the window from inside your house. It means no more stressing over getting up on a ladder to clean the exterior of your windows.

Casement Windows Installation

open casement window

The sash attaches to the frame by a hinge at the side of the casement windows. Casement windows open and close like doors, rotating along the vertical axis, and many have crank handles for functioning. The crank handle makes operating casement windows simple; thus, for difficult-to-reach areas, this style is superior to a double-hung window.

Many casement windows likewise have hook-shaped locks that embed in the frames, which give excellent home protection from burglars. Also, since an operator can open casement windows up to 90 degrees, they give greater versatility regarding breezes and keeping natural air in your home.

Air Tightness and Energy Efficiency

Casement windows help limit air intrusion since the window sash pushes directly into the four sides of the window frame.

The double-hung window tracking system gives multiple points where air can leak, making it less energy efficient.

Love the View Outside

If you love unobstructed views of the outdoors, then casement windows, with their single glass panes, is what you need, looking like a picture frame.

Regarding double-hung windows, the rail check regularly runs into your line of view when sitting. While not a big problem, it might be something to consider if you like a room with a view.

Other windows installation considerations


Double-hung windows are simpler to open or close since their spring-loaded balance. However, if you need to stretch to open the window, or if you have older windows that have been painted into its track, then you may have issues.

By turning a crank and operating a lock, you’ll find that the casement window is easier to work. But, if you need to open many times the casement windows, the wrenching can take time.

Standard window AC systems won’t fit in casement windows, so you will require a special unit. AC systems love double-hung windows.

Regarding cleaning windows, double-hung windows, regardless of the swing-in sashes, are more straightforward to clean than casement windows.

Usually, you can find more readily available double-hung windows than casement, and may cost 10% less expensive to purchase.

Double-hung or casement windows for modern or traditional-style homes?

First, ask yourself what style of home you have or want to have. When it’s a modern home with clean lines, neutral colors, and a simple presentation, the casement windows, hands down, can be your best option.

Casement windows mostly have one enormous glass pane, are hinged within, and open using a crank mechanism. Their simplicity matches well with a modern look. But remember that casement windows need to swing out to open, which may affect the position of furniture or the outside landscaping.

If you have a traditional Country home, consider double-hung windows, which can also work for modern homes. They have two sashes that slide up and down on a track system in the side of the window.

The frame of the sashes will show up in the center of the view where they stack. This framing component of a double-hung window has a classic, warm look that works out excellently for more traditional styles of homes.

These windows go up and down, negating the requirement for any outside space to open. Their open mechanism also makes them less prone to damage or breaking since they have fewer moving mechanical parts than casement windows.

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