Do the Best Impact Windows Beat Standard Windows?

the best impact windows

Replacing standard windows of a house with the best impact windows is a significant decision. Home windows essentially affect the ventilation, room temperature, lighting of a house, and security even more meaningful. So, Florida windows and doors are significant investments that affect the house’s structure.

Hence, when it is time for a window replacement project, homeowners need recommendations from a professional company near me to explain the benefits of home-impact windows. Then, a significant decision comes down to which type of window to pick: to buy standard windows to install hurricane shutters later on or install impact-resistant windows that don’t need shutter protection.

Your old windows cannot protect you and your loved ones from the elements, but one type can do it, plus more. Therefore, you merit the best hurricane windows that you can afford. Here is why you should think about installing impact windows and not standard windows.

Are Impact Windows the Smarter Choice?

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Yes, if you live in Florida and other regions prone to hurricanes, consider the best hurricane windows instead of standard windows. It could turn into a nightmare when you face a storm ill-prepared. Most building codes in the state require windows protecting you from high winds. Regrettably, standard windows don’t give storm protection.

So, you must either install impact windows or shutters over your home windows to comply with the building codes or get fined. Impact windows comply with the building codes and keep your home safe with their one-time installation.

Impact Windows Bring Better Security Design

The best impact window uses shatter-resistant glass to stop structural and interior damages or, worse, injury to the occupants. The glass stays inside a strong aluminum frame. So when high winds send an object into your window, the frame and the glass will withstand it.

The second layer of glass on the windows breaks without sending glass shards into your home. So, the shards stick to a membrane between the two layers of glass.

However, standard windows have one layer of glass that offers no protection. When the glass breaks, water and wind can enter your home. You can experience extreme damage during a hurricane when you have standard windows.

Hurricane Windows allows Homeowners to Take Less Time Preparing for a Storm

When weather experts forecast a hurricane towards your region, you don’t have much time to think. You need to consider making evacuation plans and going to the supermarket to buy food and water so you have a lot on your plate.

Stressing over your windows adds to your activities. If you have standard windows, it could require hours to install shutters or plywood to endure the hardship.

Hurricane impact windows give you one less thing to worry about. Rather than securing your windows on a not-so-comfortable ladder, you can concern yourself with the well-being of yourself and your family. Remember, impact windows are a one-time installtion, and youll have to remove the shutters once the storm has passed.

Impact Resistant Windows can Add Appearance, unlike Shutters

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If you have standard windows, you must add shutters or another layer of security. Shutters or plywood take up space and require storage, and some of the time, storage people can see.

Your storm shutters can affect the look of your home. However, impact windows don’t need additional protection or labor, allowing your home’s appearance to look splendid.

The fact remains that impact-resistant windows can add to the appearance of your home. Impact windows come in many styles allowing homeowners many choices. When you look for home windows, you can find a style that matches your home.

Impact Windows allow More Natural Light

When a storm hits, the electricity might fail for a few days. During all those days without light, your hurricane windows could prove useful. They permit more light into your home than shutters. So, instead of sitting at home in darkness, you could see more by having more natural light in your home.

Furthermore, you don’t have to hurry to bring down equipment as it doesn’t need any. With so many things to worry about and stress before and post a hurricane, you shouldn’t need to hurry to take down equipment since it can be dangerous.

Make the Right Decision with Impact Windows

If your home requires the best storm protection, consider installing new impact windows. Our professional home window installation in Clearwater, FL, can explain the installation process and the benefits of impact windows.

Here at Crystal Clear Windows and Door, we can find the right windows for your home.

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