Full Frame Window Replacements Vs Insert Windows

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When looking at modern home replacement windows, a significant headache is whether to purchase full frame window replacements or insert windows. 

Most homeowners considering replacing their windows near Clearwater, FL, must know the differences between insert replacement and full-frame replacement windows.

These terms should be clarified when inexperienced with window and door terms or new to changing windows.

I’ll describe the differences between these two window types so you can decide which one is best for your home.

What are Full Frame Window Replacements?

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A full-frame window installation resembles the procedure used in new construction when changing windows in existing buildings. First, the complete window frame and sash are removed, exposing the unfinished opening. The installation of the new window generally yields higher weather tightness without sacrificing any glass viewing area since modern, enhanced flashing and sealants are employed. 

If the window frame, trim, casing, or sill has rotted, the frame window installation procedure is preferable. Moreover, if the window is out of square or mounted incorrectly, a frame replacement window can help. Finally, if you want to customize the size or shape of your current window, a frame window installation is also the best option.

According to Architectural Digest, full-frame windows cost an average of $700 but range from $300 to $1,200 depending on window material, glass type, style, and labor costs.

Full Frame Replacement Windows Benefits

  • They provide versatility to replace different types or sizes of windows. 

Full frame Windows Limitations

  • Needs the removal of interior and exterior trim and, at times, siding.
  • More labor and often the window installation is more expensive.

What is Insert Replacement Windows?

Insert replacement windows entails inserting a new window into an existing frame. The new unit will enter the current opening while the interior and external trim remain. A small trim piece is frequently applied around the frame’s perimeter to close the tiny gap between the old and new frames.

Because home window installers can mount them easily without requiring special tools or destruction, installing insert windows has been a popular installation method for years. When the conditions are ideal, you can combine aesthetics with energy efficiency in the color and style of your choice. Additionally, once the installers leave, the window installation is finished and practically maintenance-free.

Some original parts can be kept in place using the insert approach. The technique aims to preserve a home’s architectural integrity while enhancing the window’s energy efficiency.

Insert Windows Benefit

  • Often less expensive and less destructive in the installation.
  • Keeps current interior and external trim.

Insert Windows Limitations

  • Insert window replacements are only a choice if your wood or aluminum frames are structurally sturdy.
  • You might also notice a reduction in the light opening.

Conditions Required For Insert Windows

Utilizing replacement windows for inserts is more complicated than you may imagine. Whether or not installing insert replacement windows will be entirely suitable for your property depends on a few criteria.

The window’s frame will be the primary factor in determining whether to use an insert window instead of a full-frame replacement. If you have an old wood window frame, consider the overall condition and extent of needed repairs. For example, insert windows won’t work if the frame’s wood is rotten, so full-frame replacement windows are required.


Which Window Application is Best For My Home

The ideal solution for your home will depend on the construction of your home. Most homeowners want to maintain the historical look of their house and should consider using an insert replacement window. 

Opening a rough opening and installing a full-frame window is nearly always necessary to transform from a double-hung to a casement window style. Or when the frame has rotten.

In Conclusion

So, purchase the best replacement windows for your St. Petersburg home; avoid being persuaded to buy anything you’re not completely satisfied with based on price. If saving for new windows takes a little bit longer and you’re delighted, that’s ok too. Your choice will depend on the condition of your current windows.

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