Choose Impact Window Installations

How to Choose Impact Window Installations

Choose Impact Window Installations Correctly, Hurricanes are no joke! You live in Florida and have experienced a hurricane you know precisely what I’m talking about. We’ve all seen those ugly and scary post-storm pictures of houses torn down.

We have seen photos of  2×4 of wood speared through a window, shattered glass all over the home. Worst of all your possessions and furniture can get scattered all over the place. High wind storms can wreck and even destroy your home if you don’t have the right windows in place. 

Choosing The Right Impact Hurricane Window Installation Company

Choosing Impact Windows in Pinellas County.
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Having a home near the ocean is great, enjoying those long walks on the beach every day or enjoying the beautiful sunset every afternoon or the sunshine and cool breezes. But when hurricane season comes, you better be ready, and what’s the best window choice to protect a home?

One of the first things that go in a hurricane or high winds is the windows. Non-impact windows will not stand winds of 100 mph, weather and projectiles the way a high impact window will. Weak, inefficient windows can be the difference between preserving family safety and possession, and disaster.

As a matter of fact according to the IHPA (International Hurricane Protection Association), once winds get inside your home during a hurricane, the roof and most of your home’s structure will not survive. The reason is that the pressure builds up will cause these elements to separate, and to destroy a house in a matter of minutes.

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Why is it necessary to have impact windows?

Selecting The Best Impact Window Company.

Things like higher property insurance premiums, higher noise levels, lower resale value. Not to mention lower intruder protection and less UV protection for you and your family.

In most case what shatters the windows during a hurricane is not the high winds, but what wind picks up and throws through your windows.  Besides the damaged property and broken glass, having weak, non-impact windows can unleash a whole other host of challenges on your property.

Are you still debating on upgrading your old windows with high impact windows?

So what’s the best way to protect your home from any hurricane? Opt for an active, durable, proven impact window to protect your family, loved on and home.

Choosing to get high impact windows for your home or commercial property great choice and it makes total sense on many levels. High impact windows are put through some of the most robust and rigorous tests.

So How Do High Impact Windows Work?

They are designed to ensure that the windows, in most cases the weakest element of the house, won’t compromise the home during a hurricane. High impact windows withstand winds of 100mph and more. This helps the windows resist the penetration of flying debris during a hurricane. With this impact protection, your home structure will not fail you because of your windows.

The minute the structure penetrated by flying debris, internal pressure starts to build up destroying the residence. In most cases, the roof is the first to go followed by the walls, leaving you with a complete disaster.

Besides safety reasons, opting for high impact windows improve almost all areas of homeownership.  That is why the quality of impact windows has to meet hurricane debris codes in Pinellas County. 

We mention some reasons why it is essential to opt for high impact windows. Keep an eye out for the second part of this article. Good luck with your next project.

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