Winner, Loser, or Tie! French Patio Doors VS. Sliding Patio Doors

Blue French patio door replacements

Patio door installations in Clearwater arrive in many styles, but the two most purchased are French patio doors and sliding patio doors. Both door styles offer many benefits, so when comparing French versus sliding patio doors, an ideal approach to picking the correct door for your house is to consider your needs and preferences. Planning […]

How Does the Replacement Windows Process Work?

replacement windows process

Most homeowners only go through the expensive, time-consuming process of installing replacement windows once or twice in their lifetime. So, it’s time to replace your windows near Clearwater, Florida. Unfortunately, your old, obsolete drafty single-pane windows are also prone to condensation. Replacement windows benefit any property, new or old, but how does the installation of […]

Benefits That Double Entry Doors Provide Your Home

Benefits of Double Entry Doors

Double entry doors can give a house a great appeal when considering a front door replacement in Clearwater for your home. If you have an old door, consider replacing it with double entry doors with sidelights. Double doors can significantly transform the appearance of both the inside and exterior of your home. When remodeling your […]

How Can New Energy-Efficient Windows Enhance Your Home Energy?

energy efficient windows

Yes, new energy-efficient windows can assist your home to lessen the expense of your month-to-month energy bill by sealing in heat when it’s cold and cold air when it’s hot outdoor. Therefore, replacing windows with energy star efficient windows could easily save you money every year, but there are other advantages. These beautiful energy-efficient windows […]

Tampa Window Replacements ROI

ROI on window replacement Tampa

The return in the Tampa Area can be as high as 67%! Not only that, energy-efficient hurricane windows and glass doors will save you a few bucks a year to take out the family. So, yes, they are worth the cost, especially when the window codes in Clearwater, FL, St. Petersburg, FL, and Tampa require […]

Replacement Windows Project- Perfect for an Old House

Replacement Windows for an Old House Guideline

A replacement window for an old house and even a new one can improve the look of your home but with the help of local home window installation experts. The logistics and working of windows is something that homeowners don’t consider until something goes wrong. For example, air leaks, water infiltration, thermal, foggy glass, and […]

Best Home Window Frames for your Project

best home window frames

Picking the best home window frames for your new home window installation in Clearwater’s home project is essential not only to your house look but usefulness. Window’s style and operating mechanisms aren’t the only things that homeowners need for window buying. There are other practical things you must consider when buying comes around. Consider cost, […]

Need A Top Window Installation Company In Tampa Area

sunroom windows installers

Top Window Installation Company In Tampa-St. Petersburg- Clearwater, FL What makes a top window installation company? What should you look for in a window installer near you? Let’s be honest here; we are Crystal Clear Windows & Doors Inc. Now that we put that out of the way, let’s use the best formula to judge […]

Do a Replacement Windows Installation Before Selling the Home

Should I do a Replacement Windows Installation Renovation Before Selling my Home?

A replacement windows installation renovation is a good investment when selling your home. It’s regularly recommended that homeowners update certain features before listing their homes on the market. However, every improvement has certain disadvantages, so knowing which upgrades merit the investment is essential. And which one should be left to the purchasers? When selling your […]

Include Hurricane Windows & Doors in Home Improvement!

impact patio replacement sliding door

It does not matter if you want to renovate your old or new home, but in Clearwater, FL include hurricane windows & Doors! You need to make a list of everything about it and have an order for priorities. As a Homeowner you want to make your house safe in an emergency. You want to […]