Buy Impact-Resistant Windows and Prevent a Disaster this Hurricane Season

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Homeowners can enjoy the wonderful sunlight and warm beach climate when they buy impact-resistant windows and doors. Yes, we know the drawback is that these regions are prone to extreme climate conditions like Gulf Coast and Atlantic Ocean hurricanes. The risk of storms is a danger you can’t easily ignore since storms have increased in […]

Benefits of Buying PGT WinGuard Impact Windows

Buy PGT Impact Windows Beach House

Buying PGT WinGuard impact windows and doors is an exciting prospect since it’s an update for your home that can provide a nice appearance and protects your home from storms! Luckily, there are many materials to choose from, including aluminum and vinyl. Impact windows in Clearwater Beach will increase your home value. But, above all, […]

Can Hurricane Windows Stop a Bullet fired from a Gun?

Can Only Superman Stop A Bullet? Can impact windows stop a bullet? Just think about the question; it makes it easy to upgrade your windows & doors. With this, you should install hurricane impact windows for hurricane season, right? Still, you think it’s a myth, like something that doesn’t make sense. So, with your curiosity, […]

What Are Impact Resistant Windows?

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The best impact resistant windows are top-rated in Florida due to severe damage caused by storms or hurricanes. If you install hurricane windows and doors, your family will get the benefits of safety and protection. Because broken doors or windows could undermine your residence’s integrity, protecting them is equally crucial. Introduction to impact-resistant windows Hurricane-resistant […]

Buy Hurricane Impact Windows to Protect Your Home

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As hurricane season starts, many people have made the right decision to buy hurricane impact windows for their home safety. I know a lot about hurricanes since I lived near South Florida for 20-plus years. Even after many years of hurricane destruction, many homeowners still have regular windows on their property. Sadly, they get up […]

High Impact Windows VS Hurricane Shutters-Which is Better?

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High impact windows and hurricane shutters are standard options for protecting your home during a hurricane and tornado.  If you live in Coastal areas, our Clearwater window and door company recommends protecting your home, family, and pets from storm winds and debris. Furthermore, your home’s safety and yours will depend on your planning to ensure […]

Why do Manufacturers Rate Hurricane Impact Windows?

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Why do manufacturers rate hurricane impact windows? When hurricane winds enter a house, the home’s structure, mainly the roof, won’t survive. The pressure that builds inside the house will cause the separation of all inside materials. The pressure can cause destruction or partial but still severe in minutes. The hurricane damage can be unimaginable to […]

Top Impact Windows Guide to Prevent Hurricane Damage

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Our top impact windows can prevent hurricane damage. Yes, Florida, particularly its coastlines, experiences Mother Nature’s wrath. And, if you’ve experienced a hurricane, you’ll know that having a plan against a storm is the most brilliant move you can make.  Indeed, you can board your home before every storm. Yet, that means investing time and […]

Impact Window Brands Offering a Variety of Windows Options

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There is no such thing as a one-size-fits everything regarding hurricane impact window brands options to stay safe from Florida storms. You will need a window replacement with strong glass and one that is adequate for your needs. So, consider impact doors and windows installation since they are the better alternative. The other thing you […]

6 Buying Hurricane Windows Essential Factors to Consider

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Hurricanes devastate Florida cities even more, today leaving people homeless, but you can negate it by buying hurricane windows. Moreover, people who live in the Caribbean and the United States’ southern regions must endure the increasing storms each year. Not all will be catastrophic, but they can damage homes and destroy roofs. Either homeowner will […]