Buy Impact-Resistant Windows and Prevent a Disaster this Hurricane Season

impact-resistant windows

Homeowners can enjoy the wonderful sunlight and warm beach climate when they buy impact-resistant windows and doors. Yes, we know the drawback is that these regions are prone to extreme climate conditions like Gulf Coast and Atlantic Ocean hurricanes. The risk of storms is a danger you can’t easily ignore since storms have increased in frequency and intensity.

So, get ready today and protect your home with impact windows and doors near Clearwater, FL, to give your house extra security. However, don’t wait until the hurricane season is in full swing. It would be best if you were prepared to buy the best hurricane-resistant items, services, and replacement windows & doors.

Consider this vital information below so you don’t rush your decision and experience the ill effects of the purchaser’s regret.

Buy Impact-Resistant Windows with Sturdy Glass

impact window installation

When one of your regular windows breaks during a hurricane, the air pressure inside your home will quickly increase. Something needs to break for the pressure to release, and usually, it is another window or door. Yet, it could undoubtedly be a wall or the roof that blows off. The damage to your property will be broad, and repairs will cost a lot.

Producers design impact-resistant windows to stay intact even after the window breaks. The impact window has a special membrane called polyvinyl butyral sandwiched between two panes of glass. The glass sticks to the membrane rather than breaking into shards and imploding, staying intact. It prevents pressure from entering your home and undoubtedly protects your home.

Reinforced Impact Windows Frames

The impact glass won’t do you much without sturdy frames made for the severe climate to help it. These reinforced frames have sturdier stiffeners and reinforcements than standard window frames. Your material and window style options matter for the best peace of mind.

Vinyl and aluminum windows are robust and straightforward to maintain the finish. Reinforce frames also bring weather-resistant features and won’t wrap or mold because of high humidity and heat. You can likewise pick steel or fiberglass for durability.

Cost of Impact-resistant Windows

Storm panels and standard glass windows appear to be the more affordable alternative. While the initial buying expense is lower, those costs can change after some time. Besides needing space to store storm shudders, they also warp and break down after some time and will turn out less efficient.

Plus, a few shudders need many labor hours and require time, tools, and strength to install. You must install Hurricane Impact windows once, as they’re one-time installations.

Impact-resistant windows last longer, withstand hurricane winds better, and don’t retract the look of your home. Other factors that make impact-resistant windows and doors your go-to items help improve energy efficiency, lessen your danger of break-ins, and help soundproof your home.

Home Advisor says hurricane windows cost an average of $3,435 and $17,800 for eight to 10 windows, including installation.

Impact Windows and Doors Industry Standards

If you’re not convinced to buy impact-resistant windows and doors, you should know these items go through stringent testing. Both vast and small projectiles take shots at the glass at high velocities.

They test both the middle and corners of the glass, and the subsequent opening from the projectile should be inside a specified diameter. They also test the impact window against powerful winds as strong as 200 mph to verify the window will stay intact.

Can you Buy Impact-resistant Windows and Replace your Hurricane Shudders?

No extra storm shudders or boards are required to secure your home or business with impact windows and doors. Our impact window company items can withstand wind-borne debris or even a burglar attempt to break in.

The truth is that the glass may break on the direct impact of thrown debris, but the interlayer keeps the overall window and door intact, keeping dangerous winds, objects, or intruders from entering your home.

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