Buy Hurricane Impact Windows to Protect Your Home

buy hurricane impact windows

As hurricane season starts, many people have made the right decision to buy hurricane impact windows for their home safety. I know a lot about hurricanes since I lived near South Florida for 20-plus years. Even after many years of hurricane destruction, many homeowners still have regular windows on their property. Sadly, they get up to dangerously board their windows with tools and ladders every year. 

However, some have installed storm shutters, but now they have a house with a black eye meaning the property looks ugly and dark. Please consider upgrading to impact-resistant windows for your next home investment project to negate all these issues. I will explain why impact windows are the best solution for your home safety during hurricane season; read below.

Buy the Best Hurricane Impact Windows to provide Home Safety from Hurricanes

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It makes sense; this is hurricane windows’ most important feature. The list of Florida Hurricanes goes back to 1851, and it didn’t have a name. But, imagine, these storms happen before that, too, and they won’t go away, so let’s prepare if you want to stay safe in Florida.

Hurricane impact windows are not like regular single pane windows. Instead, hurricane impact glass features a sturdy polymer layer between the glass panes. Storm-wind and wind-borne debris can cause damage to your home and windows. 

However, impact windows negate it and won’t allow wind to enter your home and cause massive destruction. Yes, impact windows can crack but won’t break like regular windows, not allowing rain and wind to penetrate your property.

Hurricane Impact Windows can Stop a Bullet and Burglary

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Yes, some research is behind this, and I’m not making it up. Burglars know they can break regular windows to enter properties, and their weapon of choice is probably a nearby rock a homeowner left behind. Of course, the single-pane window will crack but not with an impact window; it will bounce off. You have to remember; that burglars like to take things without a fight. They won’t throw a rock ten times to break in; for one, they will make a lot of noise, and the effort is frustrating that they’ll leave. 

Maybe it’s hard to visualize someone shooting your window, but you never know. People on New Year shoot up, and neighbors have squabbled about noise and property issues. So, taking a gun out and shooting someone or a window seems more probable, but if you install a bulletproof impact window, there’s no need to worry. First, talk to the impact window company near Clearwater before you buy hurricane impact windows. It is essential to understand that not all impact windows are the same.

Impact Windows Reduce Energy Consumption and Noise

Today, homeowners worry about gas prices increasing and home energy. Why? Because saving hundreds a month in energy bills is worth the investment. If a dollar increase in gas matters, saving a few hundred will also affect your energy bill. Most home energy loss is due to old single pane or poorly installed windows. 

Impact windows near you can reduce your energy bills and also lower the outside noise you hear from the neighbors and honking cars. Often, the outside noise is more irritating than the energy bill, but hurricane impact windows can reduce both problems.

Buy Hurricane Impact Window from Experts

So, where can you buy hurricane impact windows? Crystal Clear Windows and Doors can find you the best impact windows to prevent hurricane destruction and burglary

You can call one of our experts and discuss everything you just read above. The pros of impact windows are stunning compared to regular windows. Invest and upgrade your old obsolete windows to impact-resistant windows today.

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