Types of Door Styles For Your Home

A well-designed entry door installation in Clearwater, FL is a straightforward way to add style to your home. The truth, entryways serve an essential purpose like allowing entry to homeowners; however, that doesn’t mean these doors can’t be stylish. Remember, the correct entryway can help or break your residence design.

We’ve separated styles and types of entryways into two classes either exterior or interior. Now, these tips will enable you to pick the ideal entryway for each section in your home; regardless of whether it’s a back patio door or a door for your home’s front entrance.

A new door installation for a Clearwater home is not an easy task so we’ll guide you through the majority of the choices for both exterior and interior doorways.

Outside Doors

outside doors

Front entryways doors come from wood, metal, or fiberglass. They range from windowed doors or better known as “lights,” with appealing muntin bars or removable grills to simple panel door designs. More and more you can find decoratively carved wood entryways. These frequently have rails and stiles with a carved area in the center but can be costly; however, they give off an excellent impression.

Without a doubt, even the most sealed entry door can profit by the addition of a storm door. These type of doors come from metal or vinyl, and, even wood models too. A security storm door can be secured to keep out burglars or hurricanes and are more robust than a standard entryway. Some storm entryways have a window and screen.

Economic storm doors are frequently plain in design and can bring down the look of a front door. You can pay more for a beautiful looking storm door design. However, the best decision is a storm door that effortlessly frames your front entryway.

Patio Sliding Doors

patio sliding doors

Patio sliding glass entryways are ordinarily made of large panes of glass encased in metal, wood, or vinyl frames. They are the perfect choice when you need to improve the look and view of the backyard. Compared to French doors patio sliding doors don’t take up any floor space when open.

Interior Doors

interior doors

The single hinged entryway is the most widely recognized interior door type. The hinged doors need to swing so the room design must have much space. Interior doors ordinarily are lightweight and have two hinges; outside entryways are usually, massive and utilize three hinges.

A panel door- A panel door has a great style. Typically, it has three or four horizontal rails, and three vertical stiles and the spaces between them are loaded up with more slender panels. Decorative molding surrounds each panel, and the result is a richly textured look that is at home in both conventional and contemporary settings.

A flush door- A flush entryway is a flat slab and usually the most affordable choice. If the surface is a hardwood veneer (either birch or oak), a flush door can be stained. However, different materials look better painted. Many flush doors mix well with contemporary settings, yet it may seem strange in a conventional home. Interior flush doors mostly have a hollow core, while exterior flush doors have a strong core and could have a metal or fiberglass face instead of a wood veneer.

A couple of French doors– give off an enchanting touch and an added wide entryway opening. These entryways are quite often conventional in design and regularly have glass panels. The most common application is for outside patio use but also are made for the interior. French doors can create a spectacular gateway between rooms.

Interior pocket doors-Numerous older homes have interior pocket doors that slide into the wall when wholly opened. It permits you to open the entryway without taking up any floor space entirely. Today, numerous styles are accessible, for example, single and double. A pocket door requires wall space that doesn’t have electrical or plumbing lines going through it.

Closet bi-fold doors

For a closet room that is about 6 feet wide or more, a couple of bi-fold doors are the most popular alternative. Every entryway takes up about half the swinging space of a hinged door. Bi-folds can be flush, louvered, and, paneled.

Essential Things To Know Before Installing Your Sunroom

It is a fantasy of property holders across the Clearwater area to have a spot at home where they can appreciate sunlight while being fully secured. You should set up a sunroom installation in your Clearwater home design as it’s an exceptional place to loosen up and relax.

A sunroom brings the outside in, but you stay in control of your environment by buffering out nature’s elements — for example, cold, rain, heat, wind, snow and, insects. Sunrooms are the ideal solution for making the most of your view without leaving the comfort of your home.

Relaxing in your sunroom while enjoying morning coffee, reading a novel or playing games with the family is perfect. Nevertheless, adding a sunroom is an outstanding choice, also one that conveys a significant sticker price and could change the way your home looks and works.

Consider these essential things down below before you call a Clearwater sunroom installation expert:

The Style of the Sunroom

the style of the sunroom

You may love the appearance and atmosphere of a sunroom. Also, the curved rooftop you plan on installing. However, don’t be shallow since there are other essential things than looks.

Consider the space you have accessible. Many styles, for example, the conservatory, require a ton of property space and challenging to add based on lot lines and clearances. The actual zone will determine the style you pick most of the time.

If you have tight spaces and limited property lines the studio styles are possibly your only choice. However, if the place is unlimited, you could pick whatever design you want.

Rooftop Lines

rooftop lines

Your house was designed and constructed with a particular roofline, and everything from the drainage to the drifting snow has worked with that design for quite a long time. Including a sunroom could drastically change the roofline. What’s more, it could prompt unanticipated issues if you don’t talk to your sunroom expert before set up.

Lodges, backsplit, and, sidesplits all have this issue and will limit where they can add the sunroom to their home. You might have to increase your budget for a roof redesign if the sunroom doesn’t fit flawlessly into your existing rooftop. Ask the experts to help you to design another roofline that will keep up the stability and effectiveness of your current roof.



Sunrooms arrive in an assortment of materials, and you can pick based on your inclinations for style and maintenance. Aluminum framing is a common choice. It offers outstanding durability, weather resistance and lightweight development that makes for increasingly flexible design. You may need to repaint the surface of the aluminum frames with time and day by day utilization of the room.

Vinyl clad sunroom design is a decent choice for reliable, flexible, and support free construction. Search for various styles that are accessible in a vinyl clad finish but know you’ll pay a little more but well worth the investment.

When joined with an aluminum and rubber gasket system of glass mounting, wooden sunrooms are low maintenance solutions that offer superb warmth and appeal. Make sure to secure the wood and that the fasteners and mounting frameworks are magnificent. Moreover, try not to give the job of a wood sunroom to a rookie. If you like wood, contact the experts and see what brands of timber they have access for your sunroom.


Your home needs to be ready for a sunroom. The more you understand by talking to an expert personally or thru a site like ours the better the sunroom installation process for your home. Comprehend early that specific circumstances may limit your choice. Moreover, work with an accomplished, well-reviewed sunroom expert to guarantee the ideal improvement to your home.

Top Things To Know Before Introducing Your Sliding Patio Door

Introducing a sliding glass patio door in your Clearwater, FL home can bring air and light into a living room while adding a fresh design. However, there are more things involved than just installing your patio door such as, choosing the perfect materials and seeing how they mesh together.

There are different concerns, as well, for example, the setup area and the design. New sliding patio glass door installation is an incredible addition to pretty much any home. Plus, they could add a dash of present day style while making a comfortable and appealing living space.

By making the correct decisions and analyzing all the available choices, mortgage holders can anticipate having a long-lasting porch entryway that also looks splendid.

How do the materials affect frame size?

Sliding patio doors are accessible in many styles and materials. Every choice has its advantages and disadvantages regarding energy efficiency, cost, and, look. For example, aluminum seems a lot thinner and could fit into a less demanding area than vinyl, which usually looks thicker.

Now, fiberglass furnishes you with a substantially more energy efficient choice. The best advice would be to take the manufacturer and dealers estimations and thoughts before setting up your sliding glass door. Their significant expert advice could push you to the perfect sliding glass door for your home.

The different types of patio doors

the different types of patio doors

The most widely recognized design comprises two entryways, glass, and, a screen. It’s a basic style nevertheless, practical, and could supplement pretty much any inside or outside design outline. However, if you genuinely want to think outside the box and discover an alternative that is more innovative, there are many other options.

As an example, a French sliding door combines four unique glass panels with two center entryways sliding away and toward one another. It looks like an ordinary hinged door; however, they offer the benefit of a wider entryway. It is an extraordinary alternative for property holders searching for a patio glass door that opens wide.

How to choose the right place for the patio door?

Often when a patio is already constructed, it turns into simple answer regarding where the sliding doors ought to go. However, there are some other choices regarding the entryway area—mainly if it’s a more significant design, such as a setup for a telescopic door.

Often, all it needs for homeowners is to make sure the furniture and other fundamental parts of the home don’t become obstacles.

Picking the Right Glass

picking the right glass

Sliding patio doors could increase energy efficiency inside the home. Since their wide openings improve air circulation or ventilation, they can lower AC use.

In case you’re keen on the longevity of the materials and lower energy bills, you need to pick the sort of glass carefully. Low E, obscure, and, Energy Star-rated glass will enable light to enter while blocking Ultraviolet rays that could warm a home amid the day. When the entryway faces the sunlight, hanging window shades or curtains could likewise enhance the energy efficiency of the glass door.

Picking the Right Materials

picking the right materials

Sliding patio doors are enormous windows, and like windows, it’s vital to see how the diverse materials can impact its functionality. Standard materials like wood may look excellent and lessen energy bills, yet they require high maintenance. Usually, the caulking and stripping should get inspected at the end of every harsh season such as winter or times when it rains a lot. The entryway will also need to get cleaned to prevent splitting and rotting.

Vinyl has a molecular structure that makes it an incredible insulator and affordable option too. However, numerous property holders find the limited scope of color options to be an impediment and as the way that vinyl can’t be fixed if it gets any damage.

Choices like fiberglass offer astounding structural integrity while saving you money on your energy bills. They’re likewise accessible in a wide range of finishes that could help keep temperatures increasingly comfortable inside. They can also get fixed quickly.

Why Replace Your Home Windows?

Honestly, the last thing any homeowner wants to do is to replace all of their windows in their Clearwater, FL home. Individuals would prefer not to supplant their windows; they replace them since they have no other choice. Regardless if it’s a problem like broken glass or a deteriorating issue like rotting wood, water seal failure, or warping window frames, the situation will only get worse the more you wait. What truly keeps property holders from fixing these issues is mostly the cost.

However, looking at this logically, a replacement window in Clearwater project is a significant update of any h ome. They give security, light, ventilation, and, energy efficiency. Energy-efficiency windows mean they keep the heat inside your house in the winter and the cooled air inside your home in the summer. Remember, top quality and energy efficiency of a window, the more it will cost you but well worth the investment.

Top Window Issues

top window issues

You hear too much outside noise-When your windows give little protection from the outside noise, they may not be sealed effectively or were low-quality from the beginning. New double pane glass windows insulated with Argon or Krypton gas can lower outside noise. Typically, useful when you live in a bustling neighborhood or on a lively street.

You feel a breeze when your windows are shut-Do you feel a cold draft from your windows even when they’re closed? Assuming this is the case, there could be various concerns including poor installations, broken seals, and, other things. A window that allows too much air can radically change the temperature of your home, making your HVAC system work harder to keep the temperature controlled.

You see your window frames soft, chipped or water damaged-Usually, means the windows are beyond repair and need a replacement. Soft window frames reveal decay and water infiltration, and it’s conceivable that they will begin to sag too.

Trouble opening, shutting and locking windows-Windows that were not setup accurately will create balance issues, making the windows hard to open and close. Windows that are rusting or spoiling can likewise be hard to utilize. If the problems of not locking persist then it could affect the safety of your home.

Do you see condensation buildup between glass layers or crack window glass? When you see that your windows are frosting between the layers of glass, it implies that your seals have failed, permitting moisture between the glass panes. When the seals stop working, any insulation gas that was used to make the window energy efficient is gone. Cracked window glass enables air to leak out through your window.

Replacement window benefits

replacement window benefits

Often, your energy bills increase every month, almost certainly, your windows aren’t working as they should. Replacing failing the windows in your home with energy efficient windows could help bring down your utility costs, which will spare you some cash every month.

Numerous windows offer various energy-efficient glass alternatives that spare you cash on your utility bills and prevent UV rays more successfully than customary glass.

Replacing your windows could likewise improve the security of your home with a more robust glass and better locking mechanism. A few windows convey low-profile double cam locks to join the sashes of the replacement window for an astoundingly tight and secure seal, furnishing you and your family with extra security.

Pick the right replacement window company

While picking a replacement window business, it’s essential to ask the right questions. Usually, windows should last forever, so try to pick a company dependent on the quality of their items, not only the costs.

Crystal Clear Windows and Doors offers affordable windows services and products that meet all ENERGY STAR® requirements and are strengthened, promising long haul use.

How To Make Your House Windows Sparkle Clean

We enjoy a house window installation in Clearwater FL project, usually, like any other professional window business but we love seeing the sparkling finish look too. I mean how we present the shiny and clean windows to the happy customer or the homeowner. Nonetheless, they didn’t magically get cleaned we polished it ourselves and it something you have to do regularly to maximize the home look.

However, no matter how many times you wash the window-panes they will collect debris and dirt. As a result, you have to clean them frequently to maintain them shiny clean.

Despite spraying and wiping the glass for some time, you could leave streaks on window-panes which will mess up all your efforts.

I know it is not our business line of work, but we know a local professional in the window cleaning who utilize ideal cleaning tools and formulas to remove dirt efficiently out of window-panes with no streaks.

It might appear hard to wash glass on a frequent basis, but the results are genuine. Follow these specialist Crystal Clear Windows & Doors tips so you can effectively clean window-panes:

Cleaning Solution

cleaning solution

You could either buy a window cleaning formula out of a shop or prepare one yourself.

Now, vinegar is a top cleaning agent for the glass. So mix 1/4 cup of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar with two cups of water and add half of a teaspoon dishwashing detergent. Then transfer the mixture to a spray bottle.

Before you spray the formula on the glass, it is ideal to wipe it clean with a cloth or a paper towel. Put a bath towel onto the windowsill to safeguard it from the falling liquid.

Next, spray the vinegar formula onto window-panes. Scrub the surface with a piece of microfiber fabric and wash the window quickly to avoid streaking. For big windows, it is ideal to work with a squeegee for efficient cleaning.

If the glass is muddy and you have not washed it in a while, you ought to use concentrated vinegar. Just fill a spray bottle with a cup of warm vinegar and then spray it on the windows. Leave the solution for one or two minutes and then wash it using a paper towel.

Try not to clean windows on sunny days

Avoid cleaning windows on a bright sunny day. When you add the cleaning solution to the outside, it will evaporate quickly as a result of scorching heat, leaving behind streaks. Instead, select a dry and cloudy day to do the cleaning but make sure it’s not raining.

First, clean the window frame

first clean the window frame

Before you begin cleaning window-panes, remove dust from windowsills and the framework. If you wash them together, then the liquid tends to drip over the frame and generate more of a mess. It could ruin your cleaning attempts. Thus, vacuum the framework and then start cleaning the glass.

Despite methodically cleaning, some residue can collect in the corners of the window-panes. Since you cannot wash these places with a cloth or even a squeegee, you should use cotton swabs to eliminate those deposits.

Utilize Distilled Water

When diluting vinegar cleaning mix, use distilled water. Many owners use tap water, which explains the reason why they complain of streaks on the glass surface. Despite using quality equipment and formulas, tap water contains impurities, which explains the stripes.

Get a Squeegee

get a squeegee

Do not use an old rag or t-shirt to wash the glass since you won’t get the sparkle every homeowner desires. So instead use a microfiber fabric or even a squeegee to clean window-panes.

Often you could also use newspaper sheets to wash window-panes. The good news is that glass does not absorb ink out of paper, so you don’t need to worry about stains.

Strategy to wipe

When cleaning window-panes you might choose to wash out the base of the glass first, but you will wind up leaving stripes on the glass. Thus, it’s ideal to begin from the top and proceed to the bottom.

The liquid will trickle during the cleanup procedure. But if you have already cleaned the base of the glass, then you will have to rewash it to remove the top drips too. However, when you begin from the top, the liquid will fall into the regions you haven’t cleaned yet not causing any strains.

Not only can the method save time but also you get entirely clean the window-panes.

Work efficiently

work efficiently

If you are cleaning significant windows, do not spray the cleaning process over the whole glass surface at the same time. The liquid would dry before getting the opportunity to wash it.

Spray the liquid onto smaller areas and wash it immediately using a squeegee. Furthermore, if you are cleaning numerous windows on your property, also clean them one by you. Like so, it is possible to wash window-panes without any stripes or streaks.

How To Buy An Entry Door For Your Home

An entry door installation in Clearwater, FL remodeling project should be the first thing on homeowners mind when thinking of making a home improvement. Front doors are the origin of the homeowner’s voyage through a home. Also, it is usually the first part of the home that anyone sees. Ideally, it needs to highlight the character and design of the home. For old and new houses equally, the front door is a crucial point.

When considering a front door, particular objectives need to get fulfilled. For example, things such as security, protection against the weather, and, a door that looks inviting and at the same time improves your homes curb appeal.

Often owners become stuck with the same old door and choose the same wood door since it’s the entry they have always seen on the house. However, wood is not the only materials you can purchase but first you’ll have to do a little research to find the right door. Luckily, Crystal Clear Windows & Doors will help and make sure the buying goes a little smoother:

Types of Door Materials

types of doors materials

Fortunately, entrance and outside doors have changed considerably over the last couple of years. Homeowners can now pick from many types of materials. Countless sizes and forms can be found, from traditional wood versions to high-tech options made from fiberglass composites or glass, steel to doorways that incorporate a mix of those materials.

Wood Doors Woes

Homeowners love wood doors and why wouldn’t they? Unfortunately, since they’re subjected to climate and wear, entrance doors frequently show their age. Old wood model doors bring material that inviting, natural look and feel that the majority of people favor but is vulnerable to the elements.

Seasons of rain and sun finally warps the wood door, crack and, bow timber, since the sunlight’s ultraviolet rays split timber’s natural lignin and moisture shrinks and swell wood fibers. Usually, when given sufficient time, wood doorways give up the ghost.

Doors Not Entirely Made From Wood

doors not entirely made from wood

Another change in the door industry is the lines that distinguished a door-building material from the other have become fuzzy. I mean, often a wood door is not necessarily made entirely of wood. The truth, a few wood doorways have steel insides, and steel doors come with timber exteriors.

A steel or fiberglass door could have a timber frame. And almost any doorway could have a core of foam insulation. Nevertheless, the alternative of fiberglass, wood, or steel for a surface material has an impact on a door look, price, durability, and, security.

Glazed Entry Doors

glazed entry doors

If you are thinking about buying a glass entrance door, then you will have lots of glass options to pick from, including clear glass, etched glass, beveled glass, leaded glass, and, other ornamental glazing’s.

The windows in doorways are usually known as “lights” Lights could come standard single glazed, or for increased energy efficiency they could come dual-glazed, or perhaps triple -glazed. High-performance glazing can also use low-e or another energy efficient coating to combat the weather.

For top lighting effect, think about getting a door that has a significant glass area. For privacy and security, select one or two little sections of glass or decorative glazing that obscures the view in your residence. Ultraviolet (UV) can damage the flooring, carpets, and furniture so look at picking glazing which resists UV rays.

Smart Front Door Shopping

smart front door shopping

The many types of doors are offered via millwork stores, door makers, lumberyards, and home improvement facilities. Most fabricated doors come from a couple of big businesses and have several regional or smaller doorway manufacturers that assemble a specific kind of door. These firms, then send the product to local vendors and dealers.

While purchasing a timber door, start looking for high-quality wood, lasting finishes, and, attention to details. Typically, the more sophisticated the carvings and moldings, along with the more extensive and thicker the stiles and rails, the superior the doorway.

Top engineered fiberglass and steel doors have a thermal break –an insulated separation that prevents outside heat and cold from running through the doorway’s skin and framework. Insulation is essential for cold climates, or frost may form in the doors inside the surface.

If you have safety and security in mind, then think about getting a glass that is exceptionally resistant to breakage.

Even though it costs you a bit more, a high-quality door is guaranteed to pay you back with smooth performance, energy efficiency, low maintenance needs, and, also ensures a fantastic style for years.

Sunroom Essential Tips

Crystal Clear Windows & Doors experts realize people need a place to relax during long stretches of work vacations. Are you spending more hours in the home but you feel your living room isn’t the best place for you to relax? Do you wish you had a fantastic area for your family and friends to hang out? The grand idea is to turn your patio or deck into a sunroom addition.

Sunroom improvements are a favorite way of home improvement. They’re an affordable method of adding space to your property and allow you to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. Based on the design you pick, your sunroom could be a three-season, four seasons sunroom or even yearlong area, raising the satisfaction and resale value of your property.

While purchasing a sunroom, Crystal Clear Windows & Doors will guide you in the right direction!

Things to know before purchasing your sunroom

things to know before purchasing your sunroom

To begin with, you have to determine how you intend on using your sunroom. Many people initially consider sunrooms as an area to escape from insects and harsh weather. However, there are many other ways to utilize your new living area. For example, some choices consist of entertaining guests, home office space, reading, and, a workout room. Frequently, people who plan ahead realize their sunroom becomes the most favorite area in their property.

The next thing to do is to choose the kind of sunroom you desire. If you merely want to have an outdoor escape during pleasant weather, a screened porch or seasonal room may be the ideal fit for you. Furthermore, it is possible to update to a glass and screen enclosure which can extend the solarium usage from early spring into late autumn. However, if you’re interested in finding an expanded living space, dining room or workout area to work with year round, a ventilated sunroom is what you require.

Evaluate the price and value of a sunroom

Make sure the seller supplies a free, no-obligation appointment and a measurement at your house to satisfy you with a specific cost for the project. Consultants could provide fantastic recommendations of the best way to use your existing deck or patio as a base for your sunroom addition.

Nonetheless, look out for builders that offer prices on the telephone since it could conceal the real cost of a sunroom undertaking. Scheduling a consultation will help you compare sunroom prices and value of each product and help you hire the right company.

Electric raceways

electric raceways

Can you live in a house that the electrical raceway system wasn’t up to code? If the answer is no; then make sure the sunroom has electric raceways that meet national laws for authorized wiring systems. Electrical raceways should be secure and shouldn’t interfere with all your interior décor.

Examine the roller wheels on doors and windows

When making a sunroom, both the windows and doorways are of crucial significance. The quality of the doors and windows not only supplies the outside feel but an integral element in a fully insulated sunroom which permits you to amuse for four seasons.

If you keep the rollers doors and windows working smoothly, it will help maintain durability. Steel wheels on stainless steel tracks are the ideal method for heavy doors and windows.

Energy Star

energy star

Energy Star is a nationwide program that evaluates the energy efficiency of consumer products. You will hear the expression of four season’s sunroom utilized regularly, and it relates to yearlong cooling and heating that can get reflected on your utility bills.

Screens need to be glare-free and have a look at the door handles

A lot of business show you images of sunrooms with a screened porch that have fiberglass screens. Black aluminum screens lower the obstruction of your outside view and are more durable than fiberglass displays.

The sunroom will receive a lot of usages so the door handles needs to be sturdy and simple to use. Screen handles must be full size and nicely secured.

The Type of Front Door That Is Right For Your Home

The best home appearance sometimes starts with a new door installation in Clearwater, FL project. We often paint our homes and improve things such as the garage, but we forget the front door brings a charming appeal to any home. No characteristic of the house says welcome like a lovely and inviting front entrance.

Luckily, there is an assortment of styles to select that ensures you’ll find the right design and the appearance to fit your house needs — for example, traditional, Craftsman, modern, rustic, and, much more. However, an assortment of materials to choose from too includes metal, wood, fiberglass, and, glass.

Crystal Clear Windows & Doors will take a look at a few of the designs available on the marketplace and the materials:



Traditional style doors may feature two to twelve panels. They also could contain glass inserts with scrollwork and colored panes. These designs are available in metal, wood, and, fiberglass alternatives that are pre-hung and prepared to install after purchase.

Customized made choices for garage doors are also offered and mainly, beneficial if you’re currently trying to accomplish a design in a place where the door opening isn’t standard.


These type of garage doors are favorite for homes; from cottages to mountain retreats. Craftsman doors are produced from fiberglass or wood and usually, include straight lines with a Shaker style look.

Craftsman doors may feature one window on top with glass or black- or wood-outlined panes along with two-three rectangular-shaped raised panels at the bottom.



Sleek straight lines are an essential element in modern style front doorways nevertheless different from Craftsman. You could find square or blocked panes or panels of translucent or frosted glass. Minimalistic but large. Typically, the hardware found on modern doors will incline to the same style of clean lines.


Rustic doors are made from wood and seen on houses and cabins that contain stone, wood, or brick. They could be a rectangular or arched shape. Since rustic doors have a thickness and seem even robust, you may find tough heavy-duty hardware that accompanies them. Scored lines, raised panels and, clear glass are other types of attributes found on rustic doors.



Exterior wood doors are a favorite option — especially since they may be customized to your homes size and design preferences. Also, wood doors are simple to customize with side lights, decorative glass accents, and, transoms.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that over time wood could warp as a result of the outside elements. It could produce a fault in the air-sealing capabilities of the door.


Consider a fiberglass entrance door if you’d like the appearance of wood with more durability. These doors are stained to offer you the same gorgeous look of traditional wood. Also, paint them in a different color of your choice or pre-painted in any color for you.

As mentioned, they stand against dents or scratches and more resilient than conventional wood doorways. Furthermore, these entry doors have an insulated core, which provides protection from the outside weather.



You could also pick the choice of a solid glass front door for the entrance of your home. Outside glass doors come with many positives including more natural light and better outdoor visibility. However, the glass door could also bring in cold air in the cracks doorway, and the excellent clarity can give your neighbors a quick peek at the inside of a home.


Know that you’re possibly choosing the best choice when it comes to security if you pick a steel door. Metal entry doors bring insulated foam with a steel panel on both sides.

Usually, it makes for a more robust door and keeps high winds from entering, but if the door gets a dent, it will be more challenging to fix. If it’s a notable dent or scratch, it could require a replacement.

Is it Time To Replace Your Old Windows or Upgrade Your Existing Windows?

Energy efficient windows installation in Clearwater, FL is a significant improvement for both new and present homes. Heating gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 20%–30 percent of home cooling and heating energy usage.

Are you planning a home windows installation for new construction or replacing your current windows? It is essential to decide on the most effective windows — furthermore, a window that you can afford and that function the best in your climate.

Now, if your existing windows remain in good shape, taking measures to decrease the energy loss through windows could make your house more comfortable and help you save money on utility bills.

You’ve got two choices if you will like to decrease the quantity of energy lost through your windows and also to enhance the overall comfort of your home. Either update your existing windows to increase efficacy or change out your windows.

Update Present Windows to Enhance Efficiency

update present windows to enhance efficiency

If your home windows are in decent shape, taking measures to boost their efficacy might be the most cost-effective choice to increase the comfort of your house and save money on energy expenses. There are many things you can do to improve the efficacy of your current windows:

  • Assess windows for air leaks.
  • Caulk with weather-strip.
  • Add coverings and window treatments. Find out more about your window treatment choices with your local window installation firm.
  • Add storm windows and panels
  • Insert solar control film
  • Add outside shadings, like awnings, outside blinds, or overhangs.
  • With efficiency enhancements upgrades, consider steps to guarantee proper setup and look for air leaks after enhancing.

Change your Windows

When you replace your windows; you’ll need to make several choices about the kind of windows you buy along with the sort of replacement you will make.

You could have the choice of replacing the windows in their current framework; discuss the option with your window installer and retailer to discover whether it will function correctly.

You’ll also have to choose the attributes you need for your windows. You will have to decide on the following things:

  • Frame types
  • Glazing type
  • Gas spacers and fills
  • Operation types

Selection Procedure

selection procedure

Along with deciding on the window kind, you also ought to think about design, energy usage, and labeling, warrant, and, proper setup.

Initially look for the Energy Star label when buying fresh windows. Then review the ratings of the energy efficiency label from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) to locate the most effective windows for your requirements. There are many reliable brands, for example, Pro Via, Custom Window Treatment, and, Simonton.

NFRC ratings are present on all Energy Star licensed windows and supply a trusted approach to ascertain a window’s energy properties. The efficient windows collaborative provides a selection procedure for both replacing windows and windows for new construction.

Window Choice Tips

window choice tips
  • Search for the Energy Star along with NFRC labels.
  • In cold climates, think about choosing gas-filled windows that use Low-E coatings to decrease heat loss. In warm climates, pick windows with coatings to reduce heat gain.
  • Opt for a minimal U-factor for greater thermal resistance in cold climates; the U-factor is that the rate at which a window conducts non-solar warmth flow.
  • Start looking for a low solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). SHGC is a measure of solar radiation that is permitted through a window. Low SHGCs reduce heat gain in warmer weathers.
  • Pick windows with both low U-factors and reduced SHGCs to optimize energy savings in temperate climates with cold and hot seasons.
  • Start looking for whole-unit U-factors and SHGCs, instead of center glass U-factors and SHGCs. Whole-unit numbers measure more accurately the energy performance of the entire item.



The energy-efficient window that you set up at home has to be correctly installed to guarantee energy efficiency and comfort. Have your windows installed by Crystal Clear Windows & Doors trained professionals in agreement with manufacturer’s directions.

Window setup fluctuates based on the sort of window, the construction of the home (wood, masonry, etc.), the outside (wood siding, concrete, brick) along with the weather-restrictive barrier.

Don’t worry our professionals are ready with the knowledge to install your windows on any home!

Sunroom Design Ideas

The best window installation in Clearwater projects are often only ideas that homeowners have but never realized because of monetary issues. Sometimes though it’s not about the money, and you don’t have enough time.

However, while the outside is right, sometimes the mood requires a day inside, curled up with a cup of coffee with the spouse just relaxing. And what better spot to do this than in a place where the sun warms your day with the use of relaxing chairs?

If you are lucky enough to have a sunroom odds are it is your favorite room in your home. If you don’t have enough time, then make it happen for a home improvement project that doesn’t take much to do.

These sunrooms ideas will provide perfect views of the outside scenery but also a different inside appearance.

A solarium or sunroom already benefits from natural lightning so instead, focus on looking for the right furniture and accessories.

A little sunroom history

a little sunroom history

The first sunrooms appeared in the 17th century. When materials like steel and massive panes of glass were more available and affordable, they gained fame in the 19 century. Sunrooms progressed from screened –in porches; although those permitted views of the outside from inside; debris and dirt turned into an annoyance.

Nowadays, sunrooms are a primary concern in both buildings and homes. They adopted many styles including French doors that open into a deck or terrace. Furthermore, in many designs vinyl, wood, brick or aluminum, around windows that could also span the floor to the ceiling.

Some sunrooms, both called conservatories, and solariums possess glass ceilings. Many are utilized yearlong; these three or four seasons’ sunrooms are an extension of the home, a few boasting heating systems, and, air conditioning.

Their inside layout can be minimal or as lavish as you wish. Components such as sheers or drapes and fireplaces either gasoline wood-burning or electrical models also can be utilized. Wall sconces, ceiling fans, along with chandeliers add character, function, and, appeal.


To make a sunroom an extension of your house, you’ll need to add the right color to the area. Consider adding accessories and cushions that match all the colors you have in your home.

Use neutral colors. For example, navy and gray are a terrific place to start; it is possible to layer using bold, beautiful colors in the spring and summer, along with warmer tones for winter and your autumn.



Designers are now seeing a trend toward furniture and accessories that look like there for a living room but save the woven and wicker for the outside.

Sunrooms are excellent areas to have comfy seating upholstered in fabrics, such as outdoor velvets, leathers and, as well as chenille.


Individuals don’t want to give up their sunroom when spring and summer are over. However, sunrooms also make excellent areas for reading nooks and TV rooms during winter. You could bring in a mobile electric heater or install a heating system, but you’ll have to look at your heating expenses.



Most floors in sunrooms are made up of tile, brick, wood, and, concrete. Area rugs add style and assist spaces use in large solariums. Sophisticated flooring layouts, like brick patterns or mosaic tile, are best left uncovered.


Plants flourish in sunrooms since they filter the atmosphere and bring the outside to life but being indoors. Favorite plant selections for sunrooms are, for instance, Hibiscus, Passionflower, Orchids, and, Christmas cactus.

To decorate more nicely you could also add hanging plants such as Boston fern and spider plants. Your sunroom won’t be used only by you but for your loved ones and pets too so make it a place of joy for everyone.

TV or not to TV?

tv or not to tv

Whether to add electronic equipment depends on what you would like from the space. If you’d want somewhere to escape from the world, relax, and, read novels, then electronic equipment and TVs do not make sense.

Sunrooms are somewhere to relax or another living area. However, if you want to utilize your sunroom as your main living room, then you’ll need a TV and surround system. It is also possible to make them less conspicuous by mounting the TV so that it’s not the focus point of the room.